how I wear it: sue’s version

How I wear it: Sue’s Dressing it Up…or Down!

So many of the Liesl + Co patterns reflect my personal style that even before having the opportunity to test patterns for Liesl + Co, I already had a growing collection of them! How I decide which patterns fit into my wardrobe is organized around three things:

  1. My personal style: Simple silhouette/casual classic/creative (design elements, texture etc). To stay focused on these descriptors I start by looking at the line drawings of the pattern that I’d like to make and “imagine” how it will translate into an additional element in building a timeless, sustainable wardrobe. I often use a croquis for the “imagine” part.
  2. My “Rule of 3”- can I combine the garment with other items in my closet to create 3 different looks. This part is the most fun as I keep seasonal Pinterest boards for inspiration to “shop my closet” so that when I’m sewing my new garment, I’m planning on styling as well.
  3. How fast can I pack a bag? Answering this question really relies on how well I can stick to numberss 1 + 2! Actually, while I love to travel, sometimes it’s just being able to reach into my closet to wear something to go to the dentist…different day, same problem!

So, in the case of how a dress might fit into my planning, I’ve got two examples.

The first is the Amarena Dress + Blouse (available in digital format here) which is a workhorse in my closet! She is a simple cotton short sleeve dress, a holiday dress, a blouse and the cream rayon jacquard dress pictured below. Simple, elegant lines and the creative pocket detail construct a silhouette that allows for a variety of styling opportunities and the texture of the fabric makes this version of Amarena interesting on it’s own!

Sue's Amarena Dress

Sue's Amarena Dress

The second dress, the Kyoto (in digital format here), can style up with my Prado Trench (seriously my all-time favorite make–I wear this trench with everything), a cardigan or a long duster for a date night look.

For a more casual silhouette, I like pairing Kyoto with a crop denim jacket (which picks up the blues in the fabric and the jacket back detail reflects the batik design) or layering Kyoto with a pullover sweater which highlights the front pleat, giving it the appearance of a skirt!



Sue's Kyoto Dress      Sue's Kyoto Dress

Thanks, Sue! We love to see how you’re styling your sewing!


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  1. kelley jo

    Excellent work!!
    Am I a jerk if I want to know the artist of the ship print in the background. I love it!!

  2. Susan Terrill

    Hello Sue,

    Your wardrobe is outstanding. I can tell that you put lots of thought into the choice of patterns and fabric that suit your lifestyle.
    Your workmanship is so precise as well. You must be an exceptional seamstress. I love the fact that you coordinate what you have in your wardrobe with the new items that you are creating. Bravo!

    I also enjoy the art on your wall.

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