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    TriMama @TriMama

    I like motherof5’s idea of fireside, but I’d love to see fireside pajamas. How about Back to School or Warm as Toast? That’s all I’ve got for now, I haven’t even finished my morning tea!

    Liesl Gibson

    Wow, what a creative bunch you are! Thank you–I’m saving all of your suggestions.

    losabia @losabia

    Whee! I love all these names! I just thought of more pjs names

    Lazy Sunday


    Breakfast in Bed

    violetvata @violetvata

    Okay, now for the West Coasters…got the kids dressed and breakfasted and have 10 minutes before it’s off to school! They helped with this list at breakfast, after i gave them some of the previous names as examples (two words, typically a phrase that describes a child fall or winter activity)…fun to do with your little ones if you haven’t!!

    PJ’s- Cookies and milk, stargazing, snug as a bug, sweet dreams (“Because you always say that mom!”)

    Clothes- figuring that if the jammies are gender neutral the other two are dresses/girl outfits—Going to the Nutcracker dress, pumpkin patch, raking leaves, campfire, sugarplum fairy, leaf rubbings, pockets full of pinecones, let’s play ball or backyard games (boy), rainy day……so much fun, can we do this every season!!

    Thanks for letting us play! Katja

    sayiamyou @maraya

    violetvata: “Because you always say that mom!” very sweet!

    meleliza @meleliza

    I’m inspired by our favorite fall activites, so how about “Pumpkin Picking Pants” or the “Apple Picking Dress”? Pumpkin Pickig Overalls would be good too.

    I like pp’s suggestion of cookies and milk for the pajamas. Maybe warm milk pjs?

    This is fun!

    Rpankow @excytin

    You ladies are so creative! I love the breakfast in bed and hay ride one especially, oh plus the pillow fight. so many great ideas have already been shared it’s hard to find something else to add.

    Possibly election day, pep rally, or sandman

    lisamichelle @lisamichelle

    So many good suggestions! As a teacher, the idea of autumn brings mixed emotions…some good and some not. Sticking with classic childhood memories these are some of my autumn inspirations:

    recess bells

    hitting the books

    front of the bus (school bus)

    lunch boxes

    whirling maple keys

    skipping double-dutch

    jumpsies or jumpsie rope

    candied apples

    Liesl, you really do have a very different and special business approach. Thank-you for including your customers in your creative process. Your products are wonderful, but it is your down to earth, neighbourly approach that really won me over.


    icicle @icicle

    I’m late to the game, but my suggestion of milk and cookies is already mentioned. With all those apples and marshmallows et all I’m hungry now — time to make dinner!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Fuzzy Navel would be accurate, if perhaps not entirely appropriate, for PJs/lounge wear.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Not necessarily Fall-related:


    Teacher’s Pet

    Fairy Tale

    Book Report


    Summer Vacation

    Snow Day

    Library Book

    Beach Glass

    Sand Castle





    I’m getting sentimental!

    Nicole @motherof5

    Sarvi-belly button fluff-now thats nasty!

    daisygirl78 @daisygirl78

    …Nicole, maybe Sarvi is referring to a Fuzzy Navel, the mixed drink with orange juice and peach schnapps. Still not appropriate for kids, but more tasty 🙂

    Nicole @motherof5

    Oh how funny!

    Sorry Sarvi,my mistake!

    Does anyone remember ”The Goodie’s”,a BBC program from the 70’s? Bill dressed up as Tim’s mother and was going to pick the fluff from Tim’s belly button! That was my first thought!

    It shows what a unsophisticated soul I am!

    Liesl Gibson

    Oh, your ideas are all great! I’ve picked three for the fall patterns and am saving all the others for later. Thanks, everyone! Honestly, they are all fantastic ideas. I’ll be referring to this list for a long time going forward, so feel free to add if you think of more ideas. I love everything you’re thinking!



Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 66 total)

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