my favorite oliver + s pattern: brittney from sewing for four (plus one!)

Today we are delighted to welcome back Brittney who blogs at Sewing for four (plus one!). You remember Brittney, right? She recently stopped by to kick off the size 5 project with a puppet show shorts round-up and sew-along. Brittney is with us today to tell us all about her favorite Oliver + S pattern.

I, like I am sure most of you, have a hard time choosing a favorite Oliver + S pattern. Each one is so perfect in its own right, and every time I sew one I think to myself, “This is my favorite one. I want to make a hundred.”

Turns out, with the Field Trip pattern I am well on my way there. I was rather surprised when I counted and there were 34 completed shirts, three pants, and one pair of shorts. Not to mention the two shirts and two shorts cut out and waiting for me to find the time to complete. This pattern has become an absolute staple in my kids wardrobe.


Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirt


I bought the Field Trip Cargo Pants + Raglan T-shirt the second it was released, okay, maybe just the day, because I was so excited to be able to sew something I knew my boy (only one at the time) would love. At the time, I was struggling with making things for him because it was just so much easier and more fun to sew pretty things for my girls. So, it became a challenge. He always has been my most grateful and excited child I sew for. He would wear mama mades every day of the week if he could. It is really sweet.

Jack goes through cycles and becomes obsessed with things. Is that normal with most kids his age? It has been fun to be able to make him shirts with things he likes at the time. The top three were made using transfer paper and the bottom two were made using freezer paper and paint.


Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts


It has also been fun to include Dad on the designs. The top left is a quote from Star Wars, the top right and bottom left are the logos from some of his favorite bands and again with Star Wars on the bottom right.


Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts


Lest you think I forgot that this can also be made for girls, I made sure to add their favorite characters too.


Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts


My girls wear their tees to death, too. I am sure it has to do with the comfort of the knits.


Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts


I have even made these for new baby gifts and birthday gifts. I figure on a kid’s first birthday they don’t mind getting clothes! The left one was made for a child of a close friend who was having an airplane themed first birthday party, and the middle and right were made for my nephew. His dad is into motorcycles, so I used some of the logos from his favorite companies and even made a stencil based on a custom decal from his truck.


Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts


I love that this pattern is so easy to customize. From adding appliques to the front, shortening the sleeves, adding cuff bands to the sleeves, keeping it all one color or even (gasp!) making it as the pattern intends with contrast sleeves and a pocket.


Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirts


The pants, you can’t forget the pants. I think these are one of the things I am most proud of making, still to this day. These always get a “You made these?!” comment, in a good way. I think the thing I love the most about them is the level of detail. I love, love a pattern with lots of detail. I love all the topstitching; it is so therapeutic. He loves it when I make the pocket insides and waistband facing in a special print and add a ribbon tag to the back pocket.


Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants


I can’t recommend this pattern high enough, not only for my own selfish reasons (I would love more Oliver + S boy offerings!), but it really is a great pattern to have in your arsenal for any season.

Would you like to take a trip down memory lane? Read Liesl’s original introduction to the Field Trip pattern from 2012!


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  1. Emily

    This is the first Oliver + S pattern I ever bought – I completely fell in love with the pants. I’ve made two pairs so far, but since I recently bought the larger size range, I’m sure there are more in my future! And the tee is great and so versatile, too.
    I really like all the appliques featured here!

  2. What a sweet little man he is, how could you say no to that face? I really love that your boy is the one who’s most excited about wearing mama-mades. No wonder you made 34, it really is such a fun pattern. And I know what you mean about the cargoes, they really are a lot of fun to sew, very satisfying.

    And for folks without boys to sew for, I can vouch for girls loving the pockets just as much 🙂

  3. You do this pattern so well, Britney. I love how you customise the tees for each child, and those pants do look spiffy! Maybe it is time that I revisited this pattern…

  4. Sarah

    After observing my son’s pants this morning, the second pair he has busted through the knee, I’m thinking that these articulated knees may be worth the extra effort. Does anyone ever double-layer the knees in these pants to strengthen them, or use a sturdier fabric at the knee?

  5. I also love this one. And, though I’m resistant to sewing t-shirts when t-shirts are so cheap, this one goes together SO FAST.

  6. This boy is beyond adorable!
    And 34?! Wow I am impressed, and I am definitely aspiring to that. While I am still often filled with trepidation when sewing with knits, my daughter can’t get enough of these teeshirts. And having recently had a boy, I am holding on dearly to this patterns 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration. I love this pattern too!

  7. Wow, at the different looks!!! Yoda might still be my favorite one though :)…. They are all super cute, and one-of-a-kind for your little fellow!!

  8. I have yet to make this pattern but I have the pieces traced for the raglan. The many pattern pieces of the pants intimidate me!

  9. Brittney you rock this pattern! I always love seeing the graphic tees you make (the one fifth riddle is my all time favourite!).

    Sarah, the double knees has been done and the fabulous With Love Heidi put together a tutorial as a Flickr set. Here’s the link:

  10. N. Fritsche

    Hi Brittney, I LOVE all of your wonderful things! Did you make a real or faux fly in these pnats? I’ll probably make a pair with faux before trying my hand at a first real fly. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you all, you are so kind and I now have lots of warm fuzzies:)

    N. Fritsche- I usually do a faux fly because my oldest boy prefers elastic pants. I bought him a pair of shorts last week and he complained that he couldn’t just pull them up and had to use the button, ha! Have you seen Liesl’s post on the zipper fly tutorial?

  12. N. Fritsche

    Thanks! I’m checking it out right now!

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