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    Jillls @Jillls

    How to I add photos to the Oliver and S group using the new Flikr? I have the IPhone app.

    lattemama @lattemama

    I saw they had updated the app and I looked through but couldn’t find how to add pictures to groups. A quick search on the Flickr help page yielded nothing either.

    Maybe someone else has figured it out?

    Greenpip @Greenpip

    When you get to the screen where you add a title and description, click on the advanced word/tab. It should take you to a list which let’s you select Groups from your groups subscribed to list. You can also add it to sets etc.

    Typical flickr. Change without notice or instruction. That said the app is now very similar to the Instagram interface, so much easier to use. Cheers Lee

    Greenpip @Greenpip

    Oops! Just realised I haven’t moved to the most recent update. Sorry my description above is completely useless. Carry on!

    cybele727 @cybele727

    I haven’t figured that out yet.

    But I have figured out this: if you are a gmail user, you can’t sign in using your gmail address. I had to take the @ gmail.com off my sign in to get it to work. I don’t know if that is b/c my yahoo ID is the same as my gmail address (because I chose it that way years ago– maybe, I don’t remember) or if that is how yahoo assigns the id -taking off the @provider.whatever to create the yahoo id.

    So if you are having sign in problems and you have gmail, try without the @gmail.com


    Greenpip @Greenpip

    Back again this time with a bit more of an idea. 🙂

    General consensus over on Flickr is that you can’t add images to groups from the app anymore. Whether this is by design or an oversight from Flickr isn’t clear and there has been no response from Flickr to the many complaints about the removal of this feature.

    So if you haven’t already updated the app, and you value being able to post to groups from your phone, don’t update your app to version 3 until this function is fixed.

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Thanks for the heads up. I add photos to the Oliver and S group regularly, so I don’t want to update.

    juliamom2009 @juliamom2009

    Sooo…..kind of by mistake (wasn’t paying attention…) I updated the Flickr app on my phone. I have a Samsung, not an iPhone. It’s seriously almost to the point of being unusable. I’m definitely not a person who’s opposed to change, so it’s not like I’m just stuck in my ways. It’s just ugly and makes it hard to see the new creations of people who you have as contacts, and see what’s new in the groups.

    Does anyone have any alternative? I’m an instagram person, and may just end up posting most of my creations there. Some sewing groups have gone to Kollabora. Any thoughts on that?

    I really hate to lose “contact” with people that I’ve met thru Flickr!!!

    Jane @jesims

    It’s too bad Flickr took a good thing and is changing it so drastically as to make it almost unusable. I tried to load photos from my iPhone a few days ago and it grabbed several others that I didn’t click on. Not sure how that happened. :-/

    I too like Instagram but there really isn’t a way to creat a “Group” that I know of. SnapFish allows for groups, possibly an option. I am sure each site has pluses and minuses.


    Nicole @motherof5

    If you can post a link, I am very happy to look anywhere.

    It takes forever for the O+S group to load.

    katybellabug @katybellabug

    Janice, is Instagram any good? I have been meaning to have a look at it. I don’t like the new Flickr because on my phone it is so difficult to navigate. Maybe instagram might be easier to use?

    Liesl Gibson

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. As Flickr gets more and more difficult to use, I’m thinking about other options we might try.

    I like Instagram a lot, and if you use hashtags it’s easy to search for names. I’m already seeing a lot of people use #oliverands, and some people are hashtagging the specific style name, like #rollerskatedress. But if someone tags it #rollerskatetunic you won’t see it by searching #rollerskatedress. Which makes it a little tricky.

    I’m also asking Pinterest if it’s possible to open a group board so anyone can pin there. At present it seems that group boards are open by invitation only, meaning that I’d need to invite each of you to join. Given our large number of customers, that would probably mean we’d have no fall patterns this year–it would just take too long to individually invite everyone!

    While I think it would be possible for us to host images here (right, Todd?), I kind of hate to do that because fewer people would see all your beautiful creations! We’re open to other ideas, too. It breaks my heart that Flickr is digging their own grave. All your beautiful photos over there! I love to browse them.

    Reeni @Reeni

    Maybe it’s a good time to have a gallery hosted here stickied to each pattern thread, or by date of issue (Spring 2012, for example) with searchable tags? It’s a lot of space to host on the website but at least it safeguards against capricious changes of an external photos hosting site. Or you could have a photo posting feature on your Facebook page, but then there’s the tags issue again.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Don’t think I need to bore anybody further with my many Flickr lamentations. I’m up for using Instagram (I know there’s a way to upload DSLR photos, I just need to work out what it is), and I already signed up for both 500px and iPernity. Currently, the two things that keep me from closing my Flickr account are the existing history there (the huge searchable database), and the guest pass feature. I can upload photos from a birthday party, mark them private, and send a guest pass to the host without opening up my whole photostream.

    Right now I’m up to my eyeballs but in about two weeks I could probably take a whack at researching some other options.

    Features we* would need:

    1. Self-membership in the group (rather than an admin having to invite everybody)

    2. Ability to add tags (or some other kind of metadata) so people can search the patterns

    3. Free to join

    4. Other?

    It might be an idea to come up with a metadata scheme with the understanding that not everybody would use it consistently or at all. Kind of like a menu of suggested tags.

    * “We” meaning the community here. I am not self-appointing to a staff position!

    Rebecca W @craftalittle

    I don’t like the idea of using Instagram. I like to share my sewing creations (not that there have been all that many lately) but I like to edit what I share publicly of my kids. So my Instagram account is private and I don’t know of a way (maybe there is one?) to share only select photos publicly.

    I do agree that the new Flickr app is terrible (and I am not one that is opposed to change either). I used to easily be able to view my groups and people that I am following and now it is a challenge to do that.

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