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how to do a small bust adjustment

Neha from the Advisors Circle wrote up a simple, clear tutorial for a small bust adjustment. If you typically find that sewing patterns are too large in the bust, this easy but effective technique will help you attain your best fit.

tutorial: convert a knit top pattern to maternity

Looking to sew maternity clothing for yourself or a loved one? You don’t need a special pattern! This tutorial by Nicole walks you through adjusting almost any knit top for maternity wear.

11 ways to hack a t-shirt pattern

T-shirts are quirk and simple to sew, as well as being easy to customize once you know how. We’ve rounded up 11 pattern-hacking tutorials to help you get the most out of your favorite t-shirt pattern.

16 ways to hack a pattern

Learning to alter pattern details for your taste helps you get the most out of your pattern stash, and allows you to truly become the designer of your own clothes. We’ve rounded up 16 pattern hacking tutorials from our archives. Take a look and see what you can do to jazz up your favorite tried-and-true pattern.

how to do a square shoulder adjustment

Mire from the Advisors Circle wrote up a tutorial for the way she makes a square shoulder adjustment on the Classic Shirt pattern. If you’re interested in fitting, you’ll want to take a look.

how to do a broad shoulder adjustment

Do you have broad shoulders? If your tops feel tight across the shoulders, you may need a broad shoulder adjustment. A garment that is too narrow in the shoulders can pull at the armhole seams. The sleeves may look distorted, …