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October is a popular month for costume sewing, so we couldn’t leave it without a little costume inspiration. To view a large collection of costumes visit Liesl’s Halloween sewing with Oliver + S Pinterest board.

So many wonderful costumes have already been featured on the blog in the past, some of them even have tutorials. I’ve gathered a long list for you, be sure to click on all the links to see all of the examples. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

1) Seven Costume Tutorials

Costumes made with Oliver + S patterns

2) Halloween 2018 Round-up

Oliver + S Halloween costumes

3) Snow White Building Block Dresses

Oliver + S Building Block Dresses

4) Monster Hat Tutorial

Monster Hat

5) Sewing for Disney

Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

6) Don Juan de Austria, Halloween 2016

7) Halloween Sewing: King Carlos IV

King Carlos Costume

8) Costume Linky Party

Oliver + S Building Block Dress as a rainbow and cloud costume

9) Halloween Wrap-up

10) Halloween Inspiration

Elsa and Anna dresses made from Oliver + S Gardern Party pattern

11) Costume Round-up

Customized Tutu from the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book

12) Elsa Dress Round-up

Elsa Dress made from Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress

13) Evel Knievel Costume

14) Miss Frizzle Jump Rope Dress

Customized Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress

15) And remember these cute costumes?

Oliver + S Secret Agent Trench Coat Gina Lee Photography

Do you have any plans for costume sewing this month?



  1. Oh I’d forgotten about that Inspector Gadget! One of my all time faves!
    I kind of wish we did Halloween in the way the US does. Here, it’s very much witches and ghouls, yet it seems any costume is fair game in the states. Such fun!

  2. Yes! Dd sketched out the character/costume she wanted (hybrid Mad Hatter and White Rabbit) and I’ve finished the first piece, the jacket. It’s a modified Secret Agent Trench in upholstery brocade. Update to follow! 😀

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