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    Lizabeth @Lizabeth
    April Henry @April1930s

    Lizabeth – you know me all too well. I love tweed slacks. I had a suit like that before I was married. My mom called it my Kathryn Hepburn suit. I was wearing it when my husband saw me from across a room for the first time. Needless to say, we’ve been married for 13 years. 😉

    Oh, how I would love to make these in a classic child’s outfit. Timeless! Pretty please, Liesl? With a cherry on top? I know you get the Peterman catalog, too. (wink-wink)

    vintagegirl @vintagegirl

    I would love to see a girls dress pattern with larger sizes(10)included that was something like this one in the link below. I saw this dress in an older girls size and it was adorable. I would love to sew this dress. You will have to copy and paste the link I guess.


    jodier @jodier

    A super twirly skirt/dress?

    heathir @heathir

    Can I ditto the boy’s shirt/pants ideas? I have a little boy who is disappointed every time I pull out one of your patterns because they’re not for him. He’s tired of the pajamas and uninspired shirts we’ve been able to find so far.

    Emily @Emily

    I would love to see full-length, tailored (no pleats, PLEASE!) pants for girls. I’d also be interested in patterns designed for knits. While I love all the dresses you’ve released, I’d like to see more clothes geared toward play – shorts, skorts, pants, and shirts. Skirts and dresses are cute cute cute, but can be challenging on a toddler.

    shasta @shasta

    A wish list! I’ll second what many have already said — a boy’s button-up shirt (I’m thinking something with great details like a Ralph Lauren or J. Crew oxford — if the pattern had a Western version that would be amazing). I’d love to see a blazer, too; one that could be made out of seersucker for spring and tweed for fall. Wouldn’t that be just darling on boys for holidays? A pair of dress pants to go with the shirt and blazer would be great too! Thanks for asking, Liesl. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    happy seamstress @happy seamstress

    I was just about to send a personal plea off to you Liesl, when I discovered to my joy that you’ve already started a wish-list. I am DESPERATE for a pattern for dungarees for my little boy. (Do you call them Overalls in America?) Having had so much fun and success with your patterns (in spite of being fairly new to sewing), I set out to make some dungarees for my growing toddler based on a Burda pattern. Needless to say, I was disappointed with the result. I have clearly been spoilt by your beautiful designs and super clear instructions. Incidentally, we were given a vintage style pair of short leg dungarees, which have always reminded me of your designs. They have a regular bib at the front, with crossover straps coming all the way up from the waist on the back. Would be very happy to post a pic of desired.

    Liesl Gibson

    Wow, you’re a brave bunch! Never in my life have I WANTED to sew a boys buttondown shirt, I must admit. Happy Seamstress, we were just discussing overalls at the studio today! I’d love to see a photo of the ones you like, if you wouldn’t mind emailing it to me: liesl@oliverands.com. And we just decided on a couple of spring styles today, so I think many of you will be pleased with what we have planned for you. I can’t say we’ve covered all your requests, but I think we’ve got some great surprises in the works for you as well. Thanks for all your input! And feel free to continue adding ideas: I’ll keep watching as we continue to plan for future seasons and some other projects. Cheers!

    mizlilly @mizlilly

    I too would love to see dressy things for boys and larger sizes! A dressy jacket (indoor jacket) with lots of details in the design and perhaps topstitching would be just great! Larger sizes in the dresses would be wonderful. A friend’s daughter was wearing a size 6 or 7 pattern at four years of age! Her parents are both tall and big boned and she is too! Larger sizes will allow us to sew age appropriate things for the children who are big for their ages. I can’t remember at the moment if you have lengthen/shorten lines on your patterns. I really appreciate having them as I sew for lots of kids… and some are skinny as can be like my grandson and others are husky so I have to modify to fit. And thank you for asking! Oh, and I also love the cowboy ideas… cowboy outfits and sailor suits top my favourite lists for boys!

    small sewer @small sewer

    I second the request for dungarees. And I was also wondering about a sun hat pattern?

    mistyskv @mistyskv

    I second the requests for larger sizes, matching doll (18in) patterns, and a blouse pattern would be great. A super twirly longer skirt would be so great too. Thanks for asking us! Love making up your patterns. They always turn out beautifully.

    katie @katie

    I am also always on the look out for beautiful, finely detailed boys’ patterns – they are so very hard to find. I have to say I am less keen on the idea of zip flys and button down collars than other readers though! For girls I would be very interested in something involving smocking – I would love to try a tunic top or dress with smocking but have been too intimidated so far. I think if anyone could talk me through it, you could. As with everyone else I want to reiterate that your patterns are a pleasure to sew – even for this complete novice.

    skousgard @skousgard

    1. A little girl’s sailor dress

    2. I saw a little girl last week in a tiered dress with sleeves and a peter-pan-collar that used three different provencial style fabrics. The fabrics were small scale floral prints in blue, yellow and a burgundy. Not the big lemon/olive motifs you might see on table clothes etc. It looked great. Classic, casual and a little European. I would like one of those!

    Elka @Elka

    I am newly pregnant and have been looking for a layette pattern. They are hard to come by, and the ones I’ve seen are not as sweet as yours would be. A few non clothing items, such as a little back pack might be fun.

    I would also love a few adult basics!

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