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    sayiamyou @maraya

    I was thinking Puddle Jumping too. If it’s raining, my daughter thinks she’s supposed to be outside “puddle jumping” (like Little Bear).

    Tamara @justsewit

    Oh dear! I absolutely forgot about good old Peppa Pig – she has me in fits of laughter everytime (especially the falling on their backs at the end of each episode). And Little Bear I’ve seen but I don’t get to watch these shows much nowdays as my kids are older. So when you put Puddle Jumping in that perspective, of course!Why didn’t I think of those terms instead of the book??? Oh well, that was yesterday. Now I’m stealing time before everyone wakes up.

    Meleliza I always thought that your Gym classes were like our Physical education classes and you truly have a method in your madness over no sports days – personally I dislike the very thought! ven swimming carnivals and all these pushy parents arguing with the timekeepers etc – oh yeah! just because I’m in the country doesn’t exempt me from them.

    It rained here yesterday and my six year old (bless his heart) decided that jumping in puddles would be the grandest thing. Trouble is he had his good sneakers on (leather) and I was duly horrified – lol!

    Gym class would be a great name for the skorts come to think of it.

    ThirdMargaret @ThirdMargaret

    I’m late to the party, as ever, but a couple of skort names came to mind:


    Sitting Pretty



    I love words, so I am sure I’ll not be able to stop thinking about this and be back! Thanks for the fun, Liesl!

    sarahb @sarahb

    So many great names!

    A few more ideas…

    Sunny Days Dress

    Beachcomber Dress

    Cloudy Skies Raincoat

    Tree-Climbing Top & Skort

    dare moi @dare moi


    for the skorts:

    somersault skorts or monkeybar

    xoxx s

    Anonymous @

    yippie for a skorts pattern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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