woodland clearing fabric giveaway

A couple of weeks ago Liesl introduced you to her new Woodland Clearing fabric collection for Robert Kaufman. Some of the fabrics have already been sewn up in several Oliver + S and Liesl + Co. patterns; you can see modeled photos here and here. Today we’re happy to announce that we have a special giveaway for one lucky reader! Read to the bottom of the post for all of the details and leave a comment answering the question you’ll find there.

Woodland Clearing fabric giveaway on the Oliver + S blog

The collection includes 27 watercolor-inspired prints which come on a light and airy cotton lawn. You can view them all of them individually on the Robert Kaufman website.

Woodland Clearing fabrics

Woodland Clearing fabric

Woodland Clearing fabric

Now for the giveaway! Enter the drawing for your chance to win four yards of Woodland Clearing fabric (winner’s choice!) for you to whip up your favorite Oliver + S and/or Liesl + Co. ensembles! To enter, leave a comment below telling us which Oliver + S or Liesl + Co. pattern would you use with Woodland Clearing fabrics. Comments will close at 9:00 AM ET Thursday, January 28, 2016, and we’ll select a winner at random. The winner will be notified by email.

We cannot wait to see what you create using Woodland Clearing fabrics. Use the tag #woodlandclearingfabric on Instagram so we can all see.


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  1. Laura J.

    Those are so lovely! My older daughter needs new skirts. I’m thinking a slew of varied swing set skirts will do the trick. She would just love those birds!

  2. Avivoca

    This fabric collection is so beautiful! I would make myself a new Everyday Skirt for spring and I’d make my daughter a coordinating Ice Cream Dress!

  3. Ingrid

    I love how these fabrics are super to be combined together in one pattern! I just purchased the seashore sundress and ice cream dress in the larger size range to create for my daughter this summer. She loves your dress designs, and these new ones are great to test some combinations of the fabric in the different panels of the dresses!

  4. Karen Belote

    I would love to make something for both my granddaughter and for me. My granddaughter, Josie, would definitely get a playtime dress out of this beautiful fabric. I would make an Everyday skirt.

  5. Kaitlyn N.

    Just in time to make a Fairytale dress for Easter. Such beautiful colors and designs. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Gigi W.

    I am planning on making the ice cream dress for my 3 granddaughters all in different fabrics and I think these would be lovely. Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Emily

    I’d love to make myself an Everyday Skirt with the Woodland Clearing fabrics, and a dress for my daughter – the roller skate dress would be beautiful in these fabrics!

  8. Mel

    oh I love this collection! Congratulations πŸ™‚ I think I would make Hide and Seek tunics for my girls to show off the lovely prints.

  9. Beth

    Ooh! I would make myself a gallery tunic (in the ivory watercolor print!). And maybe a swingset tunic/skirt for the pre-schooler…

  10. tineke

    I would like to make an Art Gallery tunic with the Navy blue.

  11. Shannon

    Such lovely fabrics! Maybe a Family Reunion dress? Or just a bunch of Everyday Skirts? My daughter lives in those πŸ™‚

  12. Jodie

    My daughter would love a dress out of these – maybe a garden party dress.

  13. Tonia Jeffery

    I’d use them with the Bistro dress or Late Lunch tunic.

  14. Kelly

    My daughter loves dresses, so probably a library dress!

  15. I have the 2+2 pattern I keep wanting to sew up but haven’t had the chance. All these print are just beautiful. How to choose…..

  16. Jennifer M

    My friends are having a little baby boom, so I would love to make some Lullaby Layette pieces with these gorgeous fabrics! πŸ™‚

  17. Jill

    The birthday party dress! I’ve had the pattern for a couple of years but never have made it – I need a gorgeous fabric excuse!

  18. Katie

    This is such a beautiful collection. I would love to make an art gallery tunic for myself and an ice cream social dress for the kiddo.

  19. I see several of these making nice sketchbook shirts for my son.

  20. Randi Cook

    I like the AGQ Grey pattern.

  21. ColleenMarie

    I would love to make a bow belt!

  22. I’ve been plotting summer sewing with these fabrics in mind. My daughter will soon grow out of the size 8 patterns, so I’m planning Birthday Party and Jump Rope dresses, and 2+2 ensembles, to show off the colors and prints in the collection!

  23. A Malowany

    Always wanted to make the pinwheel tunic and slip dress!

  24. Lori

    Love this new line! I think an ice cream dress for my granddaughter.

  25. Accacia

    Cappuccino. I just bought the pattern and would love to make it in one of these fabrics!

  26. Ivana

    Love this fabric! I’d use them with the swingset skirt or sunny day short.

  27. MKHS

    I love the small prints in this collection! And, of course, that it is Kaufman lawn! I’d make myself a Gallery Tunic, and a pinwheel slip as a summer nightgown for my girl.

  28. I can’t wait to get my hands on these fabrics, I am thinking the Pinwheel or Seashore dress will be my first makes with it.

  29. I would love to sew a Gallery tunic in one of the grey florals from the Woodland Clearing fabrics. I especially like this one AGQ-15846-12 GREY with the mustard-yellow highlights.

  30. Sharon

    I just bought a few patterns in the recent sale. I would love to try the Sailboat top for my son and a daughter I’m expecting in April. With four yards of fabric I think I’d have enough for a hide and seek dress too!

  31. I’d make Rollerskate Dresses! There’s not any business going on so it would show that gorgeous fabric perfectly with no seams interrupting the prints. I’m so thrilled you went with lawn:)

  32. Marlene Maclaren

    I love the navy birds and the dark grey with roses both of which would suit my fair-haired granddaughter. I’m thinking a Roller Skate dress, a 2+2 blouse, a swingset skirt – lots of possibilities!

  33. Amie M

    Pinwheel dress or Garden Party! Oh, the Fairy Tale. No the Red Riding Hood. No clue, but it will be an Oliver + S.

  34. Sally

    I’d love to make the Fairy Tale dress for my daughter, or maybe some swing set skirts!

  35. Sue

    Gorgeous! I would definitely make my daughter some cute swingset skirts for summer!

  36. Tina S

    An everyday skirt for my daughter and a bistro dress for me πŸ™‚

  37. Katy

    I’ve made a couple Family Reunion dresses and have loved them, although I have the Seashore Sundress pattern and would love to try that in a lawn.

  38. I would make the late lunch tunic.

  39. I would make the late lunch tunic first.

  40. Kerri Cayo

    Gallery Tunic or Garden Party dress. It would be a tough choice!

  41. I would love to make a Gallery Tunic from one of these lovely fabrics!

  42. Melani

    I want to make the Gallery Tunic with the pretty fabric …

  43. kim t.

    I think I would use the family reunion pattern that I already have and add a skirt to it to make it a longer dress. or perhaps make a music class blouse…

  44. Donel

    The fabrics are really lovely. My daughter lives in dresses and skirts in the summer, so I’d go for a birthday party dress or garden party dress for special.

  45. Kristen

    I think I’d sew a class picnic blouse!

  46. Oh my, this would look So (ha, Sew) cute with the garden party dress. My daughter would love it!!

  47. Kelly Paulson

    The family reunion dress pattern is one of my absolute faves, so I’m thinking that I’d make one for my daughter out of this fabric — probably I’d choose one of the small florals. That would be darling!

  48. Emily R.

    A roller skate dress for my daughter and a gallery tunic for me!

  49. Lisa M.

    I want to make a Garden Party dress for my daughter using the Pixel Flowers in turquoise. Can’t decide which fabric for the contrasting bands.

  50. Robin

    I would like to make a Gallery or Cinema tunic. For my birthday!

  51. Tamara H.

    I have already selected several of these for projects… definitely a family reunion dress and would love to do a little selfish sewing and sew up the new Lisette PJs ; )

  52. L

    I think this would look great with a Cappuccino Tunic

  53. Sarah J.

    My daughter lived in her Popover Sundress last summer and it would be awesome in lawn!

  54. Carrie

    They are all so beautiful! I’d have to go with the Cappuccino or Late Lunch Tunic! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  55. Brenda

    I would love to find a store close to me that carries them, because I really want to go pet them! Cotton lawn sounds lovely!
    I’ve been wanting to make myself some pajamas with the new Lisette pattern; so I would have a hard time deciding between that or a Garden Party dress for one of my daughters.

  56. I would make a couple Cappuccino tunics for myself and use the leftovers on the Lullaby Layette for a new niece we’re anticipating this spring. I love the small print designs especially!

  57. Linda M

    Jump rope and Playtime dress!

  58. Amy Z.

    I’d use the lovely fabric to make a library dress for my daughter!

  59. This would be perfect for the badminton outfit I’ve been saving!

  60. Lizabeth

    It would be the Gallery tunic or dress, but the problem would be which fabric to chose! Can’t wait to see this fabric in the shops!

  61. Ronda Cafe

    Beautiful cotton lawn fabrics and the Butterfly blouse sounds like a great combination to me!

  62. Helena

    It has to be a garden party dress, one for each daughter in the same print but different colourways. Maybe a bit left over for a drawstring bag or too as well…

  63. Casey Martin

    I would love to use some of the woodland clearing fabric to make some family reunion dresses for my two daughters.

  64. Linda Harris

    I would make the Oliver + S Playtime Dress, Tunic & Leggings pattern for my granddaughter – love this pattern and the fabrics! Thanks!

  65. escondista

    Maritime Knit top and a coordinating lullaby layette set <3 <3

  66. Katheryn Caro

    I am going to make a Garden Party Dress and a Sketchbook shirt for my kids this Easter. I may also make myself a Weekend Getaway Blouse! I already have the patterns and know which Woodland Clearing fabrics I want!

  67. Laura

    the weekend getaway blouse

  68. Meg

    Which fabric seems like a harder choice:). I make eIther a playtime dress or a class picnic blouse. Thanks for the chance!

  69. Ruth B

    I would love to make the Bento tee or the late lunch tunic. Love the new fabrics!

  70. Taylor Closet

    I would use the fabric AGQ-15844-15 Ivory to make my daughter a dress for the spring/summer months

  71. BrittanyE

    Bedtime Story pajamas for the summer. So cute! Of course I’d also like a spring gallery tunic in one of these prints. Just love it all!

  72. Chandra

    Probably the hide and seek

  73. Nancy

    I would make a Garden Party Dress, or a Fairytale Dress, or a Library Dress, or a …

  74. Erin

    Gorgeous! I’d like to make myself an Everyday skirt (or two!) πŸ™‚

  75. How fun! I think the Cape Ann quilt would look fantastic and I’d love to give it a try.

  76. Christeen

    I would like to make the Gallery Tunic. I usually sew for others and not myself.

  77. Cynthia Jenkinson

    Oh, the playtime dress would be gorgeous! 4 granddaughters give me lots of opportunities for my coolection of Oliver + S patterns!

  78. Dominique

    The Gallery tunic is very cute!

  79. Shirley Whitcomb

    This line is outstanding. I would like to sew the peplum top for daughter and granddaughter.

  80. Sue McCloud

    I would use the popover sundress and matching sundresses for my granddaughters. Use a coordinating print with the small design in pink or blue. Great for summer in the south!!!

  81. Steph

    I’d make myself an Everyday Skirt and Library Dresses for my two little girls!

  82. Emily

    I think some playtime tunics would be ADORABLE in this beautiful fabric!!!

  83. I’d make a fairytale dress for my daughter and a sketchbook shirt for my son.

  84. Mathew Boudreaux

    I would totally make the Art Museum Vest and Trousers. Woweewow that would be awesome

  85. Yelyzaveta

    I would love to make two ice cream dresses for my daughters.

  86. victoria

    Swing skirts! For both of my daughters or maybe an everyday skirt for myself πŸ™‚

  87. Darla Gunter

    The Cinema dress

  88. Kate

    I would make the garden party dress for spring!

  89. Teresa

    This collection is beautiful! I’m imagining a butterfly blouse + skirt, and a picnic blouse and shorts for summer!

  90. Claire

    I’m learning to sew with the great tutorials and patterns here! I would love to make a Playtime or Family Reunion dress for my two year old with these fabrics!

  91. Jump rope dress!

  92. Janet white

    New adult pj! I think they would be the perfect weight for spring…

  93. Everyday skirt for my daughter and swing skirt for my grand daughter, It would look wonderful.

  94. Rebecca

    Four yards?? Oh, my goodness. I’d make and stretch that fabric into as many clothes as possible! I’ve been dying to make another pair of Sailboat pants (my very favorite pants!), and I’m still loving the Carousel dress. I’d start there, then I want to try my hand at the Puppet Show top and shorts; so definitely a matching set!

  95. Joanne

    I would love to see up the fairytale dress for a little grand daughter:)

  96. Kris Christensen

    I think any of these would be lovely with the Library Dress. I’ve been wanting to sew it for over a year now! Love all of these fabrics!

  97. Jen B.

    I think a Library Dress or Book Report Dress would be perfect for my daughter with these fabrics. Love them!

  98. Elise O'Connor

    I would probably make my niece another ice cream social dress. Although I may selfishly make myself pajamas!!

  99. Lindy

    Cappucino Dress! Or Everday skirt. Something for ME, for once!

  100. Angela

    The library dress is soooo cute and would work perfectly with these prints!

  101. Laura

    So many new babies coming this Spring and Summer so I’m busting out Lullaby Layette and these lawns will be nice and light for warm weather.

  102. Jennifer

    I would use of one those tiny florals to make a play date dress!

  103. Christina

    I’very been having a hankering to make a Oliver +S Family Reunion dress or the puppet show tunic and shorts; love those shorts!

  104. Megan

    Beautiful fabrics. I would make the fairy tale dress!

  105. Rachael

    Carousel dresses for my daughters

  106. Brenda Brown

    15842-15, Ivory
    15843-143 Coral
    15848-81 Turquoise
    15844-126 Ochre
    These fabrics made me think of my Mother as soon as I saw the first photo, tragicly she is no longer with us but I am reminded of her often with sights, sounds and smells. Thank you for reminding me of her today.

  107. Adrienne

    I could not wait for this beautiful fabric to get to shops. I bought a few yards and I am so excited for it to arrive. I would love to win some, as there are so many prints I would love to use for my children and myself. So far, I am planning some lullaby layette pieces and a couple of roller skate dresses. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  108. mirabelle004

    the Bear Carrier! this would be the best argument for me NOT to procrastinate anymore!

  109. Mihir

    I’d make the sketchbook shirt coupled with the art museum trousers for my son.

  110. Shannon

    The Everyday Skirt is my favorite and for my daughter any one of the dresses, so hard to choose.

  111. Susan Connolly

    Garden Party dresses for my granddaughters. They will be the fashion divas of

  112. These fabric designs are just beautiful and I love that they are cotton lawn. Lovely! I would like to make a Butterfly Blouse and a flow-y Ice Cream Dress with a bit of smocking with these fabrics. Thank you for the opportunity to win them!

  113. I love the coral fabric and think it would go perfectly with the Lullaby Layette bodysuit. This will be a perfect shower gift for my granddaughter-to-be.

  114. Ashley

    Oh the everyday skirt!

  115. Elizabeth

    I would make some puppet show tunics and bloomers for my 4 and 1 year old girls. I just love the sweet lines on that pattern.

  116. These are just beautiful! I would love to make a Butterfly Blouse and an Ice Cream dress with a bit of smocking with these lovely lawns. Thank you for the opportunity to be in the drawing to win them!

  117. Vernagrace

    I love that the fabric is lawn, and I would use the ice-cream dress and the Badminton dress, top and skort patterns for my granddaughter. The drape would be perfect for these patterns.

  118. So pretty! I love the oranges! I’d make a hide and seek dress. πŸ™‚

  119. Julia

    First thing I would make would be the garden party dress. Immediately followed by the whole layette outfit. The fabrics look absolutely stunning. I’d probably sew a tunic for myself as well.

  120. Marsha Ratzel

    I would love to make some of the Lullaby Layette clothes for a new granddaughter. The lovely songbirds will coordinate with some of the prints and make a beautiful outfit that could even be a keepsake.

  121. A fairy tale dress and/or hide and seek dress!

  122. marci

    Oh wheeeee, I’ve been wanting to commit to the ice cream dress or butterfly top for my DD this summer. These fabrics would be just fab! Thanks for this hive away. πŸ˜‰

  123. Jennifer

    The Cappuccino tunic! I just bought the pattern!

  124. Lydia

    Definitely several Family Reunion dresses!

  125. Alana

    Such a beautiful collection! I would make the Gallery Tunic for me and a Roller Skate tunic for my daughter πŸ™‚

  126. Kathy Capps

    I’d love to make my grand daugter a music box jumper.

  127. Jill J

    I fell in love with both of the women’s garments that were posted. I have plans to sew the everyday skirt and the gallery tunic in those fabrics! They are so refreshing in the coldest part of winter.

  128. Lori Morton

    I would make the Cinema Dress, and the Gallery Tunic + Dress!! Also the Hide & Seek Tunic, & the Library Dress! Thanks for chance to win your Give-a-way! πŸ™‚

  129. Beth

    I would sew up the everyday skirt pattern! I bought it but haven’t tried it yet. These fabrics would be gorgeous!

  130. anita

    Probably not the right fabric but I would love to try out the t-shirt pattern.

  131. Kae

    Liesl, these are beautiful!!
    I would love to make a seashore sundress for my 5-year-old daughter for summer this year with one of these fabric. Garden party dresses with these will be nice, too.

  132. Katja Magus

    Cappuccino dress for me!

  133. Rochelle Price

    I love this fabric! I want to make matching dress for my girls

  134. I would love to make a Croquet Dress with this fabric!

  135. MarΓ­a San RomΓ‘n

    It would be great to have in time for the Gallery tunic sew-along! That would be my first choice. And, with four yards, ther would be leftovers enough to do something for the kids, for sure!

  136. Amelia

    I’m on an Ice Cream Dress kick right now, so I’d probably make a few of those for my daughter. She has a spring birthday (2 this year!) and these fabrics would be a lovely choice for the season. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  137. Eleni O'Neill

    Ooooo, I would love to make an ice cream social dress from one of these. They just seem perfect and summery.

  138. Sara valentin-byers

    I am a sewing newbie and have just finished the Gallery tunic. I am now itching to do another one, and would love to use the new Woodland Clearing fabrics!

  139. Sarah

    I could see a couple of adorable Music Class Blouses for my 3 year-old out of these prints.

  140. Jennifer

    I love the one with the birds!! An ice cream dress would be a good start, then at least one everyday skirt, then…wow! So many possibilities. What a fun set of fabrics for spring and summer wear.

  141. Rosa Wilson

    Fairy Tale dress is my all time favorite, but I just bought the Jump Rope dress and need to try it out!

  142. Claire Ross

    Gorgeous. I would make myself a bistro dress and wear it to lunch. Xx

  143. Jodie

    I love these fabrics. Just bought the ice cream social dress pattern and I have so many o and s patterns that would look so nice in any of these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  144. Janelle

    I’m having a hard time deciding! My first thoughts were the Playtime dress or the Swingset skirt, but then I remembered the Butterfly Blouse pattern! I have purchased this pattern but haven’t sewn it up yet, and I think it would look gorgeous in one of the small floral or geometric prints πŸ™‚

  145. Marcy

    Since I just bought the Late Lunch Tunic pattern, I would make that for myself! And if there’s enough left over, my daughter would get an Ice Cream Dress. Love the fabrics and thanks for having a give away!

  146. Zohnia

    Playtime tunic! Love that pattern and those fabrics would be beautiful!

  147. Courtney M

    Such a sweet collection of fabric! I would love to make my daughter a playtime dress and a swing set skirt.

  148. Ann

    I recently bought the everyday skirt pattern for my teenage daughter. I’m sure these fabrics would suit that!

  149. Sara

    Ice cream dress is next on my list!

  150. I’m torn between making lisette pjs for me or a playtime tunic for my littles!

  151. LINDA

    HELLO,I’d like to make an Art Gallery tunic with the Navy Blue Dot! Thanks for sharing a neat giveaway!

  152. Siobhan

    The Cinema Dress would look lovely in any of these fabrics πŸ™‚

  153. Laurie

    I would love to make myself a tunic and my grand daughter a Family Reunion dress. These fabrics are devine!!!!

  154. Erin

    I’d make a Class Picnic Blouse lengthened to a tunic or a Book Report Dress… or both!

  155. Mindy F.

    I have the Lullaby Layette pattern but haven’t had a chance to make anything with it yet. This would be the perfect opportunity!

  156. Nicole

    These are gorgeous! I think I would use one of the florals to make a tea party Easter dress. Or maybe an Everyday skirt for me!

  157. Linda A

    Last summer I made my granddaughter the Pinwheel Tunic + Slip in a pretty Tana Lawn cotton for her to wear to a special wedding. It was so pretty on her & compliments flew her way throughout the entire day. As soon as I saw the Woodland Clearing fabric line I knew that the pattern would be coming out once again (maybe twice). I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be available at a fabric store or on-line near my home in Ontario, Canada. Or better still that I may just win your give-a-way.

  158. Nicole Kaczorek

    I’ll be making some Roller Skate tunics for my daughter to wear to summer camp.

  159. Gallery Tunic and Everyday Skirt for me! I just made these patterns and I know I will be sewing them again for Spring. This collection is just perfect for it <3

  160. Jen Brigham

    Hard to choose! I’m very tempted by the raincoat idea. But an Everyday Skirt sounds good too.

  161. Patrizia

    I would try a cinema dress for spring!

  162. Phyllis in Rocky Bayou

    The birthday party or the garden party dress would be my choice.

  163. Linda Nelson

    I adore the Everyday Skirt pattern. Have made a ton…some for gifts, and always get compliments. Always up for making more!

  164. Courtney

    I’d start with the layette for my little one and then possibly delve into something for myself (something I really haven’t done yet). I’ve been eyeing the Cappuccino pattern for quite a while!

  165. Michelle

    I’m thinking an Easter dress with the ice cream pattern for one girl & the garden party for another. Picking a fabric is really hard-I love so many of these. I almost contemplated a quilt so I could have a little of everything before remembering that I don’t know how to quilt!

  166. Paola

    I would love to sew an ice cream dress for my daughter with one of this fabrics and the gallery tunic for me, I think the drape
    of the fabric could be just right for this patterns!

  167. Lynn Poulin

    The gallery tunic for myself–love wearing cotton lawn!

  168. Linda Coleeman

    I think the fairy tale dress would look lovely in any of these fabrics

  169. Joanne V

    I think I’d use the gallery tunic

  170. Rekha Parker

    I would love to make a cappuccino dress just for myself.

  171. I think I would make either a playdate dress, apple picking dress, family reunion dress or use the much loved Music class pattern for this line. And for Liesl and co patterns I would use the gallery tunic, the cappucino pattern or the Bistro dress.

  172. Ohh! I’d love to be able to say I’d sew something for one of my sons, but truthfully…the Art Gallery Tunic. I’ve got the pattern, just haven’t made it yet!

  173. Gail

    I would make a dress like the Cinema dress for myself to wear this summer . Seems like a good style for warm weather when made up in a soft cotton.

  174. Oooh. Tea Party dress, Pinwheel dress, maybe big and little culottes (this fabric might be a bit light for them). Art museum vest! All of them, really. <3

  175. Leanne Weckel

    These would look so pretty as an Ice Cream dress for my soon to be 6 year old!

  176. I would make blouses! A 2+2 and a music class. I love lawn blouses, and these fabrics will look so sweet sewn up.

  177. Veronica

    Gorgeous prints !Just got the hide and seek pattern and will be ordering some Woodland to made 1or 2 for Spring!

  178. Libby

    Gallery tunic for me! Hide and Seek dress for my girly!

  179. Amy

    love the birds, with a plainer trim – cappuccino? or kimono? also want to try everyday skirt.

  180. deb m

    The Gallery Tunic! I spy a few contenders already!

  181. Susanne

    Oh, such lovelies! I would sew a garden party dress for one of my daughters. And a late lunch tunic for me… Or a swingset skirt…

  182. Juliet

    I am thinking weekend getaway dress is one of those beautiful florals!

  183. Jen B

    I’d love to make the Bistro dress.

  184. It’s hard to decide which pattern, but I haven’t tried the garden party dress yet, so that is a likely choice. It would look so nice with these fabrics!

  185. Michelle

    I think an ice cream dress for my little girl.

  186. Natalie Fritsche

    I love AGQ-15846-12 GREY for some summer Lisette pajamas for myself or AGQ-15841-15 IVORY and AGQ-15847-12 GREY for my grand-daughter’s Hide-and-Seek dress!

  187. I plan to make music class blouses for my three little girls! These soft fabrics would work perfectly.

  188. Katie

    I would love to make myself an everyday skirt in one of the bird prints or a carousel dress for my 3 year old. Beautiful fabrics!

  189. Laura

    I think th Gallery Tunic in would be a fabulous spring top in lawn and the Collection has so many beautiful prints!

  190. Joan sorensen

    I would very much like to make the ice cream dress. These fabrics are just absolutely lovely!

  191. Erin G.

    I would make some hide and seek dresses for my girls. I love these colors for spring!

  192. Meg

    Gorgeous fabrics! I would make myself another Gallery Tunic, for sure!

  193. I’d love to try and make the Culottes or perhaps a carousal dress!!!

  194. Lisa Kisch

    Those cute Mommy/Daughter peplum tops would be awfully cute for spring!

  195. Beth

    I would make a gallery tunic for myself and a roller skate dress for my little girl.

  196. Jenny

    I still need to make a pinwheel tunic/dress, and V has been dropping not-so-subtle hints about a maxi dress. Really I could lengthen almost anything and she’d be psyched.

  197. Cinema Dress for me or a garden party dress for my daughter.

  198. Melanie

    Hide and seek dress for my niece for the summer! I made her sister one last summer and she has begging me since πŸ™‚

  199. Gwen Gaillot

    These fabrics are beautiful. I’d make the Rollerskate dress.

  200. Rachel

    I love the family reunion dress and the swingset skirt!

  201. Beth

    Lullaby set for my new baby boy.

  202. Mizu

    I would love making Garden Party Dresses for my daughters and Everyday Skirt for me! So many beautiful choices in Woodland Clearing fabric collection, I’m having tough time deciding which one is my favorite here…

  203. I have the weekend getaway blouse pattern so I’d be selfish and make something for me!

  204. Love this collection! In fact, already ordered 2.5 yards of a lovely mustard one – to make myself some Girl Friday Culottes! I will probably make another pair of Culottes and a breezy Carousel dress for my daughter if I were to win these!

  205. Suzanne Lauer

    I would love to make a Butterfly Blouse, or an Ice Cream dress or Birthday Party dress for my Granddaughter. Or, perhaps Lisette Women’s Pajamas for my daughter (or myself) or the Sleepover Pajamas for either my Grandson or Granddaughter. I’m loving any of the fabrics that have the turquoise color –or any of the bird motifs. Thank you!

  206. I have the Garden Party dress but haven’t had a chance to sew it up yet. Fitting for the Woodland Clearing fabric, don’t you think? Thanks for designing such gorgeous fabric and for a chance to win!

  207. Total gorgeousness for the O&S Layette pattern. First baby girl in the family coming up in 16 years so could whip up something delectable!

  208. I’d love to sew a Late Lunch Tunic (or several) with some of these fabrics! I particularly like the mini diamond prints – especially the one with a slate background.

  209. Genevieve

    I’d love to use it to make a pinwheel tunic! And a bunch of others too…

  210. Greta

    Everyday Skirt!

  211. Kathy E.

    I think the Ruffled Halter top would look adorable in 3 of these fabrics! I’d make one for my niece and a few other little girls I know. So sweet!

  212. Marla

    Family reunion dress! I bought the pattern a few months ago and haven’t used it yet.

  213. Bre schueller

    Love! Ice cream social dress for sure!

  214. Phoebe

    I was just checking these out and thinking about how they’d make a super cute Lullabye Layette set! Or maybe even two. Thanks for the giveaway – I can’t wait to see these in person!

  215. Darcy Struble

    It’s very hard to choose which pattern! So many good choices! I would definitely make a few things from the lullaby layette set for the baby coming in May, and probably an ice cream dress with all the fun colors for big sister. And I would love to make a gallery tunic for me as well!!

  216. Morgana

    I’ve been wanting to make another IceCream Dress, also a sketchbook shirt for my little guy. I’ve also had the Library Dress and Garden Party dress patterns for ages – this would be a great impetus to make them! Thanks for the opportunity.

  217. Vicki H

    My daughter would like the Library dress.

  218. Sarah

    I would love to try these lovelies on my first library dress for my daughter.

  219. Wow, what a great giveaway! This would be a hard choice because I own at least three L&CO patterns that I haven’t made … the cappuccino dress comes to mind though as a perfect choice for this beautiful fabric!

  220. Sian

    Ice cream dress with some recycled chambray or denim ❀️

  221. Nancy

    The fabrics are beautiful. I would like to make an ice cream dress or a garden party dress.

  222. I would love to make an ice cream dress for my 2 girls. Love this collection, and thank for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  223. Mary Lynne Rote

    Pinwheel tunic and slip!

  224. A library dress!

  225. Ruth

    Beautiful fabrics! I would make a cappuccino top for myself, swingset skirts, gallery tunic… my list is getting longer by the second.

  226. Nancy Ax

    Congrats on the new line. Love Robert Kaufman. I think a classic Fairy Tale dress would be awesome!

  227. Kerry

    These are beautiful. I kove the roller skate dress, but have yet to make the playtime tuniv. So maybe one if those. Oh bought i also just bought the swingset skirt. Ah, so many chiices.

  228. Johnna

    I am currently doing Playtime dresses for my girl who is almost 4. Saw these beauties at Fancy Tiger here in Denver and their softness and drape is ah-maze-ing! 4 yards would be outstanding!

  229. Amy C

    I would make the late lunch tunic or possibly the gallery dress for my daughter. Such gorgeous prints! I made the cinema dress for myself last spring and could not be happier with the style and fit. I get compliments every time I wear it!

  230. Amy

    The Bistro Dress would be pretty in a dark blue print from above.

  231. Kari

    I would make either an ice cream dress or see if I could do a mashup of the hide & seek with maybe some carousel pockets…

  232. Jennifer

    I love the Library dress, and I think it would look so pretty in one of the soft florals.

  233. Katie

    I would love to make a couple Garden Party Dresses in a combo of Coral and Brown from your new Woodland Clearing Fabrics.

  234. This collection is so pretty, I would make a roller skate dress with it!

  235. Sam

    Oh my, would love to make Ice cream dress for my princess

  236. Zoe

    A jump rope dress for my daughter.

  237. Sharon Springett

    I would love to use some of this beautiful fabric to make some of the clothing from the Lullabye Baby Layout for my new Grand Dayghter and for the Grandchild coming in May.

  238. Jennifer C

    I would see up an ice cream dress or top. That would be adorable! Such a lovely fabric!

  239. Katie C

    I’m in love with the city stroll skirt!

  240. Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    I like Liesl + Co’s “late lunch tunic” to use with these gorgeous fabrics! Thanks and God bless!

  241. Jennifer Ritter

    I would make coordinating family reunion dresses for my little girls, ages 2 and 5. I am thrilled that this collection is lawn – I love having a more economical option than Liberty! πŸ˜‰

  242. Holli

    Rollerskate dress!

  243. Karen

    I think this would be darling in the fairy tale dress sewing pattern. Would make a great Easter dress.

  244. I would love to make something for me and my daughter to wear. I think with 4 yards, we could definitely both have skirts, but probably not dresses. She is about as tall as I am now…. Probably two everyday skirts would be lovely.

  245. Lydia

    A family reunion dress in the charcoal bird print. Love color combos!

  246. Kel

    I’d love to make a Gallery Tunic with one of these!

  247. Gallery tunic!

  248. Coordinating (but not matching) Carousel dresses for my 2 daughters, 11 years apart.

  249. Lisa M

    My girls always ask for a rollerskate dress! I think I’ll make the hide and seek dress! This may be my fave fabric range yet.

  250. Jen

    Oh, these are so cute! I really like the grey floral fabrics. I would use the jump rope dress pattern and make the placket out of one of the other featured colours. I know a couple of little girls who would love these.

  251. Liz M

    A getaway blouse or gallery tunic would be great with these fabrics!

  252. Amy

    Sketchbook shirts for my boys!

  253. I’ve just bought the jump rope dress pattern and would to make a version of it in one of these lovely fabrics.

  254. Doreen Powers

    At my daughter in law ‘s request, I would make the fairy tale dress in a more masculine print.

  255. Heidi

    Wouldn’t a garden party dress look perfect with this fabric??

  256. Tali

    The fabric collection id beautiful! Will do the pinwheel slip dress and music class blouse, always wanted to try both of them.

  257. LiLian

    An ice cream dress for my daughter πŸ™‚

  258. sop.hie.s

    I really like the carousel dress and I’m 100% sure that these fabric will match with this pattern perfectly well.

  259. JamieS

    The library dress for my reader granddaughters. Thank you.

  260. Joan

    I would make the Library Dress for my granddaughter!

  261. Renae

    Gorgeous collection. Itching to make another Music Class Blouse for my girl & a Lullaby Layette for the little boy.

  262. J

    I’ve been wanting to do a Jump Rope dress in a modern floral fabric with just a hint of vintage style. I think the Woodland Clearing florals would be perfect!

  263. Emily C

    I would make a party dress for my niece.

  264. Cathlene

    I love the birds and branches and would make myself a City Stroll wrap skirt or a Gallery tunic. C x

  265. Ava

    Would love to make the gallery tunic for me and ice cream dress for my daughter

  266. Fredricka

    I would make blouses for my granddaughters.

  267. JEB O'Barr

    I would make a gallery tunic for me in one of the pretty florals. I’ve always liked floral shirts and don’t have one in my closet now.

  268. Cathy Callicoat

    Oh my goodness! Where would I begin? I’d love a few tops/ dress … Probably the gallery tunic for a trip later this year!!!! The fabrics are so beautiful! I’d have a one of a kind!!!! Yeehaw! How cute would it be paired with a cowgirl hat and low cut boots?????

  269. Flavia

    I would love to make a roller skate dress for my daughter and perhaps an everyday skirt for myself. These fabrics are lovely

  270. Deb

    I would use AGQ-15846-12 – the lovely peach and yellow flowers with aqua stems on grey background fabric to make the Fairy Tale Dress. With the leftover scraps of fabric I’d make a fascinator to match.

  271. Allison

    Beautiful summer Ice Cream dresses for my girls, a Gallery Tunic for me! Love these fabrics, Liesl!!

  272. Deb

    I would choose AGQ-15846-12 – the lovely fabric with peach and yellow flowers and aqua stems on a grey background and make the Fairy Tale Dress. With the leftover scraps of fabric I would make a fascinator to match.

  273. Darci

    id want to make a Fairytale dress, but would probably setake for Swingset skirts

  274. Cheryl

    An Ice Cream Dress for my 8yo! No–wait– a Diplomat dress for me. Or a Passport dress. Argh!! Gorgeous fabrics!!

  275. Rajee

    love to make tunic

  276. Chloe Kwok

    Swingset skirts for my girls and a pair of girl friday culottes for myself. We would then all have matchy bottoms!

  277. aprilshowers

    I think some of these would make a beautiful Library Dress. So elegant! But, truth be told, I might just make myself Liesl’s Cappuccino Dress or Top instead πŸ™‚

  278. Anita T.

    The ice cream dress for my youngest granddaughter!

  279. I’ve been sitting on the Roller Skate dress pattern for a while, so I think that’s where I’d start!

  280. Annette

    The ice cream dress and sketchbook shirt are perfect for these prints and perfect for my twin 4-1/2 year old granddaughter and grandson.

  281. Ledys

    I really really like that cute butterfly shirt and skirt ensemble in the pale pink colorway. My daughters would go wild for that! Beautiful collection, Liesl, and thank you for the generous giveaway!

  282. Emi

    These fabrics are so gorgeous! The Garden Party Dress is one of my favorites. Either that or the Butterfly Blouse and Skirt…that said, I’ve always wanted to try out the Fairy Tale Dress. So hard to choose!! Might have to do them all…

  283. Brenda Melahn

    Oh my … must choose Gallery Tunic for daughter-in-law and Playtime tunic and leggings for my 2 granddaughters. Such beautiful fabric — I could even consider something for Grandma????

  284. Barbara

    They are all lovely! Right now I think I would make the Music Class Skirt in Copper, Ivory , or Brown.

  285. Liza Ahern

    I was so inspired by the Frances Suzanne review of the Family Reunion pattern that I just bought the pattern and would love to create one using a turquoise or coral hued print from the collection for my daughter!

  286. Sara

    I learned how to sew so I could make the birthday party dress for my daughter and I still haven’t been brave enough to try it, but that’s what I would make!

  287. Meeke

    I would love to make the jump robe dress for my daughter!

  288. These are so beautiful and dreamy! I would love to make a Gallery Tunic for springtime in one of these! Thanks!

  289. Rebecca H

    I have 6 grandgirls, so dresses would probably be for them

  290. Sandy

    I would love to make a playtime tunic and hide and seek dress and the gallery tunic for myself.

  291. These are beautiful! I would make a playtime dress for my daughter, she is badly in need of new clothes at the moment!

  292. I would make a Liesl + Co Everyday Skirt. I’m usually a quilter, but I would like to try my hand at sewing something simple. My mom used to sew my sister and I clothes when we were little, so I have someone to help me through it, if needed!

  293. Angela

    The Leisl + Co. gallery tunic! My first baby is due this March and I think that this pattern could be great for a nursing mom with just a few modifications (plus super cute in woodland clearing fabric).

  294. Jan Ness

    Lovely fabric! I would make a Playtime Tunic for my 4-year old granddaughter along with some leggings in a contrast color knit.

  295. Barbara Kugler

    I am so happy that you chose cotton lawn for these lovely prints. I would make a Cappuccino tunic for myself and save some fabric for a library dress for my hoped for granddaughter.

  296. Garden Party Dress…it would be darling in any of these prints!

  297. I have a little granddaughter on the way this spring and I’d make SEVERAL little tea party and bloomer sets in coordinating fabrics for her for now and when she’s older!

  298. Carasews

    I would like to make the swing set skirt for my daughter. The fabric would be so great for a spring skirt.

  299. Kerrilyn

    Oh what a choice, possibly a Music class set. There is so much potential there!

  300. Marissa C.

    All of these would look amazing for the Gallery Tunic. So cute!

  301. Lee Taylor

    I’m thinking the Blume quilt is quite pretty!

  302. Catherine D.

    I would make a Rollerskate dress (my favourite) and probably even a few crafts out of leftover scrap fabric. Love the fabric.

  303. Erika Curry

    I think an Ice Cream Dress or Butterfly Blouse would be great in these fabrics!

  304. Ksenja

    My soon to be 3 year old twins are having a birthday party in March, I can already imagine what their outfits would be in these fabrics. I would love to win.

    1. Ksenja

      It would have to be a family reunion dress, of course!

  305. Ruth

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m pregnant so I have to say a layette set in the lawn would be lovely. And maybe a picnic blouse or two for my girls.

  306. Sophia T.

    I would make up the cinema dress featuring one of the bird fabrics in the bodice and coordinating small diamond print for the body of the dress or maybe the other way around, decisions, decisions

  307. Stephanie Frazer

    These fabrics are so pretty and perfect for summer. I’m definitely doing a Swing Set Skirt for my daughter, and an Everyday Skirt for myself!

  308. Doris McCarty

    The Fairytale dress definitely. It’s almost Easter time!

  309. Kathy McE

    I would love to make the Gallery Tunic with AGQ-15842-12 GREY. I am hoping to make a simple patchwork out of fatquarters. This fabric is very pretty.

  310. Pamela

    I have just bought the Lisette PJs pattern and it would be perfect to make them with any of these fabrics!

  311. Library Dress! I am very inspired by the new fabric!

  312. Anna

    Pinwheel tunic I think, and I’d find it hard to go past the teal-toned side of the range.

  313. Colleen Donnelly

    I have two Liesl dvd’s and I love the fabrics in them. The Woodland Clearing fabric collection does not disappoint! I would like to make the Late Lunch tunic.

  314. The fabrics are gorgeous! I would love to make the apple-picking dress. I would really love to make the gallery tunic for myself. I love the silhouette, but I usually shy away from prints, but this may be the perfect opportunity to try two new things!

  315. Kate M.

    Definitely a gallery tunic (or a few!)

  316. Sharon

    Beautiful fabric!! I would make two Ice Cream dresses (my favourite pattern) for both my daughters – aged 5 and 8.

  317. Laura Jost

    I think it would have to be the playtime tunic! I think it would be enough to make one for my daughter and her American girl plus one for my 2t niece πŸ™‚

  318. Cassie Barry

    I would definitely make something for my baby girl – probably the Library Dress or Ice Cream Dress. πŸ™‚ We’re all about dresses!

  319. Ann

    What beautiful fabrics – I would love to make the following patterns with these fabrics – the music class blouse and skirt, the lunchbox tee and culottes and the jump rope dress!

  320. I’d make myself another weekend getaway blouse ;o)

  321. Michelle

    Garden Party dress for my daughter.

  322. LoriAnne Gamble

    I love the fabric colors, so many to choose from. I’d make the Cappuccino Tunic for myself, that maybe an Everyday skirt.

  323. auschick in va

    Hmm, I don’t remember if I entered this yet or not!! I think I would make something with the carousel dress!

  324. Pam

    I’d love to make the garden party dress for my granddaughter. Thanks for the fun!

  325. kelli


  326. Erin

    I think a roller skate dress in any of the ‘grey’ fabrics would be wonderful for my daughter. I have already seen these fabrics up close and they are all beautiful πŸ™‚

  327. Lene Light

    I’m making the ‘School Days’ duffle coat for my daughter, I think one of these fabrics would look great as the lining. There would be enough left over for the tunic.

  328. Hannah W

    These fabrics are beautiful, I have not found a shop carrying them yet and would love to win them to sew for my daughter. . . A garden party dress or perhaps a picnic blouse. . .

  329. Judy

    I would make an apple-picking dress with AGQ-15844-16 BROWN for my best friend’s daughter. Although she’s only 6 months old, the dress will be made for her when she’s ready to go on an adventure of apple picking. I also love this print’s contrast of deep brown and yellow.

  330. Mara

    my daughter just informed me she doesn’t want me to make any more skirts, so perhaps I could whip up some Hide and Seek tunics for her instead.

  331. What a great-looking range – I especially love those greys. I just bought the fairytale dress pattern, so I’d probably make one of those for my daughter.

  332. Annabel

    Little birds for the Playtime Dress.

  333. Darla

    What a lovely fabric range! Love the grays. It would make a wonderful tunic.

  334. shirley cree

    love the gray/blue colorway for a couple of hide and seek tunics for g/daughters….
    thanks for the opportunity…

  335. The winner is Alana and she has been contacted. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!

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