inspiration and fabrics for the laureles top + dress

Hello again!

I introduced the Laureles Top + Dress the other day. Today I’m back to talk about some fabric and styling ideas for this pattern.

inspiration and fabric for the Laureles Square-Neck Top + Dress

These photos aren’t so similar to the Laureles pattern, but I like the fabrics they used, and I love the minimalist simplicity of them. Soft cottons and linens are great for this style. If you want to crop your Laureles to be like these it would certainly be easy enough to do.

inspiration and fabric for the Laureles Square-Neck Top + Dress

I love the monochrome outfits in all these photos, too. Why not pair your Laureles with our Lisboa Walking Shorts or with our Montauk Trousers for a similar look?

inspiration and fabric for the Laureles Square-Neck Top + Dress

But if go the View B dress route, there are all sorts of ways you could sew it! Here are a few examples of similar styles.  Adding a tier to the bottom could be a cute idea for customizing this style, if you want.

inspiration and fabric for the Laureles Square-Neck Top + Dress

Like I mentioned in my introductory post, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics for this style. For the top, lightweight woven fabrics work well. Anything from soft cottons and linen to chambray, lawn, shirtings, and textured fabrics like eyelet or lace would work well. For the dress, I prefer something with a little drape, like rayon, linen, or anything else that hangs nicely. I used a seersucker fabric (in black, it might be the first time I’ve seen black seersucker?) for View A, and despite the fact that seersucker doesn’t drape (like, at all…) it was fine. For View B I used a silk noil, which is a great option because it has gorgeous texture but it’s actually very smooth and lustrous and the colors are so saturated! And of course it drapes beautifully, too. And again, this style is so simple and minimalist it can easily handle texture or print. A big graphic print would look amazing!

You can find lots more ideas and inspiration in my Liesl + Co Laureles Square-Neck Top + Dress Pinterest folder. I keep adding to it as I find additional ideas, so feel free to follow along there.

In the meantime, pick up your own copy of the Laureles pattern in paper or in digital format. And I always say it, but I really mean it: I love it when you tag us #lieslandco and #laurelestopdress in your makes. The best part of designing patterns is seeing what other people make with them, how you personalize them to make them really yours!




  1. Susan Terrill

    I like both of the new patterns for spring and summer, but I am overwhelmed with so many ideas to sew now. The weather in the Midwest, St. Louis, Missouri, changes every day and it is difficult to plan for gardening. I do want to make a comment about your fabric suggestions. I graduated from the great University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1966. I admired Gaylord Nelson when he declared Earth Day in 1970. But i get very upset when you suggest the use of polyester fabric for the construction of these beautiful garments. Polyester puts plastic into the water every time it is washed.

    Thank you,
    I learned to sew when I was 10 years old. I think your pattern guide sheets are the best there are.

    1. How wonderful! I toured the UW Madison’s textile/apparel department a few years ago when I was home and thoroughly enjoyed it. Regarding textiles, I almost always buy, wear, sew, and recommend natural fibers whenever possible. It’s extremely rare that I use or recommend man-made fibers like polyester. And thank you for the kind words about our instructions!

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