how i wear it: masha’s gallery tunic

We’re all looking for that elusive wardrobe piece that makes us feel put together no matter what our hair is doing that day or how many hours of sleep we had the night before.  At least, I’m always looking for it.

How I Wear It, Gallery Tunic

This modal denim Gallery Tunic is one such piece for me. It’s one piece that I always get compliments on. (Not that I dress for compliments, but it’s always interesting to me which pieces get compliments.) I pretty much always wear it with skinny jeans and either boots or clogs. I am generally not a fan of a denim-on-denim look, but somehow I think the pairing works for this particular top. I bought the fabric at Joann several years ago, but it doesn’t appear that they carry it anymore. It’s hefty with a nice drape, which works well for this pattern.

Here I have styled it with my favorite amber bead necklaces–one a gift from my mother, who passed away several years ago, and the other one that I picked up while visiting my family who were living in Ukraine at the time. I always wear these necklaces together, and I love the tiered effect under the open placket of the tunic.

Of course, I live high up in the Andes Mountains, and most days it’s a little chilly to wear just the tunic without another layer.  So I usually have a cardigan in my purse to throw on when the clouds roll in, and then my outfit will look like this.

How to style a denim Gallery Tunic.

The jeans were also made by me, from the Itch to Stitch Liana Jeans pattern, which is available in our shop. The boots are nine years old, from L.L. Bean, and no longer being made in this style and color.

You may have noticed that I made some modifications to this pattern. I lowered the placket a few inches and added a back yoke (not pictured here) and a front pocket. There are more photos of the tunic on my personal blog if you’re interested in seeing those details. (And though I’ve styled it a little differently in those photos, you’ll notice a continuation of the skinny jeans and bead necklace theme.)

How to style a denim Gallery Tunic.

Do you have a favorite way to style this pattern, or any tunic pattern? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I really like how you wear it Masha. Looks very comfortable and nice on you.

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