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What are you sewing now?

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    needlewoman @needlewoman

    Whoops, Miss I’s pic “disappeared”. Here we go, again.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Very cute Fee.

    I am deep in the depths of sequins, tulle and satin… formal dress sewing. It is going surprisingly well and I am enjoying it.

    I did take a break (dress requires fitting and daughter is on work experience at a wild life park) so I made a sneaky School Bus tee for Tildy from some gorgeous Merino knit. I added little elbow patches and a small heart at the shoulder to cover a hole I snipped in the fabric when trimming threads.

    What are you sewing?

    xx Nicole

    Tamara @justsewit

    I am supposed to be sewing a couple of jumpers (pullovers/ sweatshirt – keep you warm outerwear) for dh whose birthday is tomorrow and some more sleepshorts. But I am not getting very far.

    My little sewing nook is normally child free. Not anymore as the child has discovered how to get in🙁 And since it is school holidays and I have three children at home not one, the sewing has now become a big fat zero in accomplishment.

    I have a serious jean sewing session awaiting me. The eldest has grown (again) so all pants (including her lovely hudsons) are to be remade this time with proper rise alterations so there is no plumber’s crack and no need to hike them up every two seconds. The Lisette traveller dress is rapidly becoming a shirt so this will have to remade also somewhere along the line. I have to make her warm things for her top half too as all the nice jumpers were left at school☹️☹️, meaning no labelling of all the new things either.

    Oh and its been reported just now that I need tomsew new buttons on something too😩😭

    It’s a very good thing that school has a break for two weeks but even then I fear the time will run out before I have the chance to really get things sorted.

    I did want to sew for me! Maybe when term resumes?!

    Susan @madtownmama

    I made a top for my 3mo niece from the Lullaby Layette pattern! (The shorts are knit cuff from Brindille and Twig)
    She has so many clothes they e been given as gifts and hand me downs she doesn’t need more but I take my job of doting auntie very seriously!
    I did French seams for the whole top. It’s a light voile so that worked well. I could not get the snap setter tool to work on this one so I ended up doing buttons and buttonholes instead.
    ETA: I can’t seem to include the photo! Will rectify that later…

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    Heather @HVCapetillo

    Finishing Up a project that has taken me quite a long time. I’ve been sewing together a retro jean jacket for my son’s birthday. Can’t wait to show him!

    dubhels2003 @dubhels2003

    There’s some pretty complex sewing going on what with jeans, prom dresses and denim jackets!

    I hope you manage to sort out a layette pic Susan, it’s such a lovely pattern. I’m going to lengthen a couple of bodysuits for my tall, slender nearly 3 year old. I’m a huge fan of french seams too, seems very appropriate on tender baby skin.

    I’ve just made a bucket hat for my elder daughter, and a made by rae bonnet for the younger. The bonnet is too big and fits the eldest who won’t wear it because it’s not pink! Awaiting some ribbon for a lengthened size 4 swing set skirt in some Bari J fabric which Lady E loves, and putting together a cushion for a low level piece of hallway storage furniture. I like the OTT pattern clashing, opulent style of Designers Guild and I have discovered the joy of bing smaller pieces of fabric at an actually affordable price on ebay. I’m pre wading it to ensure I can launder cushion covers etc.

    Tamara @justsewit

    I have printed the pattern for the jeans and measured the girl but I am finishing off some halfmade check shirts first along with two sketchbooks made from the scraps of the other two, just to sink my teeth into sewing again. I feel like I have taken a forced sewing leave. I will finish these off then start on the jeans and hopefully they will be so straight forward she’ll return to school with more pairs than she came home with – a minimum of two and up to four I am thinking. And then I can do some bigger longer hudsons for her and she will be suitably attired for the next few weeks.

    Meanwhile, poor Murray still has a bag of polar fleece as his birthday gift🙁 Because eventhough I found a good pattern that fits him, we are minus long zippers in the required colour so it will have to be belated. I will try and make them this week but there are no guarantees on this of course.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    Hi. Wow. I’ve been so busy that I’ve become a lurker!

    So I’m looking for a pattern suggestion. I just didn’t feel like starting a new thread.

    Gigi informed me that she wants to shop and do rtw. (Gasp). Today we went out for some shorts and to look. She lost interest quickly. Lol

    Why? She would finger fabrics, make moue over their quality and ask for certain fabrics in other styles. The whole RTW concept is lost on you when you’ve been wearing mommy couture.

    But we settled on 2 pair. I noticed a style choice that I don’t have pattern wise.

    It kind of reminds me of culottes but shorter and less full. Like a non lingerie tap pant, maybe? Can’t quite tell they aren’t a skirt.

    So suggestions?

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Shortened lunch box culottes?
    Mini Tania culottes from Megan Nielson? http://megannielsen.com/products/mini-tania-culottes
    Slash and spread the badminton shorts so they are fuller?

    Tamara @justsewit

    Nice to hear from you @cybele727 have you taken a look at the Tania culotte by Megan Nielsen? She has a mini sized pattern of the same style too. They are unfortunately full but they are in three different lengths and I am sure they can be made less full somehow (I haven’t actually experimented yet). I made the short version for my eldest last summer (Australian) and she reported back that she had so many of her fellow boarders ask if she was wearing a skirt? So the “can’t quite tell if it’s not a skirt” criteria would probably be ticked quite well. The pattern looks like it has been taken from a normal half circle skirt pattern and adapted. So I am assuming it would be quite simple to take it down a notch.

    Hopefully this will be of some help and cure your girl of her need to “do rtw” – she has entered a phase I think most of our girls will go through (or have already).

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I’ve taken to Alabama Chanin hand sewing. I’m very surprised how much I’m enjoying it. I’m just about finished my first garment, a bolero hacked from Cashmerette Concord tee. It’s very relaxing to have a project to just sit and do even when I’m feeling under the weather and don’t feel it’s safe to be machine sewing.
    I’m cutting out a t-shirt quilt from my husbands old t-shirts that have been sitting around d for a couple of years waiting for the right inspiration, now its here.
    For something that started as a project to work alongside the kids at school, the sewing has been much more enjoyable than I expected but I’m sure my write up will not be as much fun!

    Susan @madtownmama

    Let’s see if this link to my IG post works…

    Lullaby Layette top and cuffed shorts for my niece.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Sounds really interesting @withloveHeidi. A really cute outfit @madtownmama.

    I am trundling my way through the for check flannel shirts. I cut the under collar for the Archer shirt on the bias as it stated but it just didn’t fit the upper collar so I cut it again this time on the straigh and on the fold. I like the concept of the undercollar being on the bias and in two pieces but it just didn’t work with this fabric – a bit too open weave and very stretchy even though I swear I didn’t stretch it.

    Anyway, I can’t practise the flat felled side seams on these shirts because of the seam allowances. I have to add a bit to do it successfully.

    They are all coming together well even though the pace is slow. I am hoping the Jalie men’s shirt can be wrapped and given as a birthday gift for the mancub to orrow for his 11th birthday. It might only be a farm shirt but that doesn’t matter. At least he gets something handmade by mum.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    @justsewit & @withloveheidi

    Thanks! Funny you mentioned badminton, because I was thinking of buying that to make school skirts. She liked the butterfly, but hated wearing both shorts and skirts (2 waist bands) so I was thinking badminton for the skort for school!

    And I love that Tania culotte. The shorter version is exactly what she likes!

    This place… ask and ye shall receive!

    Thanks again!!

    Tamara @justsewit

    Oh glad we helped. I didn’t actually see Heidi’s post before mine for some reason but isn’t it good you got two votes for one pattern.

    We are currently having stupid power surges and I just bought a $20 pdf pattern that only has three goes at downloading😩.

    I so far have halfmade skirt that have been put aside for the moment in favour of fitting jeans patterns so that I can sew lots when I don’t have to fit them. She tried the skinnies on last night and couldn’t get the leg past her heel so we are inserting zippers ala papercut patterns starboard jeans (hence the need to purchase a very expensive pattern simply because I had to find out the length of the zipper required). If I get time I want to make a muslin for these too as they are just divine to look at. Anyway the vados are perfect except of the ankle area which is being rectified.

    Next is to make a wearable muslin for the boyfriend jeans and she can take two pairs of jeans back with her to school. I will make and send as I can the others.

    The Archer shirt needs to be remade😩😩. Due to my leaving it and shifting it around the neck stretched and now doesn’t accommodate the collar so I have to cut another body and remake and then finish it off. I see big parcels in eldest daughter’s future!

    After that it is finishing off all the other things I had to set aside.

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