fira dress + top tester round-up

We were blown away by all the elegant pieces our testers made from the new  Fira Dress + Top pattern. We think you’ll be, too!

Johanna’s Fira:

Sarah’s Fira:

Shelley’s Fira:

Jeanne’s Firas:

Melani’s Fira:

For more information on this new pattern, check out the introductory post and Liesl’s fabric and styling post.




  1. Nicole

    I really like this top! And I think all of the testers’ (and advisors’) versions are beautiful. A question about the shoulder detail, though – there seems to be a more or less even split between whether the edge of the sleeve follows the curve of the shoulder down, or else flares out a little. Is that due to fabric choice, shoulder shape, or something else?

    1. Johanna O

      I think it’s a combination of all three. I tested mine in a rayon that is heavyweight, but with a good amount of drape. Mine comes pretty far down my shoulders, and I also have narrow, rounded shoulders. It’s constructed much like a grown up version of the ice cream dress if you have sewn that one. I would probably describe it as a kimono style cap sleeve if I was pressed.

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