lyndsey’s 5-piece spring capsule

Hello, folks! I’m Lyndsey, here to share my spring sewing plans! With so many things to sew, I like to have a plan to keep me focused. Previously, I’ve shared plans for a summer capsule and a fall wardrobe from my sons. Planning a capsule is a fun and creative project in itself; even when I know I’m too busy to actually sew, I can still be creative by daydreaming about what I would sew if I had the time!

The new spring patterns are driving my upcoming sewing plans. I loved Liesl’s post on the story behind this collection as a wardrobe of coordinating separates. There is something so satisfying about the mixing and matching of a capsule wardrobe. I started sewing capsule collections a few years ago when I realized that many of the beautiful pieces I had sewn didn’t coordinate with anything else in my closet. So now, when I sew something, I make sure that I have a least one other piece that will work with my selected pattern and fabric BEFORE I sew it. Are you a planner when it comes to sewing? Or do you prefer to concentrate on one piece at a time?

5-piece Spring Wardrobe Capsule using Liesl + Co Patterns: Line drawings of the Classic Shirt, Cannes Trousers, Santa Rosa Dress, Sintra Top and Peckham Trousers

I’m feeling very preppy this spring! I don’t have a lot of pink pieces in my closet, but I must say I’ve been won over by the Barbie-core looks that are so popular right now. For someone who usually sticks to neutrals, this color choice pushes me a little out of my comfort zone, but it is so fun! Luckily, pink coordinates well with green, which IS a color I often use. As I was planning, I made a list of what else I already had in my wardrobe that I could pair with each new make. How do you select fabric for your projects? Do you choose the pattern first or the fabric first?
Four digital fabric swatches: hot pink crepe back satin, textured green striped cotton lawn, Art Gallery Fabrics Rayon with large pink flowers on a cream background, white textured cotton pique

I’ve really been leaning into sewing pants this year, so I was excited to see the Cannes Wide-Legged Trousers. Wide-Legged pants have always been my favorite silhouette, so I’m so happy to see this trend return. While browsing for inspiration, I loved the monochromatic look of wide-legged pants paired with a button-down shirt. The Classic Shirt without the chest pockets will work well for this outfit.

Mock up of outfit using Classic Shirt and Cannes Trousers using hot pink satin
Source: Andrea Iyamah on Saks Fifth Avenue

I know that the Santa Rosa pattern will become a Tried-N-True (TNT) pattern for me. I love patterns with cut-on sleeves. I find that Dolman sleeves are easy to fit and easy to sew. I already have a list of about five different versions I want to sew using this pattern, but I decided to start with a dress. For inspiration, I like this shirt dress made from striped cotton shirting. I’m not going to mimic the embroidery on the dress, but I can always add it later if I want to make it over!

Mock up of outfit Santa Rosa Dress using Green Stripe Lawn
Source: Carolina Herrera on Bergdorf Goodman

Finally, I love the Sintra Halter Top as an update to the earlier Lisette version. This piece will be versatile, both on its own and as a layer. This style of top will pair well with a pencil skirt, A-line skirt, fitted pants, wide-legged pants–just about everything! For this capsule, I was thinking about spring brunches and parties, a cute floral print paired with white Peckham Trousers.

Mock up of outfit Sintra Halter and Peckham Trousers using Pink Floral Art Gallery Fabrics
Source: Aqua Blu Australia on Bergdorf Goodman

Have you seen the tutorial I wrote on how to make a digital inspiration board? This is the method I use while making my sewing plans to see how everything will coordinate. It doesn’t have to be perfect; I’m not looking for perfect illustrations. I’m just using it to get a sense of how things will look together! What are your spring sewing plans? Which of the new patterns are you going to make first?

Mock up of 5-piece Spring Wardrobe Capsule using Liesl + Co Patterns: Line drawings of the Pink Satin Classic Shirt, Pink Satin Cannes Trousers, Green striped Santa Rosa Dress, Floral Print Sintra Top and White pique Peckham Trousers


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