core wardrobe: hollywood trousers

The other day S and I had fun making a little video to show you the wool Hollywood Trousers I sewed myself last winter.

I felt like I had a gaping hole in the well-fitting trousers category of my wardrobe in the colors I wear most. Those colors are (and have been for a very long time, being the New Yorker that I am) navy, black, and cream, which I often mix with camel. My goal was to match these trousers to crewneck cashmere sweaters in the same colors, since those are the sweaters I live in all winter long. (I’m cold all winter long, so sweaters are essential.) By matching the sweaters and the trousers I knew I could get a lot of versatile wear from them. I’m big on monochrome dressing, so a navy sweater with navy trousers is ideal for me. But I also knew I would mix and match the sweaters with the trousers, so the video shows you some of those options.

This is just the first part of what I consider to be my core wardrobe. I’ll be telling you more about it in future posts, both here and on Instagram.

I love pairing navy and black, which isn’t for everyone, I know. So if you’re thinking about doing something like this and you don’t like my (boring) colors, be confident that you can choose much more vibrant colors than I do! Maybe you prefer bright pink instead of black? It could totally work. You just need your colors to work together so you can mix and match your pieces a bit. But more on that later.

You can pick up your own copy of our Hollywood Trousers pattern here. You might also be interested in our new Peckham Trousers, which are a little slimmer through the legs, with an expandable waistband. Or for a more relaxed fit and look with an elastic waistband try our Montauk Trousers.

I’ll be back soon to talk more about core wardrobe, and how I sewed and wear mine.


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  1. Teresa

    Hell I have one question. Did you make the trouser legs slimmer than the pattern? On the pattern thectrouser legs look pretty wide but on you not at all! I have=not made the trousers yet but was wondering about the width if the leg trousers. Thanks

    1. Yes, I narrowed these trouser legs a bit and gave a tutorial here:

  2. Janet Oglethorpe

    Just today I sang the praises of your patterns in building a capsule, or core, wardrobe. Not just your patterns, but your style. Very inspiring to this newbie who’s like a kid in a candy store around fabrics and patterns.

    1. Well, thank you! It’s true: sewing gives you so many options it can be a bit overwhelming.

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