Oliver + S

lazy days skirt

all about skirts

Audrey from Skirt Fixation is here to talk about all of the Oliver + S skirts and Skirting The Issue, a charity project that will let you sew a skirt for a girl in foster care.

oliver + s skirts sewn by kids

Look at these little seamstresses who sewed Oliver + S skirts! If you don’t rush them and work at their pace and level of interest, it’s possible to get girls interested in sewing their own skirts.

ribbon jar giveaway

Enter to win ribbons from The Ribbon Jar to make your next Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt.

lazy days skirt round-up

Come see many different ideas for finishing the hem of the Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt.

three stripes lazy days skirt

Here’s a tutorial that will show you how to create a three stripes Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt with either a double-thickness or regular hem.

feature friday: ink-jet printed lazy days skirt

Did you know that you can create your own border print fabric using an ink-jet printer? Ren from The Inspired Wren sewed an Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt using ink-jet printed fabric.

summer sewing: lazy days skirts

It’s been hot, and our summer schedule is packed with play dates, visits to the sprinkler park, and trips to cooler indoor spots like the library when we need a break from the sun. That doesn’t leave a lot of …