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Have you noticed that gingham is all the rage right now? It’s having a little moment in fashion and with it being such a great fabric for spring we wanted to give a few ideas on how to use it.

You’re already familiar with gingham fabric, right? It is usually a woven check that can also be considered a plaid pattern. The checks come in different sizes from very small checks to statement-making bold ones and they come in many different colors, too. It’s a classic fabric that never goes out of style.


Sew some Oliver + S clothing with gingham this spring


Although gingham is simple in design it is always so fresh looking in apparel. It is synonymous with children’s clothing and has been used for school uniforms. Its clean youthfulness make it a perfect fabric for modern clothing.

Check out these Oliver + S patterns sewn up in gingham.

Gingham fabrics make the sweetest little dresses, don’t you think? Brittany sewed a Fairy Tale Dress using blue and a Library Dress using black.


Oliver + S patterns in gingham


Here are some garments in classic red. Brit turned the Jump Rope Dress into a shirt and Liam’s Mummy made up a pair of Puppet Show Shorts.


Oliver + S patterns in red gingham


How about some purple gingham? This Book Report Dress was made by Justine and this Tea Party Dress by with love, heidi.


Oliver + S patterns in purple gingham


These tops have such a nice relaxed style. Brit made a yellow Roller Skate Tunic and Katy turned the Carousel Dress into a top, did you notice the pockets were cut on bias?


Oliver + S patterns in gingham


Gingham works for boys, too. These two Sketchbook Shirts were created by Bryanna and Gail.


Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirts in gingham


Gingham is usually in white and a bold color, but here is a top in brown and robin’s egg blue. This After School Shirt comes from our piping tutorial.


Oliver + S After School Shirt with piping


Do these creations inspire you to sew with gingham? Just think of all the other patterns that would look great in it. I’ll leave you with some gingham fabrics that are perfect for spring, to have you sewing in checks with your next Oliver + S sewing project.


Gingham fabric swatches

  1.  Lavender
  2. Yellow
  3. Lime
  4. Pink
  5. Pond
  6. Orange


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  1. Nancy Ax

    I LOVE Gingham. I have about 2 yards in my stash and I may just have to pull out the Library Dress pattern. Love the Bias waist!.

  2. Megan

    My toddler’s Easter dress was Puppet Show in yellow gingham (1/4″ for skirt/sleeve and 1/8″ for bodice and cuff). I had no idea I was so on-trend!!

  3. Rachel, I just love gingham. Thanks for the inspiration. I have pinned this to my Gingham board:

  4. Erica Guadagnoli

    I love the fairy tale dress. It reminds me of Dorothy from wizard of oz. 🙂 would be a perfect Halloween costume that can be reused for normal everyday wear too.

  5. I adore that gingham fairy tale dress as well!!

  6. Well done, Rachel!

  7. Gingham is such a timeless fabric – you really can’t go wrong with it.
    Love the sorbet gingham colors for summer O+S swing 😉

  8. I love gingham. I don’t think of it as a trend … is it a trend? I thought it was just classic for children’s wear. I have made the Class Picnic blouse with gingham – bias on the yoke – TWICE, and I want to do it again, because it looks soooooo great!!

  9. I love gingham! I just made gingham doll bloomers

  10. Karen brown

    I have always been fond of gingham. It’s a classic and versatile pattern that coordinates well with other fabrics and patterns,as well as standing alone. I always have gingham in various flavors( my description) on hand.

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