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    sewingbunny @sewingbunny

    Fantastic idea! I found Oliver + S about a month ago and I am loving all the patterns. I have also missed a number of the older patterns which are now out of print. It is good to know that if a copy of the pattern is damaged (my girl likes to do crafty things with papers and scissors), one can re-print.

    I have just printed the Oliver + S Ruffled Halter pattern but it did not print correctly. The printed test square does not measure 5cmx5cm (about 4.8cm x 4.8cm). I didn’t see any settings to alter this. Does the 0.2cm make any difference?

    I would love to see the Playdate Dress in PDF.

    suse @suse

    Ooooh, can I second (or third, fourth and fifth) the request for the Puppet Show pattern in the bigger size range? (Listen to me, my copy of the smaller size hasn’t even arrived yet and already I want more! Greedy much?)

    Nicole @motherof5

    We are all asking ever so nicely…..so if you cannot you had best tell us and put us out of our misery!

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    I would love to be able to have the Puppet Show pattern! I have beenlooking all over for it!

    badskirt @badskirt

    As someone who works in a quilt shop, I’d just rather see the OOP patterns reprinted on paper. We still have customers asking for them all of the time. Just last week, we had the Australian distributor dig around through all of their backstock and they find several OOP patterns including the Playdate which we are now happily selling again.

    ljelondon @ljelondon

    Yes, absolutely. If they can’t come back in hard copy I would love to be able to buy PDFs of your OOP patterns. I’ve been looking for a back copy of the Puppet Show for a while.

    Lori @Lori

    I definitely prefer paper patterns but if that is entirely NOT an option then in my mind pdf would be the next best thing. I second these concerns raised by others:

    -with pdfs, it’s the customer who bears cost of printing (not manufacturer) so I’d hope the sale price would reflect this;

    -seems a measurement ‘key’ is v important to ensure sizing can be verified by each user;

    -make sure the white space around each pattern piece is sufficient to accommodate A4 paper (for those of us in UK & EU) as well as US letter-sized paper;

    -I like pdf pattern pieces to be on as few pieces of paper as possible (fewer pieces to line-up & tape = reduction in chance for errors)

    Thanks for asking for input and for thinking creatively. No surprise though, really…’tis the business you’re in, after all 🙂

    Hoping to be able to buy a few patterns I thought I’d lost out on. How exciting.


    Tamara @justsewit

    Pdf would be handy so that the out of print patterns can at least be accessible and that way if we have a pattern of one size and require the other size when it isn’t available, then we have this as an option.

    Jess M. @mommy2maria

    Lori just summed it up perfectly for me! I’d prefer a paper pattern, but I’ll take what I can get to have a copy of OOP patterns I just *have* to have! I also agree with most of the points made—-scaling, larger printing options and `price reflections.

    Amanda @Amanda

    I would absolutely download the oop patterns. I prefer printed patterns, especially lovely ones like Oliver + S, Colette, etc. but a pdf is certainly better than no pattern!

    dahlea @dahlea

    I love that idea. It would be better if it was a cheaper price, because printing that much takes a lot of paper and ink.

    sarahb @sarahb

    As so many others have said, I also prefer paper patterns, but I would love the opportunity to purchase digital versions of the out-of-print patterns that I missed.

    Becci @Becci

    Was there a price mentioned? I agree with all of the comments related to it not being fun to print at home and piece but if the prices were low. 🙂

    mrsc1345 @mrsc1345

    So, did I totally miss the memo that a chunk of these patterns are up on Burdastyle to download? I fell across them today, still missing some of the OOP ones though….Did this info come out and I just missed it?


    mrsc1345 @mrsc1345

    Oh, shoot. Didn’t follow the link through, and got overexcited. Not to download, just a link to the O&S site. I got all twitterpated for a second. 🙁

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