Oliver + S

soho shorts + skirt styling ideas

Liesl is here with some inspiration and styling ideas to get you thinking about how you can use the new Liesl + Co. SoHo Shorts + Skirt pattern in your personal core wardrobe.

classic shirt fabric ideas

The Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt pattern provides you so many options when it comes to fabric selection. Liesl is here to share her thoughts on several of the options that you can choose.

classic shirt styling ideas

The new Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt pattern is incredibly versatile. With this style, a big part of the fun is in how you style it, and Liesl has some styling ideas for you today.

what’s in your core wardrobe?

Having a core wardrobe can make dressing simpler and can help you feel better about what you wear and how you look. Here’s an introduction to the concept of what a core wardrobe is.

weekend links

Liesl is here with her usual Friday roundup of weekend links.

oliver + s round-up

Today we have many Oliver + S examples to inspire your creativity and to help keep your sewing fresh.

side vent tutorial

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial that will show you how to add a side vent to any t-shirt pattern.