Oliver + S

bento tee

starting out with liesl + co. patterns

This is meant to offer a bit of advice to someone who is starting out sewing as to which Liesl + Co. patterns would be a good place to begin.

turning the bento tee into a dress

Liesl shows you a couple simple customizations she used to turn the Liesl + Co. Bento Tee pattern into a dress for spring and summer.

how to add ruffled sleeves to a t-shirt

Here is a tutorial on how to add ruffled sleeves to a t-shirt. 2017 seems to have become the year of the sleeve, so now is the time to have fun with sleeves and make a statement.

bento tee round-up

The Liesl + Co. Bento Tee flows seamlessly into any wardrobe. Come and see what your sewing friends have done with the pattern.

machine bartack tutorial

Here’s an easy tutorial that will show you how to add a fun bartack detail to your shirts using your sewing machine.

side vent tutorial

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial that will show you how to add a side vent to any t-shirt pattern.

tulle hem tutorial

Here’s a simple little hemming tutorial to give you a tulle ruffle or a layered look to your sewing. Have fun with it!

sew + tell: rita’s scuba bento tee

Today Rita from Madrid joins us for another version of Sew + Tell. Wait ’till you see what fabric she used for this version of the Liesl + Co. Bento Tee.

bento tee stripe solution

Shelley shows us how she modified the Liesl + Co Bento Tee into a long sleeved striped Breton top.