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Earlier this month Brittney stopped by with her fox Playtime Dress tutorial. Now she has a tutorial on changing the Fairy Tale Dress into something different. For the special girl in your life who wants to be Princess Rapunzel, you can make her dreams come true! Here is Brittney. Enjoy!

My daughter’s favorite princess is Rapunzel. It was her birthday and we were going to a princess play, so I decided she had to have a dress to wear. I thought the Fairy Tale Dress would work out perfectly, and it did!


Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress turned into a Princess Rapunzel dress


First of all, I went one size up to make a roomier and less fitted dress. Let’s get started shall we?

For the bodice, cut out two fronts, one on the fold and cut one down the center, making it two. Note that we won’t be doing any of the darts on any of the bodice pieces.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


For the sleeves I used the Library Dress short sleeves. First, measure the bottom of the sleeve and make a pattern piece the approximate length by three inches wide for the cuff. Then, cut the sleeve pattern in half and add a few inches to the center to give it more fullness. The more you add, the more puffy it will be.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


On the front bodice that is still in one piece, make marks one inch from the center and two inches apart. I made mine in pencil, but made the marks darker when editing to be more visible.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Fold the center of the cut front bodice 1″ to the wrong side. Note that I made a size 5, you may need to adjust for different sizes, just what ever looks right to you.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Cut ten lengths of ribbon, layering them, making sure to line up the cross point on your center fold.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Since I was actually using this blue as a Cinderella dress for twin #2, I didn’t get a great shot of this step. To hold the ribbon for sewing, I used Washi tape down the center fold and just outside of my seam allowance on each side.

Lay the folded front bodice pieces, right side up, edgestitch down the fold, then 1/4″ from the fold.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Follow the next steps to assemble the dress, until it is time for the sleeves.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Starting in the center, sew lengths of ribbon on each sleeve.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Trim off the excess ribbon.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Fold the sleeve and cuff in half, sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Gather the top and bottom of the sleeve. Fold the cuff in half.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Distribute the gathering evenly, with right sides facing, attach the cuff.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Turn the sleeve right side out and lightly press the cuff.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


With right sides facing, sew in the sleeve.


Rapunzel Fairy Tale Dress tutorial


Finish the dress, per the instructions.


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  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing, Brittney. I’m sure your daughter loved such a darling dress!

  2. That is very sweet. Looks like you added a fair bit of length to the skirt too?
    Love the ribbon bodice and I know my daughter would flip for this!

  3. Does it have tulle and lined, or did you just do a more basic version? I love the color. I have been wanting to make a dress of that color for my daughter as it works well with her coloring. But I love love love the mods.

  4. This is an adorable dress and sure to get lots of wear! Wonderful!

  5. Thanks Liesl, she did and does:) She wears it daily.

    Shelley, I didn’t add length, just sized up and made a smaller hem.

    Cybele, I lined it but left off the tulle.

    Karen, thanks! It does:)

  6. Rebecca

    Brittney- this is so clever and awesome! Thanks for sharing how you did it!

  7. Sarvi

    This is fantastic, I can make a costume she loves from less plasticky fabrics, that will survive a lot of play. Thanks for sharing, Brittney, I love the sleeves especially!

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