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classic shirt

pantone fall 2017 colors

Here is a lot of colorful eye candy for you today. Be inspired by the Pantone fall 2017 colors for your sewing.

free popover placket and tutorial

Ever wanted to sew the Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt as a pop-over instead of button-front style? Now you can with this free popover placket pattern piece and tutorial.

liesl + co. classic shirt as a dress

This week Liesl is going to show you how to turn the Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt Pattern into a dress. Today she talks you through lengthening the pattern.

three contrast details for your classic shirt

It’s the little things that count when you’re sewing a basic, wardrobe-staple pattern. Here are three fun details you can add to your Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt to make it extra special.

a shirt gusset tutorial

Liesl shows you how to create and sew a shirt gusset. Download the free shirt gusset pattern piece and use this tutorial to strengthen and add a pop of color or a print to the side of your shirt.

machine bartack tutorial

Here’s an easy tutorial that will show you how to add a fun bartack detail to your shirts using your sewing machine.

classic shirt fabric ideas

The Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt pattern provides you so many options when it comes to fabric selection. Liesl is here to share her thoughts on several of the options that you can choose.