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    Liesl Gibson

    Anyone want to suggest names for future patterns? I’m naming the fall patterns tomorrow, so this is your chance. One of the patterns is pajamas, so lounge- or night-inspired names are encouraged. I’ve got a few ideas, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! There are two other non-pajamas as well, so I welcome your ideas.



    Nicole @motherof5

    Star Gazing Pyjamas?

    Supper Time Pyjamas?

    As for Autumn patterns- Lazy Breeze something?

    Marble Top and Tom Bowler Bottoms?

    Marshmallow Top and Fire Side(or Camp Fire) bottoms?

    Puddle Jumping? Bird Watching Top Twitcher Bottoms?

    Aviatrix51 @Aviatrix51

    Sweet dreams Pajamas

    Starry Night PJ’s

    Night night, Sleep tight


    Nicole @motherof5

    Hula Hoop Something?

    Cloudy Days?

    Oooh,you have me thinking Liesl!

    losabia @losabia

    Ooh, neat opportunity for us fangirls, haha…



    harvest moon

    cider party

    apple picking (or apple orchard)


    field trip

    gather together or gathering (especially if it has gathers!)


    first frost


    That’s all I’ve got! Can’t wait to see how they look and read the names you choose.

    Lisa K.

    G + G @kate_conley

    Theater Dress

    Sleepy Time Pajamas

    daisygirl78 @daisygirl78

    Oh, this is my kind of game! Inspiration words…

    For PJs: camomille, sandman, sleep tight, nighty-night, teddy bear, moonbeam, tuck in, man-in-the-moon, bedtime snack, Mother Goose, goodnight hug, warm milk

    For Autumn: acorn, chestnut, squirrel jump, sidewalk, forest path, Autumn leaves (anything with leaves, actually), hayride/haystack/hayloft, pumpkin patch/pumpkin pie, blackboards + chalk

    I’ll post again with anything else I think of. So much fun!


    daisygirl78 @daisygirl78

    more pj ideas: Chamomile (sorry, I spelled it wrong last post!), slumber party, nightlight, candlelight, starshine, pillow fight, rumpus room (!)…

    Nicole @motherof5

    I like Pillow Fight!

    And Theatre Dress,

    And First Frost!

    Ana Sofia @Ana Sofia ASM_Blue

    This is too much fun to be missed. My contributions:

    Stroll in the park; make-a-wish; tumbling blocks; chocolate kisses; blissful dreams; sewing lesson; treasure hunt; goodnight moon and art gallery.

    Deb @Mynorth

    For the p.j.’s how about Goodnight Moon? A favourite bedtime story since 1947.

    Liesl Gibson

    Oh, these are all good! Wow, I’ll sit down and study them in a few hours. Thanks for all the great ideas! I’ll add them all to my list and can draw from them in the seasons to come as well. Thanks, everyone!

    Kim @kmac0107

    Thinking about activities that small children like to do in the fall at preschool or school. Names that have the word: hike, field trip, apple orchard, afternoon walk, dress up, museum trip, circle time, cubby (where they stow their backpack or back) recess, playground, library, morning sing, color, tag.

    sayiamyou @maraya

    Wow, I have nothing to offer first thing in the morning that can compare to some of what you ladies have come up with! I am so ready for fall again!!

    janimal @janimal

    I’m trying not to look at everyone else’s suggestions before I come up with some myself!

    For Fall (I’m going to assume garments but that could change for whatever garment):

    Apple Cider Dress

    Goin’ Fishin’ Jumper

    Leaf Jumping Skirt

    Hayride Trousers

    Windy Day Dress

    Pumpkin Pie Dress

    For pajamas:

    Star Gazing Pajamas

    Sweet Dreams Pajamas

    Cuddle Time Pajamas

    Once Upon A Time Pajamas

    That was fun! Now to read everyone else’s ideas!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 66 total)

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