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our spring sale is here

Our spring sale is here! This week only, you’ll save 30% on selected items with this coupon code.

my essential suitcase

What are your 10 essential sewing patterns? I’m calling them my Stranded in the City Suitcase, in honor of the long-lasting Desert Island Discs radio program in which the guests pick their essential music for a long stay on a desert island…

prado trench coats from our testers

Take a look at how our testers’ Prado Trench Coats turned out and learn a little about the fabrics they chose. Didn’t they make some terrific trench coats?

inspiration for our new prado trench coat

It’s always fun to show you some of the inspiration behind our new patterns, and our Prado Trench Coat is full of ideas for customizing and making this a style you’ll return to many times.

prado trench coat as wool winter coat

Liesl took our new Prado Trench Coat sewing pattern and made a winter coat from it. It caught your attention, so she’s here to tell a little more about the process.

Asmita’s Antwerp Pullover

Asmita sewed our Antwerp Pullover and made some clever design decisions related to the thickness of the fabric. She’s hear to talk about how it worked out!

the zen of sewing

Do you sew to stay calm? Or is it stressful for you? A few thoughts on why and where I find calm in sewing, in addition to other places.