Oliver + S

fairy tale dress

fabric ideas for holiday sewing

Fabric inspiration to sew fun and festive holiday clothes and pajamas for your little one using Oliver + S patterns.

inspiration: shibori

Add visual texture and interest to you next sewing project with the art of shibori.

rapunzel fairy tale dress

Brittney came up with the clever idea of turning the Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress into a Rapunzel dress, and she joins us today to show you how you can do it as well.

inspiration: floral dresses

Here are over a half dozen floral dress ideas to inspire you to sew-it-yourself with Oliver + S.

inspiration: gingham

Here is some gingham inspiration to have you sewing in checks with your next Oliver + S sewing project.

spring dress inspiration

Here are over a dozen dress ideas to inspire you to sew some Oliver + S spring frocks. We hope this gives you the little kick you need to get creative!