introducing the new fira dress + top pattern

Hello friends. I’m excited to begin introducing you to our newest collection of patterns!

If you like a relaxed fit in a dress or top that isn’t too oversized, the new Fira Dress + Top is just the style is for you.

The Fira is a pull-on dress or tunic that skims the body without overwhelming you. It’s fitted enough to give you some shape but isn’t tight. It’s very comfortable while also looking put-together, in my opinion. You can layer both under and over it as well as wearing it alone. Your choice.

So here are the details: the collar stands up a bit to frame the face. (We included similar styles with the Fitzroy Blouse and the Yanaka Jacket.) The V-neck on this version is a nice detail that you don’t see very often, and it lends itself well to all that layering, if you like. It looks great over a turtleneck or a crew neck, and if you want to layer a shawl collar over it that would look great as well.

The shoulder yoke gives it some nice shaping and allows for gentle gathers that give you a little more room for movement and for the bust. The sleeves are cut-on, so no set-in sleeves to fiddle with. And the yoke is clean finished inside for a really professional appearance. I love doing that. Come to think of it, if you did a little planning in advance you could make this style completely reversible. That might be fun!

There are also some gentle gathers at the center back to give you more ease for movement and because I just thought it was a nice detail. You might also notice that the back isn’t cut on fold, but instead includes a seam. I did this to help you save fabric and to give the dress more shaping. Plus, it makes it easy to sew the walking vent.

What else? On-seam pockets for the dress! And cup sizes so you don’t need to adjust the bust darts on your own. This is a pull-on style, so there are no buttons or zippers to fiddle with, which I know many of you will appreciate.

We also included that previously mentioned little walking vent at the back of the dress.

As we’ve done for the last few of our collections, I’ve made a short video to introduce this pattern and to give you a sense for how it moves.

For those of you who are fans of our Oliver + S children’s patterns, this style is sort of my answer to the Ice Cream Dress for adults. The construction is similar, but the styling is a little more grown up, with shaping for a woman’s body.

I’ll be back soon with fabric and styling ideas for you, as I always do. In the meantime, you can pick up your own copy of this style starting this Friday morning in paper or in digital format. I’d love to see what you do with it. We hope you’ll tag it #lieslandco and #firadresstop so we can follow along!




  1. I love all the photos of you in the dress/top but particularly those closeups! Lovely to see how exactly that neckline looks.

  2. victoria

    I love it! Can’t wait to try this dress. xo

  3. Ivana

    Hello, is it possible to cut back in one piece without seam (and skip the welt)? Because I have some goergeus large scale pattern cotton lawn in my stash and I don’t want to fiddle with pattern matching 🙂

    1. Of course! Just cut it straight on the fold without the seam allowances. You won’t have the shaping, but you can have a solid one-piece back that way.

  4. Nirmala Dillman

    I just love this! Definitely will be ordering one.

  5. Lyn

    Thank you for including a 32″ size 🙂

  6. Pattie Rhudy

    I would love to purchase this pattern. I need sleeves because of lymphadema. Is there any way that could happen.

    1. lyn

      I like this pattern a lot but also would like/need this in long sleeves for climate (cold, need sun protection) age, preference…I never wear sleeveless garments. I didn’t buy Verdun as it didn’t have a small enough size but wondered if those long sleeves could be adapted (not that I’ve done that yet!). What do you think?

  7. Kerri L Cayo

    This is lovely! Can’t wait to make one!

  8. Addie

    I find this elegant combination of design details intriguing. I haven’t tried this style of neckline before so I’m not sure how I’d like it. I’ve been uncertain about a gathered front yoke style because it hasn’t normally included cup sizes but I am curious to try that with the FBA already included. I also like the idea of layering underneath to make the top or dress useful for multiple seasons. I wonder how it’ll look in a print too…lots of possibilities!

  9. RM

    qué preciosura de patrón! vi el anuncio en la página de Fb y me vine de volada para acá para ver más detalles. Solo tengo duda en cómo lucirá en mujeres que no tenemos tremendo cuerpazo como tú Liesl, que por cierto, luces super guapa!

  10. Angeline Law

    Lovely pattern, but it’s frustrating when pattern companies say they have different cup sizes, and then have A/B as one size. They are not the same. A SBA is as much of a pain to do as a FBA.

  11. Nicole

    Just gorgeous Liesl, such an elegant blouse and dress.
    PS You are looking well.

  12. SG

    Lovely blouse and dress! Did you use linen or rayon linen for these samples? The shape, the colors! Love the orange one- I’m secretly hoping is a Kaufman linen and that you can tell me the name of the color, because it’s beautiful!!!

  13. Hannah W

    I’m excited for this pattern, beautiful!!

  14. Melanie Weaver

    Do you have plans to extend your size range?
    Lovely dress but disappointed in size options

  15. Tali

    I love the dress but have a question about the bust darts – should they be pointing in the direction of the apex or are they above it?

  16. Marilee H

    I am really attracted to the bodice neckline treatment of this dress/top and the way it frames the face. But like others, wish it included sleeves. I’ll have to pass.

  17. Pearl Merritt

    Please, how can I purchase these patterns?

    1. You can follow the links in the blog post above to visit the pattern’s page in the shop to place your order.

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