monochrome for spring

I don’t usually think of black and white as a trend that is particularly spring-like, but I recently came across a post that convinced me otherwise.

I am really digging the relaxed, yet minimalist vibe of these looks.

Spring sewing ideas from Liesl + Co.
Photos from

The look on the left screams Verdun Woven T-Shirt + Montauk Trousers to me. I am not usually one for a high neck, but this one looks so elegant. As for the right, make a Chaval Coat in a cotton twill or similar, along with an Extra-Sharp Pencil Skirt and a Metro T-Shirt (use Liesl’s tutorial to convert the neckline to a V shape).

Spring sewing ideas from Liesl + Co.
Photos from

The photo on the left is my favorite outfit of the set. (Side note: It really reminds me of Rachel Green from Friends, for some reason). The top could easily be made using the Breezy Blouse pattern, while the skirt could be hacked from the Extra-Sharp Pencil Skirt. The Kensington Knit Skirt might also work, but you’d need to use a very stable, hefty knit to hold that tulip shape.

The same Breezy Blouse could be a key part of the look on the right, paired with a Yanaka Jacket and your favorite skinny jeans.

Does this give you any ideas? What’s on your spring sewing list?



  1. Flexing my blog memory muscle here, but do you recall our monochrome challenge of 2015? That was fun

    Here’s the black & white inspiration for kid sewing:

  2. Diane

    I love all of your patterns, however I have difficulty finding fabric. I live in a rural area that is dominated by lovely quilt fabric
    Do you have any suggestions for finding online quality fabrics?

    1. Erica

      Sourcing quality fabrics online is a challenge, but these days I purchase most of my fabric online! What country do you live in? When I moved from the US to Canada, I did feel that I had to start fresh again to find new sources, because international shipping costs are high. It does take some experimentation to find stores that are reliable in the quality that they offer, since it is difficult to judge quality of fabrics by just looking at pictures online. I find that smaller stores can offer great customer service when you e-mail them for an opinion about matching a pattern with a fabric that they sell.

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