ribbon jar giveaway

During the month of July we are spending a bit of time focusing on the free Lazy Days Skirt project. We’ve added a double-thickness hem, made the skirt in three stripes, and had a round-up of different hem details. Now for today let’s go back to the original ribbon hem which calls for 1.5 yards of ribbon in any width greater than 1/4”. There are several different types of ribbons that would work really well for this kind of hem. I recently sewed up five lazy days skirts each using a different type of ribbon from The Ribbon Jar. Julie is the owner of The Ribbon Jar, an online shop where she sells ribbon and trim by the yard. Julie is hosting a generous giveaway, read at the bottom of the post for details.


Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirts with ribbons from The Ribbon Jar


At The Ribbon Jar you will find the finest ribbons and trims from around the world (although most of the ribbons come from France and Japan). There’s something for everyone: silk, satin, velvet, grosgrain, Italian, herringbone, and ric-rac.

If you are looking for a gift to give to one of your crafty friends, try one of their jars of ribbon like this beachcomber jar.


Beachcomber Jar from The Ribbon Jar


If you want to shop for ribbons and trims by the yard, you can shop by color or by type.


Jacquard ribbons from The Ribbon Jar


When choosing ribbons for a Lazy Days Skirt hem, I recommend their grosgrain, herringbone, Jacquard, velvet, and Italian cotton ribbons.

Velvet ribbons from The Ribbon Jar


The Ribbon Jar is giving away a Ribbon Pack for you to make your next Lazy Days Skirt. The Ribbon Pack contains 16.5 yards of ribbon! There are eleven different ribbons, enough to make eleven different Lazy Days Skirts.


Ribbon Jar giveaway


To enter to win the Ribbon Pack, leave a comment below telling us what favorite type or color of ribbon. Only one entry per person please. Comments will close at 9:00 AM ET Friday, July 24th, 2015, and we’ll select a winner at random. The winner will be notified by email. This giveaway is international, so it’s open to everyone!


Ribbon Jar giveaway





  1. Kerri Cayo

    My favorite ribbon is anything pink. My daughter’s favorite color.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Loving this wide selection of trims to put a great finishing touch on pockets and collars as well as hems. The dots and dashes and velvets in a range of greens are eye candy especially this season.

  3. Gloria Robison

    Love all kinds of ribbons. Silk and gros grain among my favorites.

  4. Linda Nelson

    I have found some great ribbon with giraffes and other animals. I think I like the whimsical!

  5. Laura

    I like all ribbon!

  6. Jenny

    I adore a lovely soft butter yellow, in general. 🙂

  7. Julia

    I love all trims and ribbons. I guess if I had to choose, satin is my favorite. I especially like this peacock color they have on their website http://www.ribbonjar.com/product_p/40655.htm

  8. Lori

    Loved playing in my grandmother’s ribbon tin as a little girl. She made us many dresses and they always had ribbon.

  9. Mel

    ooh, how lovely! If I had to choose a favourite type of ribbon, I’d say velvet. thanks for the chance!

  10. Susan DeAngelo

    I am pleased to learn about the Ribbon Jar! I am always looking for velvet ribbon for accents.

  11. Karen Belote

    My favorite color of ribbon is aqua. It just feels like summer and this is such an appropriate summer skirt.

  12. Zsuzsanna Matika

    I have never sewed ribbons, but always wanted to try. This seems like a wonderful opportunity. I love the pink velvet but all of them are beautiful.

  13. MJ

    The jacquard options are so much fun with all of the design options! So cute with a solid or linen fabric!

  14. Shelley

    Love grosgrain ribbon. So colorful!

  15. Bettie Copeland

    My favorites are the rich velvety!!

  16. I love the pretty printed ribbons, like the ones with butterflies or flowers. Anything with bright colors.

  17. I like Jacquard ribbon, especially in blue!

  18. Annalisa F

    Oh my goodness, they are all so beautiful! I use ribbons for so many things. My 6 year old loves them too! I use mostly pinks, as that is her favorite color but what is that patterned ribbon with the diamonds on it? It is beautiful!!!!

  19. Laura J.

    Gotta be grosgrain ribbon. Always classic, always a favorite. I can’t get enough.

  20. Lena G.

    I’ve always liked Jacquard ribbons with multiple colors.

  21. I always stall at the ribbon choice part with the Lazy Days Skirt, too much choice!
    I’d love some of those stretch trims to try my hand at some Seashore/Teaparty bloomers turned knickers.

  22. Adaire Graham

    I have used this method of hemming skirts several times on skirts for my 4 year old GD. She loves anything pink or aqua. It makes such a cute finish and is so easy.

  23. Anita

    i love woven ribbon, best.

  24. Love the delicious colors in the Beachcomber Jar!

  25. Lynn Poulin

    I love all the patterned ribbons, especially if they have pink in them!

  26. Megan

    Grosgrain!!! Any width, any color!

  27. María San Román

    Wonderful post! These grossgrain and herringbone are gorgeous!! Lovely peacock and green…

  28. Louisa

    Those ribbons all look lovely, blue pink and purple are all favorite’s in our house

  29. Jennifer

    Right now I would love a nice peach velvet ribbon for a project I am fixing to start. I love grosgrain also.

  30. Hard to choose a favourite – but the velvet ribbons look stunning 🙂

  31. Megan

    Pretty ribbons! So hard to decide but I use grosgrain the most.

  32. Cindy

    I love all ribbon, but I’m especially partial to velvets. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Leslie

    Blue is my fav and grosgrain sews up so nicely! Patterned ones are especially fun with patterns for boys – I have grandsons galore!

  34. I love spots and velvet feels so luxurious!

  35. liz n.

    OOOOH and AAAAHH! Thank you for the chance to win these ribbons; they are beautiful!

    I use ribbon most often for open-spine bookbinding. Velvet and grosgrain ribbons make for especially beautiful bindings when combined with coptic and Japanese stab-stitch bindings.

  36. Lizabeth

    So many ribbons, so little time…purple or green of any type and pattern!

  37. Katie

    I usually buy/use grosgrain or satin, but that velvet ribbon looks lovely.

  38. Jen L.

    I’d love to make a Lazy Days skirt using some of this beautiful ribbon. I have a weakness for soft, velvet ribbon.

  39. sorahart

    Grosgrain ribbon is so classic. That’s my favorite.

  40. Emily R.

    I like to keep cream colored grosgrain on hand for tying up gifts. But jacquard and velvet ribbons are special favorites.

  41. Joanne

    Beautiful ribbons! I would say my fave would be the grosgrain and patterned.

  42. Emily

    I love the jacquard ribbons. So many wonderful colors and designs!

  43. junglewife

    I love ribbon! I would love this ribbon to make lazy days skirts for my 4 girls!!! I usually gravitate to grosgrain ribbon of any kind. So simple and beautiful.

  44. Grosgrain or petersham!

  45. Patricia

    Maybe not the most practical choice, but the pom-pom trims are absolutely wonderful.

  46. Diana Fehntrich

    My favorite ribbon is grosgrain. I’ve already used it on hems!

  47. Ainslie

    I love them all but grosgrain always wins!

  48. Tonia Jeffery

    I have found I use white grossgrain the most.

  49. Carrie

    I just checked out the Pumpkin Italian Passamano Ribbon! My 2 year old daughter looks so pretty in oranges & salmons with her summer tan! They are also my favorite summer colors. Now, how could I incorporate Sunshine Herringbone Ribbon into clothing for my son. This two year old likes everything yellow! Hmm, coordinating outfits for twins…

  50. Chicmamainedh

    Beautiful ribbons! My favorites are shades of purple in grosgrain and velvet.

  51. Enbee

    I’ve always loved the way satin ribbon feels when you pull it through your fingers.

  52. I used to be a grosgrain kind of gal, but now I’m smitten with Jacquard ribbons!

  53. Maureen

    This is like being a young child and asked to choose your favorite candy in the penny candy store! The ribbons are such beautiful eye candy…but I would have to select my little girl’s favorite color which is purple. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful gift…I’m crossing my fingers!

  54. Jennifer G

    My favorite type of ribbon is one that has fun prints and designs. Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. N. Fritsche

    The patterned Jacquard would be so much fun to work with, but I love classic grossgrain too!

  56. Hannah

    Glorious ribbons! I love them too. My favorites are silk and ones with patterns, geometric, floral, anything.

  57. mirabelle004

    grosgrain and purple!

  58. iva

    I love grosgain….and ricrac.

  59. Gwen Gaillot

    I love patterned ribbon, especially paisley.

  60. Alison D

    I love any ribbon! Ric rac is probably my favourite for embellishing things but for the lazy days skirt I like cross grain or velvet (& my daughter definitely loves velvet ribbon on her skirts!).

  61. kim t.

    I love a double sided satin ribbon, except the snagging. I love most all ribbon if it feels nice 🙂

  62. Jennifer

    I have loved velvet ribbon since childhood, but the newer printed grosgrain currently intrigue me.

  63. Sara S

    I love the colorful jacquard!

  64. Margo

    I love striped grosgrain ribbons!

  65. emily

    I always love the woven ribbons with many colors!

  66. icicle

    I’m partial to velvet ribbons and have been known to buy something just because it has pretty trims.

  67. BeckyMc

    I love anything with green in it. Especially the patterned ribbons.

  68. A Malowany

    My favorite would be grosgrain in plain or patterned.

  69. Elizabeth

    I mostly use grosgrain, and love it for its durability. I have never used velvet ribbon, but I would really love to. I dream of making special holiday dresses for my girls with some luxurious velvet ribbon.

  70. JR

    I love the feel of grograin ribbon. There’s a subtle elegance to it. My favourite colour would be green–a nice wide ribbon to finish a hem.

  71. I love satin ribbons in rainbow colors!

  72. Sarah J.

    I always love a pretty grosgrain, but I would never pass up a luxe velvet (nice ones are just tough to find locally- maybe I’ll be trying Ribbon Jar soon!). Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. mary m

    I think there is something so lovely about a dove gray velvet ribbon

  74. Adrienne

    I adore colorful jacquard ribbon. It’s too much fineness and detail in a miniature line.

  75. Sara

    love love patterned ribbons!

  76. Mary Coonts

    I like the polyester satin ribbon that has a different color on each side. If I use one side on the skirt I can make a coordinating ribbon rose that shows both sides and colors.

  77. I love ribbons with a unique or original design; the kind you can’t find at the chain stores.

  78. Helena

    The silk ribbon, both the patterned dupioni and the hand dyed silk ones. Gorgeous.

  79. Paola

    I love pink grossgrain, and my daughter loves skirts so would be great to win and make some lazy days skirts with ribbon!

  80. Jennyroo

    I still remember what it felt like to have my mother tie my hair in a velvet ribbon when I was a little girl. Even then I knew how special it was. Thank you for sharing, what an amazingly lovely prize.

  81. Marcia

    My favorite is grosgrain. I may not know how to pronounce it, but I sure know how to sew with it! All colors, all designs. I use it on dresses, on home made Switch-Flop covers ((google Lindsay phillips) and as decorative flags for cupcakes. Grosgrain doesn’t hang around my house for long. I’d LOVE to win the generous Ribbon Package.

  82. Margo

    I love patterned ribbons! they have such a wonderful selection!

  83. S. Bird

    I love grosgrain ribbon with polkadots.

  84. I love all bright grosgrain ribbons in cotton/rayon or silk mixes

  85. tineke

    I love jacquard ribbon !

  86. Ribbon. It’s something I love almost as much as fabric! I love Grosgrain for making hair bows, and velvet, jacquard and ric rac for sewing embellishments. Thank you for the intro to this great shop and for the chance at the lovely giveaway!

  87. Deana

    Black or pink gingham ribbon is my fave.

  88. Michelle

    Shockingly, I’ve yet to use ribbon in sewing. One of these days…

  89. Elizabeth Perez

    I like all kinds of ribbons. I use double faced satin and silk ribbons for baby clothes, jackards for children’s clothing, grosgrain for making bows for grandkids. Any color will do it just depends on the project. I have even embroidered on a 2″ ribbon to use as a sash on a dress.

  90. Katy M

    I love velvet ribbon – so tactile 🙂 x

  91. LINDA

    HI, what a sweet giveaway! I love all Red Ribbons of all kinds!
    Thank You!

  92. Nancy Hilderbrand

    I like bright yellow

  93. Dena

    I love turquoise ribbon!!

  94. Phyllis in Rocky Bayou

    It’s grosgrain for me.

  95. Shannon

    They are all so beautiful! Velvet is luxurious and grosgrain is so cheerful!

  96. Kristen

    I love the ribbon jars! Would look so cute in a nursery (or my sewing room) and then all those fun bits of ribbon to choose from!

  97. Kathy E.

    I make personalized bibs and my most frequently used color of ribbon is lime green. Both girl and boy fabrics have this color and it just coordinates with my fabrics so well! One can never have too much ribbon!

  98. Emily C

    I love any shade of blue!

  99. Stacey D

    Oohh! Gorgeous! I love both the velvet and jacquard ribbons. I’ve been looking for resources for ribbon – so glad to find out about this one!

  100. Claire Ross

    I love the velvet ribbons and in particular pink ones x

  101. Lori Morton

    Thank you for the Link to the Skirt pattern! Love it!! Love the “Jacquard” ribbons…and Grosgrain is a definite favorite. Also all sorts of novelty ribbon too. (Grangirlie looooves trimming! lol) Thank you for chance to win your great Give-a-way! 🙂

  102. It is a difficult decision to chose a most favorite ribbon. I like satin and gros grain, the most readily available at reasonable cost and care. I also like thin silk that can be fed into the grooves of feet for my machines to form free lines or definite lines on garments.

  103. Well, I just love ribbons. Grosgrain, velvet, sik, satin, and more. I think my favorites may be the beautiful woven patterned ribbons in glorious designs and colors. Ribbons make me happy!

  104. Marlene Maclaren

    I use cotton ribbons a lot in my sewing but my favourites are the jacquard ribbons with their multi-colours!

  105. Bekk

    I like cotton and twill ribbons.

  106. Renae

    Lovely lace if I can find it in ribbon form – but VELVET is my choice for true luxury. Thanks for opening this up for the international cohort.

  107. Lynn

    I love all of the beautiful blue ribbons in the Beachcomber Jar.

  108. Marlene Freshwater

    Your variety of types & colors is amazing !! I’ve never ordered before but I know that I will like anything sent. Since I have 3 young (6 mons, 2 yrs, & 3 yrs) gr granddaughters I could use any kind of ribbons.

  109. I am a fickle lover of color: saffron one year, sea blue the next. A magenta ribbon would be adorable on the hem of my granddaughter’s skirt.

  110. Rita

    I love blues and greens.

  111. Jen

    I can’t go past the look and feel of a richly colored velvet ribbon. Oh so luxurious!

  112. Amanda J

    I love the ribbons with the different patterns on it. The beach comber jar is lovely too!

  113. Linda A

    Sixteen 1/2 yd of ribbon!! I am breathless as I love ribbons. Must come from when I was a little girl. My Sunday hats had to have ribbons streaming down the back. Velvet (baby pink), satin & grosgrain are favourites. What a wonderful give-a-way!

  114. Kathy Davis

    I love yellow grosgrain ribbon. My granddaughter would love a new skirt or two or more.

  115. Tatiana

    I love herringbone and crossgrain ribbons in light colors like aqua, mint, peach, and rose. Thank you!

  116. Barbara Herring

    Any ribbon from The Ribbon Jar is wonderful but my favorites are the beach colors!!

  117. Karen

    I like grosgrain ribbon and tend to use a lot of pink and teal.

  118. Janet

    Petersham is my favorite! I’m a lazy sewer and it can replace facings.

  119. Susan

    I love the jacquard and velvet ribbons.

  120. Susan W

    I love the jacquard ribbons and the velvets too. Favourite colours – anything blue or purple or bright!

  121. Those are beautiful ribbons! Thank you for sharing this shop with us! I love ribbons in pinks and peaches.

  122. Sian

    What a wonderful store ❤️ Grosgrain is my favorite, and I can’t pass up a polka dot!

  123. Ooooh, I’d say herringbone or jacquard would be my favorites, preferably in blues, greens, or neutrals….but would love to be surprised!

  124. Betsy

    I love double-sided satin ribbon. I thought it was the most beautiful when I was little, and I guess I still do.

  125. I am a sucker for velvet ribbons and striped grosgrain ribbons. Complete sucker.

  126. I am a big fan of jacquard ribbon, and use it a lot in various garments .

  127. Ginger

    My favorite ribbon is bright fun colors/prints.

  128. Sarah K

    I love grosgrain ribbon in bright colors! Thanks for the giveaway!

  129. Cari

    I love all types of ribbons! blues, greens and purples–plus pink, of course. I tend to hoard my ribbon–not sure why, except it’s my precious.

  130. So hard to choose a favourite type of ribbon, but blues are probably my favourite colour. I always find it so hard to choose ribbon.

  131. Amanda

    I love grosgrain ribbon, and my favourite colour is purple. Off to check out The Ribbon Jar!

  132. Jennifer

    I love herringbone or twill-type ribbons.

  133. carol

    Love beautiful silk ribbon that has wonderful drape. For my granddaughter I like ribbons of playful patterns of flowers or animals. I could go on and on….. maybe I love all beautiful ribbons and trims.

  134. Becky Yamano

    As the mother of 4 little girls (and 1 boy!), I love all ribbon. I constantly trim dresses and skirts, and make matching hair bows. I love classic grosgrain, but any ribbon will do!

  135. Oh, I just love all colors, but I have been in a turquoise kind of mood lately.So let’s go with that. 🙂

  136. Karen Jones

    Jacquard ribbon always looks so special, but the velvet ribbon looks pretty amazing too!

  137. Ruth

    Great give away! I love velvet ribbon!

  138. Chris

    I like crossgrain ribbons the best. So easy to work with.

  139. Carol H

    i have loved grosgrain ribbon since I was introduced to ribbon!

  140. Karen

    I like nearly all types of ribbons but grosgrain is my favorite. When we moved across the country I had to get rid of most of my sewing stash so would love to win such a lovely group of ribbons.

  141. Jona

    I am seriously loving the look of the blue jeans silk ribbon! Thanks for introducing me to a new shop and for the giveaway!

  142. Pam

    I love the ribbon on your skirts! My favorite type of ribbon is grosgrain. I use it as trim for pouches and cosmetic bags. Thanks for the chance to win!

  143. Sharon Gibbs

    I love unusual ribbons for Raghu blankets for my grandsons especially the velvety ones … If I had to choose one colour it would be shades of purple x

  144. Blue satin ribbon with white dresses!! Ha ha sound of music anyone?

  145. koot

    Multicolored ribbon is my favorite!

  146. Ivana

    I love velvet ribbons. Thank you for this giveaway…

  147. Eunita

    It’s so hard to choose just one color of ribbon! But, I’ve been liking the color orange a lot lately.

  148. rose

    whimsical ribbons catch my eye! love solids too❤️

  149. Lisa Marie

    The specific color or type of ribbon that I like depends on what I’m using it for. Lately I’ve added printed ribbon to the straps on totes and it is a fun way to add that extra special touch.

  150. Kathie

    I love the beach in a jar – what a great idea!

  151. lindsay hess

    I love the thick flowered ribbon that is in the picture above.Its so bright and colorful!! This type of ribbon is easier to work with on projects!

  152. Ellen

    I love all the ribbons! Velvet is probably my favorite, because the texture is so amazing.

  153. Eunice Hayes

    My favorite ribbon is velvet! I love to run my fingers down a velvet ribbon.

  154. I love any kind of blue ribbon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  155. I would get a ribbon pack. I am a terrible decider. Too many choices and wonderful colors. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and the chance to win!

  156. Jo

    I love grosgrain ribbon, but then I’m also partial towards printed ribbons too.

  157. Karen

    I could do so much with the herringbone!

  158. Doris McCarty

    Pink ribbon, or printed ribbon with pinks are what I use most. I mostly sew for little girls.

  159. Julie Waldron

    I like glittery ribbon, burlap or lace.

  160. Liza Ahern

    Normally I would say grosgrain is my favorite ribbon because it is such a staple in creating summer sundresses, but honestly velvet ribbon is such a lovely touch when I am making holiday wear for my daughter – so velvet ribbon wins! 🙂

  161. Mary

    I love grosgrain ribbon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. Rachael

    The jacquard ribbons are pretty.

  163. Sandi

    I love jaquard ribbons, especially the ones with Scandinavian designs.

  164. Do I have to pick only one favorite? 😉
    I love these two: http://www.ribbonjar.com/product_p/40982.htm and http://www.ribbonjar.com/product_p/15389.htm

  165. Brianna K

    My favorite ribbon color is purple but i love anything animal cutesy or cute pattern ribbons!

  166. Kim

    I like the little brown dogs on patchwork woven ribbon. It would be so cute on a Lazy Days Skirt.

  167. K

    Gosgrain is my favorite! Fingers crossed…

  168. Jo

    I love grosgrain and velvet ribbon

  169. june

    My granddaughters love purple and turquoise and I love the look of grosgrain!

  170. Ann

    I’m drawn to the wide ribbon with the flower print.

  171. Freia

    I love anything blue!

  172. Morgana

    I love velvet or satin ribbons, especially in turquoise, peacock, purple and yellow.

  173. annette

    I love the solids with stitching accents

  174. Renee

    Grosgrains are my favourite type of ribbon. Happy colours with a bit of texture!

  175. liz l

    Anything blue or green

  176. I love petersham, in any color!

  177. Sarah Green

    I’ve never heard of Italian cotton ribbon- but I love it’s subtlety! Thanks for the introduction! It’s beautiful.

  178. Jc Loh

    I like lace in pastel colors, it has such a feminine charm.

  179. gustosa

    I like grosgrain ribbon

  180. Suzie

    I have to confess I have an obsession with farbenmix ribbons.

  181. Paulo Freitas

    Gosgrain is my favorite!

  182. Claire

    I love jacquard ribbon. The hearts and mushrooms ribbon is so cute, as are the polka dots… 🙂

  183. I love the pretty velvet ribbons 🙂
    thanks for this lovely giveaway

  184. Darija

    Pink,cause it’s girly.

  185. Lauralee

    I love grosgrain and silk ribbons. I love the ribbon hem on the Lazy Day skirt, but I have yet to figure out how to attach it without bulk??

  186. Kelley

    Grosgrain is my favorite so far but I’m curious to try other types of ribbon as well. Probably in a shade of purple.

  187. I’ve been loving jacquard ribbons lately. Their rich colors and beautiful prints make “simple” skirts so much more.

  188. ColleenMarie

    I love pink sparkly ribbon!

  189. L

    I love herringbone ribbon

  190. Angela B

    I love all ribbon in general but the velvets are quite pretty!

  191. Janice

    I’m a total sucker for jacquard ribbon!

  192. I LOVE patterned silky ribbons. These are lovely!

  193. Jerri

    I really love a fun print on ribbon of any kind! So glad to have found your website!

  194. Ellen Mae Barrientos

    I would love patterned ribbons, in pink & orange

  195. Laney

    I love velvety ribbons and ones with dots.

  196. Kay RT

    I like to use mainly grosgrain ribbon. I usually end up using solid colors but I just love patterns. It’s too hard too match the patterns ribbon sometimes tho 🙁

  197. Lisa

    I love ribbon, always have since I was a little girl. Couldn’t possibly decide my favourite – double satin maybe? But then I love velvet ribbon too, and gingham and picot edge and ric rac of course…

  198. Abby Barge

    My favorite color ribbon is a maroon or pomegranate color!

  199. Nicole Cramer

    I like crazy loud prints. And camo

  200. Lyndsay

    I love using grosgrain ribbon! 🙂

  201. Ann

    Well let’s see…..six granddaughters, so pink for E and C, purple for A, blue for J, yellow for the babies. That would be a start!

  202. Rebecca

    I love velvet ribbon and fun prints.

  203. Kelli

    I love grosgrain ribbon. Especially with polka dots.

  204. brittani adams

    I love chevron pattern! And anything bright or bold!

  205. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I really like the thick, dark, velvet ribbons.

  206. grace bertou

    I love ribbon with fun patterns! (:

  207. Andrea Staron

    I love the Holiday Motif on Red Woven ribbon – but so many of these are fantastic! What a great shop.

  208. Leah Shumack

    I always like a nice satin ribbon!

  209. shea balentine

    I like most all types.. and love the colors purple and pink!

  210. I love making bows and tutus with ribbon

  211. Enrica

    I like ribbon with

  212. Izza

    Love the feel of a velvet ribbon and I also love ribbons with fun patterns.

  213. Allison CB

    Love red ribbons! Something special about that color for me,

  214. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I <3 jacquard and ribbons with patterns – thanks for the chance to win xo

  215. LaTanya

    I like the chevron print

  216. Random.org gave number 201, congratulations Ann! You are the winner of the Ribbon Pack. Julie will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered!

  217. tina reynolds

    I love shades of blue

  218. Diana Hatch

    I love any ribbons that have pink in them

  219. Darlene Owen

    I love a pretty ribbon to wrap around a present.

  220. JESSICA C

    I like oceans tones like turqouise, blues and greens. I tend to work with these colors the most. thanks for sharing.

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