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  • I have seen a few versions of this done in knit. Any thoughts on which types of knit fabric would be most successful for this? Any modifications needed, or can I just sew up as if using a woven? Thanks!

  • So, I have done this for this pattern. My daughter’s chest and waist size put her in a 18/24 size. However, She was a 2/3 in length. I made the bodice in the 18/24 size and added length to the skirt and arms so that they corresponded to the right length. Here it is:

    O&S playtime Dress front

    The…[Read more]

  • So, I am such a novice when it comes to fitting myself. I find myself getting so overwhelmed when I make a muslin that I end up chucking it for a while and making something for the kids instead. I have a couple of fitting books, but where is the best place to post pictures and get input from other sewers? Are there really helpful crafty classes…[Read more]

  • So, I love the idea of making kids clothes out of old clothes that I need to toss or give away and have stashed clothes away for this purpose, but I don’t actually know how to go about doing it. For example, is finding the grain of the fabric to line up your pattern pieces difficult? I was wanting to make my daughter a pair of the after-school…[Read more]

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    I want to thank @needlewoman for the idea of using the drawstring bag as a trick-or-treat bag. I was contemplating making a trick-or-treat bag for my kids but was undecided about what tutorial, etc. to follow. But hey! I have this pattern already, and it seams like it would be a reasonable size. Thanks everyone!

  • Thanks! Thanks for the tips!

  • Yeah, I kind of realized it was a huge question. However, thanks for pointing me to some good resources. I will just have to keep a running list of types as I peruse blog posts, pictures, etc. I wish one could find more stores that sold apparel fabrics (and decent ones).

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  • @liesl, was the second fabric attached via interfacing? Loose and just sewn in via the seams? (This would work for side seams but the top and bottom would be left loose or have an added seam to the outside.)


  • I am looking at sewing some shirts/blouses for myself. I would like to sew in fabrics that have a nice drape. 1) What are these fabrics? 2) What are the nicer fabrics to work with? 3) Are there any tips (previous posts?) for working with slippery fabric?

    Also, I buy my fabric exclusively online since I am not happy with the quality at the…[Read more]

  • Has anyone had success reinforcing the knee or adding an internal knee patch to the after-school pants? I really like this pattern, but find that my kids are hard on the knees. The two pairs I made for my daughter have needed to be patched. (I do have the cargo pant pattern which can easily be reinforced. I might make a pair of those too.)

  • Hello! I need assistance from those with more experience. Normally when making a pant pattern, I will go with the size that pertains to my child’s hips/waist measurements and then add a bunch of length as per instructions given on this blog. However, for my son, this means a pattern size of 2 or 3 and then adding enough length for his 6 year-old…[Read more]

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