embroidered positano blouse

Just for the fun of it, I decided to add some embroidery to my chambray Positano Blouse, and it was fun and easy to do!

I didn’t really follow any plan, and I just sort of made up the stitches to suit myself, with little triangles and French knots around the base of the yoke and a feathery stitch around the neck. It’s one of those little projects you can take along on a trip or to the beach, or even do it while watching TV.

embroidered Positano Blouse

I reversed the feather stitch so it mirrors at the center back, and I really like the effect with the diamond in the center.

embroidered Positano Blouse

Starting tomorrow the weather might actually be warm enough to wear this blouse, too! Lately I’m still wrapped up in sweaters, but mostly because my workspace is very cool. Bring it, sun!

embroidered Positano Blouse

I really like how the yoke wraps around the body so you can use a continuous stitch. I think it’s one of the nicer features of this pattern, if I say so myself.

embroidered Positano Blouse

I did all of this embroidery after sewing the blouse, but you could also embroider before constructing the blouse, especially if you wanted to do machine embroidery and wanted to embellish the sleeves and body like in some of these photos.


embroidered Positano Blouse inspiration embroidered Positano Blouse inspiration

I’ve collected images into my Positano Blouse + Dress Pinterest folder for this pattern as well. I hope you’ll find one or two that inspire you to try embroidery on your own blouse or dress! You can pick up your own copy of this pattern in paper or in digital format. I’m curious to see what you do with it!



  1. Pat Hitchcock

    My favorite pattern is the Verdun woven T-shirt. I’ve made several; one is a plain red that I embellished with embroidery around the neckline to pick up colors in a multi-tiered colorful skirt I wear with it. Happy to send a picture if I can figure out how. I did the embroidery before stitching down the facing so that the back side of the embroidery is covered.

  2. Susan Terrill

    The Positano Blouse and dress pattern is certainly much more versatile than I had realized. I had no idea that the dress could be so sophisticated until you showed us some of the possibilities. My mother taught me to embroider when I was about 5 years old. She came from a family of Swedish women who did many crafts such as knitting and embroidering. I remember my great grandmother who came from Sweden knitting mittens for all of her great grandchildren.

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