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Which patterns can I make with less than a yard?

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    meleliza @meleliza

    Last year when I organized my sewing room, I promised myself I wouldn’t hoard huge amounts of scraps and remnants. I’m doing OK with scraps. They make great baby clothes. When the remnant boxes get full, I’m supposed to purge. But it’s awfully hard to get rid of things, so I’m trying to figure out what I can do with those pieces that are more than a 1/2 yard but not quite a full yard. Sometimes, I have like 30″ plus scraps too. So these are too big to “waste” on baby clothes, but not big enough for me to use for anything. (I may make myself some scarves) Baby girl is growing into a 3T, so it’s getting harder to work with small pieces. I will also have to use up the 1yd cuts in my stast before that’s impossible to work with.

    It’s the dress weight bin that’s really full, but I have some linen and denim stuff too, so I’ll start the list myself with:

    Puppet show shorts, which I have made in smaller sizes with only a half yard.

    I was thinking this might be a useful topic for others too?

    needlewoman @needlewoman

    I have the same problem, and just today i realised that a vest/gillet in sizes between 1-3 is a good size for abt 26-30″ fabric provided it is 44″ wide. Two pieces that size can be the inner/outer fabric – especially if you have denim and linen – lucky you! Rob Merritt’s book, “Making Baby’s Clothes” (0-3) has some great patterns for tops, shorts, skirts etc that feature different pieces of co-ordinating fabrics – just the sort of sewing for which you could use the amounts of fabric you describe. There’s always hats, too. I admire your resolve, Mel; it takes a lot more work to coordinate fabrics from a prescribed stash, than it is to buy more. When I think I’ve used up the fabric to the best of my ability, I give the leftovers to my local library, or to a friend of mine who makes octopus mobiles for her friends’ babies.

    mle bb @mle bb

    I know what you mean about having random scraps and stuff lying around but luckily I’m primarily a quilter so the only time it bothers me is if it is a really weird shape from cutting out a sleeve or something.

    The badminton skort can be made with very little fabric I did a Fabric Scrooge’s reference here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36064249@N03/7916066910/in/photostream. I know this is for a smaller size than you may be making but it is really easy to try and squeeze it outta smaller cuts and the shorts are kinda cute being another fabric!

    wendy @wendyls

    Both versions of the Ice Cream dress are great one for using up bits, as is the top.

    I squeaked a Family Reunion blouse, size 4, out of a pretty small cut of directional fabric recently (maybe just over half a yard of 44″ quilting cotton). And if that worked, then I don’t see why the short sleeve version of the Music Class blouse wouldn’t.

    Hmmm…linen and denim. How about Sunday Brunch and Sailboat skirts? Picnic shorts would work well, too.

    Tamara @justsewit

    I’m pretty sure you could get a Badminton skirt out of less than a yard for a 3T. It may or may not include that shorts part though. The Badminton top could also be the same. If you wanted to get started on some summer things for baby girl.

    Clothes for dolly! You are on the right track there. Anything for dolly. Puppets,patchwork cot covers (for dolly) shopping bags, cushion covers for the kids to sit on, maybe a mix and match art smock?! The list is really quite long ….

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    At the end of last year I wnt ans wrote down all the Oliver and S patterns that I thought would be great for using up my smaller pieces. The list was much longer then I expected! I’m at work now but when I’m home I’ll transcribe it here. I was thinking of giving myself a “use up the small stuff” challange this year and use up some of my odd shaped and small sized pieces.

    I second the badminton skirt as a great way to use up 1/2m ish cuts, espically if you use a contrast for the facings (and shorts if wanted).

    Also think about the tea party with contrasting top/panels or just a patchworky look.

    LisaMM @LisaMM

    The puppet show shorts are great for using up smaller pieces. The bucket hat uses very little and also the Sunday brunch skirt. I used a contrasting cotton on the pocket and pocket lining to make the most of the main fabric as I didn’t quite have enough. Im not a quilter but I have made some small quilted girls bags out of scraps and also some cushions. I think I may have even made the cape out of 1 yard or less. Good luck!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    If the pieces are small enough, I like to use them for facings, pocket linings, and similar. If the shape is right, you can get a good amount of bias tape out of a smallish piece of light weight fabric.

    aprilshowers @aprilshowers

    If you have any knit fabric, I got a size 7 (yes, 7!) long-sleeve (yes, long-sleeve!) Hopscotch top out of a 1/2 yard 55″ wide piece of knit fabric. I had to cut the neck trim in the opposite direction but my fabric was equally stretchy both ways so I think it is going to work. I could have probably gotten it in the right direction if I had made short-sleeves.

    mrskanuckles @mrskanuckles

    I usually get 1 size 5 or 6 short sleeve hopscotch dress plus a size 18m or 2t out of 1 yard of knit fabric too!

    I also just did a 2t hopscotch skirt in less than 1/2 yard of remnant fabric.

    PJ pants work great with a store bought tee… then you can applique with the scraps! 🙂

    The class picnic blouse doesnt usually take the full yard of fabric if you are creative.

    Jane @jesims

    I think I was able to get a 2T popover dress out of a yard of fabric last summer. I would guess you could get any of the skirts out of a single yard. I also think I was able to get a 2+2 blouse in a 2T and a class picnic blouse out of a single yard of fabric (if my memory serves me correctly).


    meleliza @meleliza

    Popover is on my list for summer. It looks cute as a top too, and is a great way to use up the lightweight things I have. Ice cream, however, requires a lot of fabric because the pieces are so large. There’s no room for fudging things.

    I think I might get a short sleeved 2+2 blouse. Also, picnic may be worth trying with short sleeves.

    It might be harder for me to match things out of my stash if I didn’t buy just about everything in pink or colors that look good with pink! 🙂 I’m using up scraps perfecting my Dollie ice cream dress, however I don’t want to “waste” the larger remnants on doll clothes. Maybe I just need to stop worrying about wasting fabric. 🙂

    mkhs @mkhs

    No one’s mentioned the swingset tunic yet? One of my favorites, and all sizes use less than a yard. Great in lightweight fabrics.

    sarahb @sarahb

    I’m sure I’ve made both the 2+2 and Music Class tops in a size 5 or 6 out of a single yard. The Music Class skirt also out of less than a yard.

    sarahb @sarahb

    The Sailboat skirt is one of my favorites and is really cute in denim. It is certainly under a yard. The sailboat top could probably be rearranged for a yard as well, possibly with facings out of another fabric.

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