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    Mel @Mel

    I have been cleaning out my daughters cupboard — a never ending task at the rate she’s been growing — and thinking about what to do with my O+S handmades. I’m not sentimental — a picture or two is enough for me — so I’ve always given them away. But, and I know this sounds awful, I don’t think they’ve been appreciated and, in some cases, have not been worn again. So I thought I would post them here. I know you all sew and do it because you enjoy the process but sometimes it might be nice to get something already made, right? I’m happy to send things on if the recipient contributes to the cost of the postage (I’m in Canada so it can sometimes be a bit pricey to ship things).

    Here’s what I’ve got so far. Send me a message if you are interested:

    1. Plaid Ice Cream Blouse, size 8 with an extra 2 inches added to the length. Never worn. Not even once. Apparently my girls don’t like plaid!


    2. Hope Valley Family Reunion Dress with Fairy Tale Sleeves, size 4 with an extra 4 inches of length

    My daughter did wear this quite a bit but it stood up very well. I love this dress and would love for someone else to get some use out of it 🙂


    3. Ombre Seashore Dress, size 6 with two inches added to the body and one inch added to the bottom

    This was worn by both my girls but didn’t fit either for very long so is still in good shape


    4. Princess Class Picnic Dress, I *think* it’s size 4 but I can’t be positive.

    Miss Thing picked the fabric herself and wore it for about a month straight and then never again!


    5. Dotty Ombre Fairy Tale Dress, size 6 with a size 8 length in the bodice

    This was worn a lot by both girls but has stood up fairly well. I never did get around to fixing the hem so it’s as it looks in this picture 🙂


    Nicole @motherof5

    What a great idea!

    I love making new things for my girls so if anyone ever ‘falls in love’ with anything I have made, let me know!

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Oh you are the kindest. What a lovely thing to do. That dotty ombre fairy tale is one my favourites ever, but with my daughter only being 3 it would be cellared for too long so as much as I’d love to I won’t stick my hand up.

    Tineke @Tineke

    Hi Mel,

    I would be the happier in Canada if I can have these beautiful dresses and top. I have two girls who love handmade, one wears 6 or 7 and one wears 3. I pay all postage, I’m in Gatineau, Québec.

    Please contact me at ermy889@hotmail.com.


    nanasews @nanasews

    Hello Mel,

    What a gracious and generous offer you have made. My granddaughter, Amelia, would just love the family reunion dress. Of course, her favorite color is pink; she’s just coming into a size 4. Since I’m the seamstress for her wardrobe this year, I’d welcome a boost from you!


    If you’d like, I’m happy to send you my email and address in the US.

    mkhs @mkhs

    What a fantastic idea! We hand down most things to a younger cousin, but I still have a lot of handmades because I size down and lengthen for my string bean of a daughter, and so far, little cousin is true to size with a lovely toddler belly. I’d love to connect with someone who could use long, skinny trousers, especially. We’re in a cold climate, so plenty of wool and flannel lined pants. My daughter is 4.5, so I have size 2s and 3s to pass on. For comparison, she was 0.914 m (3′) and 11.34kg (25 lb) at her 2 year check up. I’m in the US.

    vothgirl @vothgirl

    Mkhs, I also have a very tall (100% percentile) and long-torsoed child. She’s currently 2 and fits 2-3T sizes. Do you have pics of the clothing you’re looking to re-home? I’m in the Bay Area of California. So it doesn’t get Alaska-cold here, but with fall on its way I’d be interested to see what you have 🙂

    Mel @Mel

    yay! I’m glad there’s an interest. I hate to see things go to waste (plus it would have been kind of embarrassing if no one wanted the things I made!!). I’m off to send some emails . . .

    Mel @Mel

    Nanasews, your email address is not linked to your name here. Could you drop me a line with your address? mouellette80 at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    What a great idea for a thread! Do you mind if other ladies use this thread as well for the same purpose? I think we all have a few things we’d hate to see go to somebody who wouldn’t properly appreciate handmade.

    needlewoman @needlewoman

    So true, Sarvi!! What a great idea, Mel! I sew for my friends’ children but there are some things I can’t manage – like knits – or I can’t make things fast enough for the need out there. This might be a good thread for fabrics too. You all know how it is; you buy a yard, and it’s now not enough for you to make something with for the kids that have grown, or the fabric you bought, and now wonder what you were thinking!! Chances are somebody else will love it, or be able to use it. (I’ve recently had a couple of little girls refuse to wear brown – luckily, it can look ok with pink).

    Mel @Mel

    Sorry Sarvi and Needlewoman, I didn’t reply to your comments! Of course I don’t mind if others use this thread.

    I’ve sent out the things I posted previously but I’ve come across a couple more:

    1. Denim Family Reunion Dress. Size 4 with 4 extra inches of length. Although it was requested, it was not very popular with either of my girls. *sigh* I thought I’d given it away ages ago but just came across it still hanging in the cupboard.


    2. Ghastlies and Ice Cream Dress, fully lined. Size 5 but with size 7 length. Worn a few times by my eldest and I don’t think my youngest ever wore it.


    Send me a message if you are interested in either of these dresses!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    You don’t happen to have a size L Tova in Liberty lying about? No? Ah well…

    Mel @Mel

    hehe! I’ve made that pattern 6 or 7 times already but tend to wear my Tovas until they can’t be worn anymore. I have never sewn with Liberty, a Tova in Liberty would be lovely 🙂

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I really just need to get it firmly in my head that I am entitled to make nice things for myself, not only for others 🙂

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