the monochrome project round-up

Shelley stopped by last month telling us about a fun challenge of using only black and white. Now she’s here today with a round-up which she was kind enough to take the time to do. Here it is! Enjoy!


The Monochrome Project round-up


I’m really happy to be bringing together a showcase of all the black and white Oliver + S projects that were sewn as part of our Monochrome Project challenge. There are quite a few projects to share and each of them is absolutely gorgeous.

It would seem that there are plenty of sewists who don’t mind being given some direction in the choice of what to sew, and as the conversation is still bubbling away over on the forum, it’s not too late to find some inspiration or have a go at persuading someone else to sew something.

In no particular order, let’s take a closer look at the monochrome projects. Tamara (justsewit) covered a big age range with some little baby sewing and some teenage girl sewing. I love the windowpane texture of that little Puppet Show tunic – adorable baby too!


Oliver + S black and white challenge

Puppet Show, Birthday Party Dress, Butterfly Set, Liesl & Co City Stroll Skirt


Ann-Maree (nszewist) made a great every day outfit with the Roller Skate tunic and some Playtime leggings. We never did officially decide if grey was technically “allowed” for the monochrome project, but I say absolutely yes, to those lovely After School Pants, and the matching spotty Have It All Wallet.


Oliver + S black and white challenge

After School Pants, Modeled Roller skate and Playtime, Roller Skate Tunic, Playtime leggings, Straight Stitch Society Have It All Wallet


J.Wo always finds the best fabrics and this School Bus T-shirt covered in giant ants is just brilliant!


Oliver + S School Bus T-shirt

School Bus T-shirt


Another School Bus T-shirt formed part of a Back to School Capsule sewn by Paisley Roots. This handsome little dude has scored a great wardrobe consisting of black, cream and grey with some navy and yellow thrown in.


Oliver + S School Bus T-shirt

School Bus T-shirt


I always like getting carried away with a theme, and once the Monochrome Project was underway I was seeing black and white fabrics everywhere. So much for sewing from the stash! I finally got around to making the Playdate pattern and loved it. I used up my long stashed Moda commas fabric for a Jump Rope Dress. I also followed Marie-Michelle’s Dior Rose tutorial and made a headband to match the zebra dress. And finally, I made the Lisette B6182 skirt and top for myself and then a Swingset tunic and skirt from the leftovers. I may lay low for a bit now!


Oliver + S black and white challenge

Dior Rose headband, Jump Rope Dress, Lisette B6182, Playdate Dress, Swingset


The Swingset pattern was also used for this sweet little white tunic by Rebecca. The back has some coloured buttons, but to me it lacks nothing for being a plain white top.


Oliver + S Swingset Tunic

Swingset top


Brit made use of the newly expanded size range of the Swingset skirt and sewed up one for her older daughter, seen here with a cute School Bus graphic tee.


Oliver + S Swingset Skirt and School Bus T-shirt

School Bus T-shirt and Swingset Skirt


For her little girls Brit went on and made two simply stunning Fairy Tale dresses. Can you pick a favourite? Not me, I love them both!


Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dresses

Fairy Tale Dress, Modeled together, Striped Fairy Tale


Katy kept things perfectly simple with an all white Parachute Polo. Just right for sewing the school uniform.


Oliver + S Parachute Polo

White Parachute Polo


Have you noticed how many different patterns have been used? The colour scheme may have been limiting but it would seem that our access to great patterns is not! One of my all-time favourites is the School Photo Dress and it’s just perfect in a black and white houndstooth. Here’s Housecall2’s lovely version.


Oliver + S School Photo Dress

School Photo Dress


Jenny stitched a fabulous Carousel Dress. I’m loving the big, simple print – as well as that great hairstyle and modelling!


Oliver + S Carousel Dress

Carousel Dress


In putting together two patterns you might not have thought to put together, Giddyants has made this divine outfit for her little one. The Butterfly Blouse paired with Lunch Box Culottes. Cute!


Oliver + S Butterfly Blouse and Lunch Box Culottes

Butterfly Blouse and Lunch Box Culottes


Here’s a version of the Popover Sundress modified to great effect by elly.elly.elephant. I think we need a tutorial on this one!


Oliver + S Popover Sundress

Modified Popover Sundress


Another modification that I loved watching in progress is this Jump Rope dress by Ren (The Inspired Ren) over on Instagram. Once she’s sewn those buttonholes I’d like one just like it, only bigger, please.

We opened with a collage that included two photos by Janice. How about that girl’s modelling! Here Julia is wearing a modified Sailboat Top with Playtime leggings.


Oliver + S Sailboat Top and Playtime Leggings

Sailboat Top and Playtime leggings


Now, let’s let her close the show too. Here she is in the same top, with a Butterfly Skirt, and I’m certain that skirt is smiling at me!


Oliver + S Sailboat Top and Butterfly Skirt

Sailboat Top and Butterfly Skirt


Wow that’s a lot of fantastic sewing! Thanks to everyone who participated in the black and white challenge!


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  1. Helena

    Amazing sewing, so inspiring, looking forward to the next challenge!

  2. Sarvi

    The only thing missing is one giant recital with all the kids in it! What a fabulous turnout, and all those projects are amazing. Brava, ladies!

  3. I’m just a wee bit late to the party, but I finally made something for the monochrome project here:

  4. Tamara

    It was so much fun to work to a theme of sorts! We all did an amazing job. I love all the projects that were made. It is so difficult to pick a favourite. I too am looking forward to the next one.

  5. Andi

    I call, too, for a tutorial on the pleated top on elly.elly.elephant’s Popover Sundress – it’s perfect in that fabric.

  6. I just finished my Gallery Dress, and since it’s black and white I’m going to say it was part of the challenge, ok? I’ll photograph and post it soon. Well done, everyone! Really fun to see what you all made.

  7. Oh, love it! My all time favourite colours 🙂 Fabulous creations!

  8. I’m so behind in posting! Been doing a lot of black sewing, but not casual clothes… now that dd is in the “advanced” group they are expected to wear only black leotards. Not that hers don’t have cute details!

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