Oliver + S

your projects: march/april 2020

Our customers continue to make beautiful things even during the pandemic, and we’ve rounded up some highlights from the Liesl + Co. and Oliver + S Instagram hashtags.

two ways to add flare to a skirt

Are you interested in making a slim skirt more A-line in shape? We’ll show you how to add flare using our new Belgravia Knit Dress and Kensington Knit Skirt.

erica’s montauk shorts: a tutorial

The Montauk Trousers pattern makes a fabulous pair of summer shorts, too. Erica is here from the Advisors Circle to show you how to alter the pattern in this simple tutorial.

take the spring pattern challenge!

Are you ready to spruce up your spring and summer wardrobe? Sew up one of our new spring patterns and be entered to win a prize. All the details are in this post.

lisa’s kensington knit skirt

Today we welcome Lisa from the Advisors Circle, who is sharing some of her tips for success when sewing the new Kensington Knit Skirt pattern.

kensington knit skirt photos from our testers

Have you seen the new Kensington Skirt sewing pattern from Liesl + Co.? We know how useful it is to see new patterns on different shapes before you buy, so today, we’re showing you some of the skirts our testers made.

weekend links

Liesl has a few links to maybe cheer you up or help you survive a stressful weekend. Stay well!