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more fitzroy blouse inspiration

You can do so much with the new Fitzroy Blouse pattern. Liesl has rounded up some inspiration to help you plan out your own version.

more easton cowl-neck tee inspiration

In need of an elevated wardrobe staple? Look no further than the Easton Cowl-Neck Tee, and these ideas for fabrics and styling from Liesl.

more yanaka jacket inspiration

Need a little help with fabric ideas for your Yanaka Jacket? Liesl is here with some suggestions and some photos that might inspire you for your own ideas.

noord t-shirt and sweatshirt tester round-up

The unique seam lines of the Noord T-Shirt and Sweatshirt offer endless customization possibilities. Our testers show you some of the possibilities in this round-up.

fitzroy blouse tester round-up

Our testers are sharing their stunning versions of the new Fitzroy Blouse pattern. You’re sure to find some inspiration in this round-up featuring talented sewists who made the pattern their own.

easton cowl-neck tee tester round-up

The Easton Cowl-Neck Tee is an elevated wardrobe staple that is easy and quick to sew. Some of our testers are generously sharing their photos to help you see the possibilities. Look no further for your new favorite pattern!

yanaka jacket tester round-up

The Yanaka Jacket is an elegant layer with thoughtful touches. See what our testers did with this new women’s sewing pattern for a DIY cropped jacket sewing pattern.

introducing the easton cowl-neck tee pattern

Liesl is here to tell you all about our new Easton Cowl-Neck Tee, one of our four newest patterns. This one is quick and easy to sew, and it’s designed for knit fabric.