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advisors circle

asmita’s garibaldi skirt

We love the vibrant red Garibaldi Skirt sewn by Asmita! Asmita shares how she quickly added a lining to the skirt.

erica’s peckham trousers

Erica is sharing her stretch denim Peckham Trousers and how she got the fit just right.

melanie’s garibaldi skirt

Melanie from the Advisors’ Circle is sharing a beautiful Garibaldi Skirt showcasing an amazing vintage print. She made some quick adjustments that really elevated the skirt. Take it away, Melanie!

mire’s neighborhood jacket

We love the jacket Mire made from the Neighborhood Sweatshirt + Hoodie pattern and softshell fabric. Mire will stay warm and dry in this make!

virginia’s split hem bento tee

We love the cozy Bento Tee that Virginia made with a sweater knit fabric. She added a split hem giving the make a really polished look!

neha’s noord sweatshirt

In need of some fall inspiration? Neha is sharing two versions of the Noord Sweatshirt that look perfect for cooler days!

asmita’s camp shirt and lisboa pajamas

Asmita has created a stylish linen pajama set using the Camp Shirt and Lisboa shorts. The fabric choice and the extra details make a luxurious pairing!

melanie’s rush hour pop-on peplum

When you spend so much time working on a handmade garment, you want to maximize how you can wear it. Melanie from the Advisor’s Circle is sharing how she adapted the Rush Hour dress to be convertible. With this modification, she can wear the dress two ways!