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how to sew with rayon: a guide

Ever wondered how to sew with rayon fabric? Rayon fabric can be tricky to wash, press, cut and sew, but there are some things you can do to make it easier. Lyndsey is sharing her best tips for sewing with rayon in this guide.

sevenberry fabric from robert kaufman

Have you seen the Sevenberry fabrics from Robert Kaufman? We just love them and can think of all sorts of ways you could use them in your own sewing.

all about fabric grain

Liesl tells you almost everything you’ll need to know about fabric grain as she covers lengthwise grain, crosswise grain, and bias grain.

how to pre-wash your fabric before sewing

Have you ever wondered when you need to pre-wash fabric and how best to do it? Liesl explains the reasons why pre-washing is important and gives suggestions for different types of fibers.

woodland clearing: a photo adventure

Introducing Woodland Clearing, a new fabric collection by Liesl Gibson for Robert Kauffman. Come join our photo adventure to launch the collection!

mood fabric suggestions

Here are a few fabric suggestions to make your own style using our newest Liesl + Co patterns for women.