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ten winter sewing tutorials

Brr! Baby it’s cold outside! But it’s cozy inside so this is a good time of the year to stay inside and get lots of sewing done. We’ve gathered up ten sewing tutorials perfect for the wintertime.

spring dress inspiration

Here are over a dozen dress ideas to inspire you to sew some Oliver + S spring frocks. We hope this gives you the little kick you need to get creative!

school photo dress tutorial, part 1

Need a little extra help with the School Photo Dress kangaroo pocket? Sharon is here with a photo tutorial to help make it all clear.

details: piping

I’ve been thinking a lot about piping this week. Not for any particular reason except that it somehow entered my mind that I’d like to add piping to the seam of the School Photo Dress. And when I did a …

fall inspiration, courtesy of our testers

Several of our pattern testers recently posted photos of their finished fall garments to the Flickr group, and we thought you might like a peek at them for some additional inspiration. A few Hopscotch skirts and knit tops, to get …