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montauk trousers

core wardrobe: hollywood trousers

How do you build a core wardrobe? Liesl started hers with matching sweaters and Hollywood Trousers in a few of the colors she wears most.

michelle’s fancy montauk joggers

Michelle is here to show off her “fancy joggers” from our Montauk Trouser sewing pattern. We love her simple modifications and her great style!

kathy’s montauk trousers

Kathy used the Montauk Trousers pattern to make pants that are as comfy as sweatpants but look more put-together.

montauk trousers in three fabrics

Debbie sewed her daughter three pairs of Montauk Trousers in three different fabrics. All are sure to be wardrobe staples!

sew pajamas with liesl + co.

Mire is stopping by from the Advisors Circle to show how she mixed and matched our patterns to sew pajamas. Read on to see what patterns she used.

new paper patterns now available

We’re happy to announce that paper copies of our three most recent Liesl + Co. pattern are now available in the shop.

add a drawstring to your everyday skirt

The waistband of the Montauk Trousers has a fun drawstring detail that adds a little something to a casual pattern. Today Liesl will show you how to add a drawstring to the Everyday Skirt. You can adapt this tutorial to fit other patterns, too!

spring pattern challenge round-up

Today we’re rounding up the entries in our spring pattern challenge. Check out these chic and stylish versions of the Kensington Knit Skirt, the Montauk Trousers and the Belgravia Knit Dress!