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core wardrobe

my essential suitcase

What are your 10 essential sewing patterns? I’m calling them my Stranded in the City Suitcase, in honor of the long-lasting Desert Island Discs radio program in which the guests pick their essential music for a long stay on a desert island…

how do you feel about fashion trends?

Today Liesl is talking about fashion trends. Do you incorporate them into your sewing plans or not? Here are some ways to think about fashion trends without becoming a slave to them and how to use them to express your personal style.

style file: the summer coat

We bet you don’t typically think of sewing a coat for summer. But Liesl is here to show you how to make a very lightweight one that can easily become part of your core wardrobe.

what’s in your core wardrobe?

Having a core wardrobe can make dressing simpler and can help you feel better about what you wear and how you look. Here’s an introduction to the concept of what a core wardrobe is.