my essential suitcase

Way back in college I stumbled across a radio program called Desert Island Discs. On it, each week a guest guides the listeners through their essential music, the albums they would take with them if they were going to be stranded on a desert island. As it turns out, that program has been on the air for many years and still exists!

Well here is the clothing version, taken straight from my sketchbook: My Essential Suitcase. The 10 essential patterns I would make for myself if I was stranded someplace with only a suitcase (or, in my case, my beloved backpack). I’ve also listed some of my fabric preferences in the notes below.

The details:

What would your Essential Suitcase include?


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  1. Lisa

    now wondering what is your desert island playlist to go with your ideal wardrobe

    1. Ha ha! I’ll send you a link to my Spotify…

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