eleven tutorials for pockets

Today the focus is on pockets. These tutorials will help inspire you to change things up a bit and have fun with them.

11 tutorials for pockets

Let me introduce you to eleven pocket tutorials that have appeared on the blog in the past. We’ve got something for everyone here today.

pocket tutorials

1) How to Sew a Welt Pocket

Intimidated by the thought of sewing a welt pocket? Our welt pocket tutorial will guide you through the steps easily and clearly so you’ll be sewing welt pockets in no time!

2) How to Add Pockets

Love the Parachute Sweatpants but want pockets in them? Here you go. A complete tutorial showing just what to do and how to do it.

pocket tutorials

3) Bow Welt Pockets

Learn how to add bow welt pockets to the Art Museum Vest + Trousers. It’s a cute detail and a lot easier to do than you think!

4) Welt Zipper Pockets

We have a nice tutorial on adding exposed zippers on welt pockets. They look fantastic on a Book Report Dress!

pocket tutorials

5) Cat Embroidered Pocket

Learn how to add an embroidered cat to the pocket of the Lunch Box Tee.

6) Adding a Pocket Toy

We have a nice tutorial on how to add an adorable toy to the pocket of the Lunch Box Tee.

pocket tutorials

7) How to Sew a Kangaroo Pocket

Need a little extra help with the School Photo Dress kangaroo pocket? Here is a photo tutorial to help make it all clear.

8) Smocked Pocket

Here is a tutorial on how to add smocking to the pockets of the Puppet Show Shorts.

pocket tutorials

9) Hexagon Pockets

This is a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to add hexagon shaped patch pockets to the Sunny Day Shorts free pattern.

10) Adding Pockets to the Sunny Day Shorts

Here you will find a tutorial on how to add front pockets to the free Sunny Day Shorts pattern for a casual beach bum look.

zipper pocket tutorial

11) Adding Zipper Pockets to a Cape

Our blog series, Outdoor Ready, is all about using performance fabrics to make handmade outdoor apparel. Learn how to add zipper pockets to the Red Riding Hood Cape from Little Things To Sew.

And in case that wasn’t enough of a fix for you, click on these links for even more pocket inspiration:


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  1. I am obsessed with pockets. I love how you have put these tutorials all in one place. I have saved this to my Pocket Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/thelostapron/pockets/

  2. Cherie

    Perfect timing! Someone has asked me they want a skirt with pockets. Thank you!

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