brittney’s capsule wardrobe

We are delighted to welcome back Brittney from Sewing for Four (Plus One!). She has a really inspiring project to share today. She did an incredible job of taking only four Oliver + S sewing patterns and creating nine items; four bottoms and five tops. The end result is a super cute capsule wardrobe. Take it away Brittney.

Brittney's Oliver + S capsule wardrobe

I was intrigued by the Kid’s Clothes Week capsule wardrobe theme this time around. I don’t usually follow the theme but when Rachel posted on the blog her capsule inspiration post, I knew I had to make it happen. You see, my twins are notorious for picking the most patterns and mismatched colors in their closets to wear all at the same time. I don’t really mind and let them do as they please with the exception of church or parties. But it has made me realize they are seriously lacking in the solids department. So I set out a plan a couple days in advance using only fabrics I already had in my stash, and ones that could for the most part be mixed and matched.

Brittney's capsule wardrobe

For my Sailboat pants and skirt I used bottom weight fabrics. The gray is a little softer than the green so I used it for the skirt thinking it would lay nicer. I used a stretch slub denim and shortened the Sailboat pants into shorts, and another stretch denim for the Butterfly skirt.

Oliver + S School Bus T-shirts, Sailboat Skirt, Butterfly Skirt

I have always loved the color blocked stripe tees I see on Pinterest, so I decided to finally make one. I used the School Bus t-shirt to modify the front of the shirt. Both the School Bus T-shirts and Sailboat top are made from a cotton lycra. For the two Lunch Box tees I used a rayon spandex. I love the ease of sewing the cotton lycras, but the drape and feel of a rayon spandex can’t be beat. The girls both commented on how soft the Lunch Box tees were.

Oliver + S Sailboat Top + Pants, Lunch Box Tee

I am excited that I mostly accomplished my goal. I haven’t made all of my items yet, though I did add those shorts in partway through the week. I am happy to finally have the basics they were lacking and love the concept of the capsule, that most of these items can easily be interchanged to make new outfits. And as a bonus, now my girls are ready for spring break in the warmer weather!

Oliver + S Lunch Box Tee, Sailboat Pants turned into shorts

Thanks Brittney!

Brittney has contributed to the Oliver + S blog many times, be sure to check out her fantastic contributions:


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  1. Ann

    Great work, Brittney! I was inspired by your wardrobe and have a pair of sailboat shorts under construction right now.

  2. I love all of these pieces and am envious of their wardrobes! But I especially love those gorgeous gap toothed smiles. Great pics and modelling to go with the great sewing!

  3. They are just adorable, Brittney. Thanks for letting us feature them and their new clothes!

  4. Brittney, I so enjoyed following along with your capsule during KCW! Such chic, almost Parisian feeling, staples! You’ve inspired me to revisit the Sailboat pattern too. Gorgeous girls.

  5. Juliet

    They are so cute

  6. Thanks all! I am so happy with how all these turned out, and better yet the girls are wearing them lots.

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