Oliver + S

gallery tunic + dress

the one-week #sweaterchallenge

Liesl wore the same sweater for a full week (and more). Why? And what were the results of this little style experiment?

a shirt gusset tutorial

Liesl shows you how to create and sew a shirt gusset. Download the free shirt gusset pattern piece and use this tutorial to strengthen and add a pop of color or a print to the side of your shirt.

pattern review: best patterns of 2016

Two of our patterns made it to the Best Patterns List from the Pattern Review: Best Patterns of 2016. Come see which ones they are.

2016 photo mosaics

See all of the fantastic Oliver + S sewing everyone did in 2016! Here are some 2016 mosaics by Oliver + S sewists.

sew + tell: callie’s gallery tunic

For this addition of Sew + Tell, Callie from C. Works-Leary talks about the Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic that she sewed for herself.

gallery tunic + dress sew along

We’re delighted that Brittney from Sewing for Four (Plus One!) is joining us to lead you through the process of sewing a Liesl + Co. Gallery Dress + Tunic. We’ve broken down the sewing into five days for you.