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how do you wash your clothes?

If you spend time and money sewing your own clothing, you’ll want to be sure it will last for a long time. Here are some washing tips that will extend the life of your garments.

weekend links

After her summer break, Liesl is back today with a new installment of her weekend links.

flat s visits the netherlands

We’ve heard from Flat S again as she continues her travels around the globe. She has just wrapped up a nice visit with Nelleke and family in The Netherlands. Here’s a recap on what she did during her stay.

summer vacation

We’re taking most of the rest of the month of August off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch! Join our Facebook friends groups and you’ll always have something interesting and inspiring to help you with your sewing.

free popover placket and tutorial

Ever wanted to sew the Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt as a pop-over instead of button-front style? Now you can with this free popover placket pattern piece and tutorial.

liesl + co. classic shirt as a dress

This week Liesl is going to show you how to turn the Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt Pattern into a dress. Today she talks you through lengthening the pattern.