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What patterns do you have?

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    Maggie @Maggie

    I started innocently enough with LTTS. Then I bought the hopscotch pattern. As summer turned to fall, I bough the bedtime pj pattern and I just treated myself to the birthday party dress and afterschool pattern. So I’m new to this, but adding as I go.

    So confession time, just how many patterns do you have? Do you use your favorites again and again or do your children look like a walking O+S flickr feed?

    I’m so curious!


    Nicole @motherof5

    I have all the O+S patterns and have made nearly all of them!

    I wish we didn’t have school uniform because I would have definitely used them all then!

    My children have too many clothes.

    Oliver+s have the best instructions I have ever found in a range of patterns,without doubt,without any doubt.


    with love Heidi @with love Heidi


    Started with the free popover sundress (4 dresses) and bucket hat (4 hats)

    Moved onto LTTS

    – 11 explorer vests

    – 3 tea party doll dresses

    – 2 bear hats

    – 8 bear carriers

    – 1 messenger bag

    – 1 pair mittens

    – 4 bucket hats (as above)

    30 items made from LTTS!

    Now have

    1) Badminton (both) – Have made 10 skirts

    2) Secret Agent Trench (both) – 3 Trenchs

    3) Hopscotch (both) -2 dresses

    4) Tea Party (both) – 5 dresses

    5) Sandbox (lg) – 2 pants

    6) School Photo (lg) – dead horse challenge

    7) Family Reunion (sm) – dead horse challenge

    8) Sunday Brunch (sm) – dead horse challenge

    9) Class Picnic (both) 1 shirt

    10) Nature Walk (both) dead horse challenge

    11) Hula Hoop (Sm) – 4 (in the last 2 weeks!)

    27 items made from 7 different pattens!

    Wow, that makes it 61 items (4 popovers, 30 LTTS, 27 others) from Oliver and S patterns! And I only discovered them about this time last year. And I don’t have any of my own children! And I have also sewn a fair amount to non Oliver and S stuff as well.

    Yes I do tend to make the same pattern over and over again, but since I tend to sew for my friends kids I don’t think any of them have more than one of any item. It’s quite interesting that now when they turn up in new clothes I’ve sewn, a lot of people are beginning to recognise my style.

    At least sewing kept me sane, or was at least a manageable form of insanity.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Put it this way I have lots but not all and I am slowly working my collection to the point of maintain both size ranges even though my kids are at the larger sizes. I have used some many many times and others only once or twice and I confess I have hardly used the LTTS book patterns because of my kids being a bit bigger.

    I am slowly working my way through a pile of fabric as we speak and all incorporating O+S patterns because like Nicole says the instructions are the best and the construction is straight forward and the result is the best ever!

    For my son the staple patterns have really been the Sketchbook shirt and shorts and up until last year, the sandbox pants pattern. This year it will include the Field trip pattern as well.

    For my daughter the most used pattern would have to be hands down the Music class shirt and skirt and various dress patterns have been used but by far not to the extent of the music class and most lately the after school pants.

    They are all brilliant patterns and the only regret I have is not starting sewing with them sooner to incorporate the patterns they are now too big for.

    LisaMM @LisaMM

    I only discovered the patterns earlier in the year and found them fantastic for my two little girls. So far I have:

    Sunday Brunch: I have made 4 skirts and are yet to tackle the jacket.

    Badminton: Waiting for the perfect fabric

    Hula Hoop skirt: I have made one of these, so easy to make

    Bubble dress: I have made 2 and love this pattern

    Puppet Show: I have made 1 top and 2 shorts.

    LTTS: I have made the cape and 4 bucket hats.

    This has made me realise I still have plenty to sew and can’t wait to try the patterns I have yet made.

    sarahb @sarahb

    I reuse the favorites and keep buying more!

    LTTS: 1 No-Tie Scarf, 4 Bucket Hats, 2 Bias-Trimmed Aprons, 1 Backpack (Cars’ Lightening McQueen instead of a penguin), 1 Red Riding Hood, 1 Explorer Vest, 1 Bear Carrier (for a friend), 1 Puppet Theater

    Fairy Tale*, Book Report*, Field Trip*, Sleepover* (both sizes), Apple Picking (1), After School (1 shirt), Family Reunion (4), Nature Walk (both sizes, made 2), Music Box (2), Hopscotch (1 skirt), School Photo (1), Sketchbook (3 skirts, 1 shorts, both sizes), Music Class (2 shirts, 2 skirts), Ice Cream (2), Sandbox*, 2+2 (2 skirts), Sunday Brunch*, Sailboat (3 skirts), Jumprope (2)

    (*not yet made)

    So yes, a bit obsessed. 🙂

    Oh– also have 2 of the Straight Stitch Society, 3 of the Little Lisette (both sizes) and 2 of the Lisette patterns (both sizes). I’ve also made 2 of the Popover dresses and 1 of the ruffle shirts. 🙂

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    I have used just about all the paterns I have bought many times but I do I have my favorites and so do my kids.

    My favorite for the boys is the sketchbook but thier favorite is the sandbox pants

    My favorite for the baby is the tea party. I have gotton so many outfits out of it for Sweet pea and the baby.

    Sweet pea just seems to like all the patterns so far I have made her.

    We have the LTTS book

    Tea party both sizes, Bubble dress both sizes, Jump rope both sizes, Swing set, Play date, after school,

    The new pj pattern, Music class, Sunday brunch, nature walk, School days jacket, Sketckbook both sizes, sandbox pants, Sail boat, Apple picking dress, field trip, Family reuion dress, school photo dress, Puppet show, 2+2 and hopschotch.

    I do enjoy all hte pattens I own so far and have sevral that I hoping to buy throught the year still. I have made way to many things for Sweet pea but she has worn everything several times. I have made all her clothing for about a 2 years now and enjoy doing so. I have made lots for the baby but not all his cloths yet seeing he is still in a smaller size. No these patterns are not habit forming. 😉


    Jane @jesims

    I have all but the Playdate, School Photo and Apple Picking.

    I am slowly working my way through them. I love the attention to detail, the instructions and the community as a whole. I like bouncing ideas off of fellow O+S junkies!

    Masha Richart

    I suddenly have quite a bunch! I’ve divided mine into two categories:

    Patterns I have sewn:


    Puppet Show (shorts only)

    Afterschool (pants only)

    2+2 (top only)

    Class Picnic (top only – I’ve sewn four of these)

    Ice Cream (top only – I’ve sewn three of these)


    Sunday Brunch (skirt only – two so far, I’m sure many more in the future)


    Hopscotch (shirt in progress at the moment)

    Patterns I have not yet sewn:

    Family Reunion



    Huh, I guess I’m doing better than I thought I was, proportionally speaking! I did just knock out Playdate and Sunday Brunch this week. I hope to get to Jumprope in the next month. The other two will likely wait until after this baby is born, as I have receiving blankets and diapers to sew.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    I have made:

    Music box

    Fairy tale (in progress)

    Ice cream

    Hopscotch dress x2- favorite everyday dress in the world!!!

    Book report

    Lazy days skirt

    Mother daughter tote x2

    Have not made:

    Music class- waiting for spring

    Field trip- waiting for my son to outgrow current clothes so I have true measurements

    Family reunion -I am so in love with this–it was what brought me to Oliver and S, I can’t commit to a fabric, because I dream of very fabric in it. And it is short sleeve-winter is approaching.

    Birthday party- I want to find a nice wool

    Hopscotch skirt- waiting for spring/ perfect fabric

    Hopscotch blouse- cant find knits to inspire me.

    I am having a serious problem finding knits.

    juliamom2009 @juliamom2009

    I just went through the patterns and I have 23 of them. I don’t have most of the newer ones (no reason for this). I also have LTTS. I definitly have my go-to favorites – the swingset top, the class picnic top – but I do have a few I haven’t used yet (School Days coat, After School top/pants, Secret Agent trench coat, Apple Picking, Birthday Party). Got to get to work!!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I think the only ones I don’t have in at least one size are the Nature Walk, Seashore, Secret Agent, and the Singles. I still have a lot of pattern stash to bust, and some are cut out, just waiting for what seems like forever to get into our new home and set up a sewing room.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Just checked, 8 of the hard copy patterns that I have never made any element of. Maybe next summer I can make a project of working through them all! Even though I have made some 3-scissor patterns, I still want to make a project of working through the whole syllabus from beginning to end. I’ve never made a Lazy Days skirt, for example.

    beachmom @beachmom

    I own and have sewn:

    Sandbox pants (6)

    Sketchbook Shorts (3) but have yet to sew the shirt

    Hopscotch Top (8)

    Skirt (1)

    Jump Rope Dress (6)

    Sailboat Top & Pants (3+3)

    2+2 Top (8)

    Skirt (1)

    Puppet Show Shorts (5)

    Dress (1)

    School Days Jacket (1)

    Swingset Tunic/Skirt (3+3)

    Class Picnic top/Shorts (4+4)

    Ice Cream Dress/top (4)

    Badminton top/skort (1+1)

    Sunday Brunch skirt (2)

    jacket (1)

    Nature Walk Pullover (1) have yet to sew the pants

    Seashore dress (1)

    Family Reunion (2)


    vest (2)

    carrier (1)

    mittens (1)



    hats (3)

    Free patterns:

    Lazy Days skirt (3)

    Popover (1)

    Grand total of 86 Oliver + S items sewn.:)

    Patterns I have but haven’t sewn anything from yet:

    Bedtime Story


    School Photo

    Music Class

    I tend to make the same things over and over…especially patterns that I’ve customized as I can get a different look from the same pattern.:) I haven’t purchased any of the new patterns yet…I’m trying really hard to work with what I have for now.

    Nicole’s kids are definitely a walking O+S flickr feed…she utilizes the patterns so well for her children’s wardrobes.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Awww Cindy,you make me blush!

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