Oliver + S


ballet wrap cardigan

Thanks to Shelley, we have a nice tutorial on how to make a ballet wrap cardigan using the Oliver + S School Bus T-shirt pattern.

how to raise or lower a dart

When you’re sewing and the dart isn’t quite right for your body, how do you move it to the right spot? This tutorial will help!

fourteen tutorials for sleeves

Today the focus is on sleeves. Here are fourteen sleeve tutorials from our archives that will help you make alterations to create the perfect sleeve for you.

nine tutorials for button shirts

Today the focus is on button-front shirts. Here are nine button-front shirt tutorials from our archives that will help you make just the shirt you want to wear.

chai tee dress and tunic

As part of our Advisors Circle, Lisa is here to show you how she turned the Liesl + Co. Chai Tee into a dress/tunic.

how to do a full sleeve adjustment

Have you ever found when you are sewing for yourself that a sleeve is a little too tight for your arm or for your fit preference? If so, this is a tutorial for you. Liesl demonstrates how to alter the sleeve pattern piece to add some extra room or to make it narrower.

henley t-shirt tutorial

Thanks to Elisabeth we have a great tutorial for you today. She got clever by hacking the School Bus T-shirt with the placket from the Parachute Polo in order to create a henley t-shirt.