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    Rebecca W @craftalittle

    I agree with what a lot of people have already said- it is a great idea for OOP patterns, but I wouldn’t want you to switch entirely- I do like my paper patterns! And so far, I have managed to obtain all of the OOP ones that I wanted. 🙂

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I guess I am in the minority here in that I actually prefer many aspects of PDF patterns. I am very protective of my originals and most often go to Kinko’s anyway. I like having a sturdier paper to use and manipulate, and I like being able to print only the sections I need. I tend to be kind of lousy at drafting, so when I cut a photo copy or print I feel I get a more accurate pattern. PDFs are often a little cheaper, so I buy them more freely. Also, I can be more relaxed when I have a PDF because the baby can’t eat, juice-ify, or crayonize my OOP original.

    O + S is actually one of the few exceptions in that the paper versions are so gorgeous, so nice as objects, that I would buy those over a PDF. But my understanding is that PDFs would just be a tool to offer the back catalogue for patterns that would otherwise become simply unavailable. I don’t see any down side to this, particularly if you guys already have a sense of how to translate paper to PDF (ways to check print size, etc.) Really really really would LOVE to be able to send it off to be printed at a larger size (one big sheet instead of lots of sheets), especially if I had the option of printing each piece or a combo of pieces.

    Tassiemum @Tassiemum

    I have only just discovered Oliver + S patterns and there are some patterns I cannot get. I would love to make a Puppet Show dress for my baby niece. I love this idea for out of print patterns.

    HeidiP @HeidiP

    Awesome idea!!!

    I too am not a huge fan of the PDF patterns because of the paper and then making sure it has printed correctly, but it is definitely worth it for those patterns you can’t get anymore!

    I have just discovered your patterns and have spent quite a few hours on the net trawling for a copy of the puppet show.

    Anonymous @

    I agree with everyone else’s comments. I really dislike PDF patterns, but for out of print patterns, it’s a great way to be able to offer them.

    It would be great if you could offer a full size sheet file to print at a print shop as well as the standard letter/A4 size. I am able to print out a 36″ x 48″ sheet at a local shop for just a couple bucks. I’d MUCH rather do that than print out so many sheets at home and tape them together.

    icicle @icicle

    Another thought along the lines of bookmarking the pdf — if possible please separate the instructions from the pattern pieces altogether. Instructions I can read online, pattern pieces are all I need to print. That hopefully would save on trees and ink.

    A larger scale file for print shops would be nice too. Now I wish the nearest one wasn’t 40 miles away!

    designsmck @designsmck

    I like PDF patterns, I think they are a great idea. Unlike paper they do not degrade with use. No tracing. They are usually less expensive since you do not have printing house costs, delivery, etc. I vote yes.

    suse @suse

    Definitely! Another relative newbie to O + S patterns, and it would be great to have that option for out of print patterns.

    I use a few PDF patterns, mostly nappy (diaper) patterns but some clothing patterns too. There are some features on the better designed PDF patterns that makes joining them and printing them correctly much easier, test squares and join marks/lines help, as do piece reference numbers. Given how well designed O+S patterns are in general, I imagine that any PDFs you created would be equally easy to use. The better patterns I use have a table which outlines which pages need to be printed for each variation, so that one only needs to consult the table to work out which pages to print.

    Whether I use a printed pattern or PDF pattern I always trace the sizes I will be using onto pattern tracing paper, so it makes very little difference to me in terms of the time it takes to print and join if it’s a pattern I use for multiple sizes.

    Great idea, thanks for thinking of ways that these patterns can be made available! 🙂

    Robin @Robin

    I like this idea. Is it possible to release the puppet show shorts and have them in a larger size range as well?

    homefire @homefire

    I think it’s all been said but I’ll add my 2 cents anyway. My thought on PDF patterns in general are the same as with paper patterns. If they are done well than I like them. If they are not then I don’t care for them. I personally don’t mind taping things together as long as it’s clear what goes where. As far as printing out the entire thing I simply download the instructions to my ipad and use that while I’m sewing. I know this isn’t an option for everyone but if it is it certainly saves on paper.

    ThirdMargaret @ThirdMargaret

    I have nothing new to add, but I wanted to add my voice to those in favor! I feel as many do, PDF patterns are not my favorite. However, I’d dearly love to have the Puppet Show pattern and I’d be downright ecstatic if you upped the size range. If reissuing O+S OOP patterns this way makes business sense for y’all it seems your fans will be supportive! Thank you!

    TwinMamaKnitter @TwinMamaKnitter

    I love this idea and agree with Sarvi. My tracing skills are not good and being able to take them to a print shop for a fee is well worth it for a pattern I would make several versions of in one size.

    monkeymoto @monkeymoto

    What a great idea. While I do prefer the paper patterns, I’ll take whatever I can get for your out of print patterns! I’ve actually been on the hunt for some of them, but couldn’t find the puppet show one in the larger size range anywhere. Your patterns are so excellent, I want every single one in both sizes. 🙂

    Nicole @motherof5

    Puppet Show shorts a little larger sounds fab! I tried to enlarge my pattern but it was seriously dodgy!

    I will leave that to the professionals!


    dare moi @dare moi

    yep!!! PDF for OOP. I agree with Mof5- an enlargement of Puppet show shorts would be GREAT!!!

    xoxx s

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