lorena’s summer capsule

We love this Liesl + Co Summer Capsule from Advisor’s Circle member Lorena! She shares her choices for a wardrobe that will take her through the summer and into fall. Take it away, Lorena!

Hello there, I wanted to show you a bit of my wee summer capsule wardrobe. I have chosen two of my favorite Liesl + Co patterns, Soho Shorts and Metro T-shirt. This year, I am adding a Garibaldi Skirt.

When thinking about a capsule wardrobe, it is essential to consider your colors and make the items in colors that are harmonious and keep pattern fabrics to a minimum. I have chosen denim for my Soho Shorts for this occasion, a stone color for my Garibaldi Skirt, and berry fuchsia and white for the Metro T-shirts.

Woman in a summer wardrobe capsule with two different t-shirts and two different bottoms.

Going into detail, I will start with Soho Shorts as this is my favorite Liesl and Co pattern. I have made this pattern several times over the years. I am sure I will be able to wear these all year. I made a size 12 in a very fine dark denim with no modifications. As I was sewing, I wasn’t sure I would like them as much as my other pairs since they are much more structured than I had imagined. I did keep going, and I am thrilled with the result. These shorts are very comfortable and can be used for hiking, the office, or going out. Overall, it is a great item to take on holiday.

Two pictures side by side. On the left is a woman in a pink t-shirt and chambray shorts. On the right is the back view of the same woman.

Next, I added two metro T-shirts. I made the white one in organic cotton. The only mod here is that I didn’t sew the bottom hem! I took too long to finish the hem and started wearing it before I was finished. I actually liked it that way. I used a fine viscose fabric for the fuchsia T-shirt and changed the neckline to be a bit more open. I finished the neckline with bias tape inside. I used the gelato blouse’s neckline to change this shirt’s neckline.

Two pictures side by side. On the left is a woman in a white t-shirt and chambray shorts. On the right is the same woman in a pink t-shirt and chambray shorts.

Lastly, I added this Garibaldi A-line skirt in fine stretch denim. I made option B in a medium-length size 12 with no modifications. My measurements were size 14 for the waist and 10-12 for the hips. Given that I was using a slightly stretchy fabric, I went for a size 12 overall, and I think it was the right option in this case. I have enjoyed wearing this over the summer months. Using Liesl’s tutorial, I plan to make another Garibaldi skirt, bias-cut in the long length for the colder months.

Two pictures side by side. On the left is a woman in a pink t-shirt and khaki skirt. On the right is the same woman in a white t-shirt and khaki skirt.

Over the last few years, I have added various handmade items to my wardrobe, from Liesl + Co patterns, which I like. Sewing is a bit meditative since I returned to sewing in 2018 after a trip to Japan.

Woman in white t-shirt and khaki skirt, squatting down to pet a tan colored dog.


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  1. Janet Oglethorpe

    This has me excited to try all three patterns, so thank you! I also look forward to trying the Garibaldi skirt on the bias. I skipped hemming on my two most recent Easton cowls (a favorite pattern) with no regrets! Cute dog too ❤️

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