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    Ohhowsweet @Ohhowsweet

    I am having an internal debate… I am considering selling my paper patterns and converting to digital (where available) for O + S. I find that my biggest obstacle in getting started on a new project is the pulling out the big sheet, flattening it out, tracing (which I STINK at), adding in all the pattern markings (which I stink at), and then finally cutting (only stink mildly at), and then attempting to refold the fragile tissue paper so that it will neatly fit back in, or at least be neat, period.

    I have made the Popover sundress, and made a dress from another digital pattern co, and found that it felt so much quicker for me to get from pattern to sewing. The pattern markings were already there, so I didn’t have to worry about not having the notches in the right place, button holes, etc. I didn’t really mind one bit aligning up the different pages, and appreciated how easy it was to tape, cut and sew.

    I also liked that I didn’t have to worry about spilling anything on the pattern, or keep track of the instructions, since I could just look it up on my iPad or laptop sitting at my side. I’m not as concerned about being “green” with sewing, since I only print out the few pattern pieces pages.

    Now for those of you that LIKE pdfs more than paper, can you tell me your reasons? I have every single O+S pattern, incl OOP and HTF ones, and so the thought of voluntarily parting with them is hard! Also, the pdfs don’t seem that much cheaper. I’d like to hear your thoughts, esp anything more than “I just like it better…”



    cybele727 @cybele727

    I like PDFs better because

    1) I hate the huge tissue paper. My cat attacks the tissue and adds another layer to the cutting process! Wrestling with tissue and a cat isn’t fun. I have a few patterns with claw or teeth holes in them.

    (She’s either a real fan of O +S paper or a big hater, since it is only O+S she does it to!)

    2) I like printing out and cutting to the size I need and not worrying about preserving for the next size up.

    3) I like sitting at the sewing machine with my iPad and Dropbox open to the PDF and reading the directions as I go along.

    4) I never have to worry about markings, because I cut with the pattern pinned on and only have to transfer a few marks, like button holes.

    5) I hate tracing. It takes me forever. I am not very good at it and I find that the paper leaves all kinds of additional marks and I have to go back to the pattern to figure out if it is a real mark, or I touched the paper too firmly there, leaving the mark.

    6) Thicker paper is less likely to buckle or have tiny folds that cause the pattern to be misshapen.

    If I have a choice of a PDF over a traditional, I will choose the PDF.

    Ok, those are my reasons! 🙂


    mrskanuckles @mrskanuckles

    I kind of thought the same thing about tracing until I just printed out the jump rope dress size 6 from a pdf, it was about 40 pages. By the time I printed, aligned, taped and cut out everything, I could have traced just as easy and saved my money in printer ink.

    For patterns with fewer pieces and smaller sizes, I am on the pdf train!!! But for ones with alot more pieces, and in bigger sizes, I am on the fence.

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I probably go the other way and like a paper pattern. If only because the pattern is already in one piece and I don’t have to put the jigsaw puzzle of patterns together and then trace the pattern (Yes I still trace). Yes they do take a lot of paper, some of them. Mama_knowles mentioned on this thread she could get them printed big for $2 (https://oliverands.com/forums/topic.php?id=1515). If I could get them printed that cheap and not have to trace it would be great.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    Mrskanuckles.. Ooh I never thought about the big sizes! Right now I am 2/3t. Good poin!

    Tassiemum @Tassiemum

    Does anyone know where to get the pdf pattern printed big in Australia?

    Nicole @motherof5

    Try OfficeWorks?


    charmingberry @charmingberry

    I prefer to purchase my patterns in digital form. There are two reasons for this. One reason is space. I don’t have a lot of storage room in my home. My pattern collection both sewing and knitting are taking over by bedroom. I have moved more into a digital world over the last year. Photos, Magazines, Books, Movies, Music, and now my patterns are on the computer. I am not afraid of computers and like the storage solution it offers. I keep my documents backup on an external hard drive which is very mobile. Second reason is time. I never cut into my patterns. I spend a lot of time tracing patterns. This is a slow process as I need to be accurate each and every time. I really don’t like tracing but I would never cut into a paper pattern either. I would rather print off the pattern, tape pages together and cut out the size I want. It is faster for me. I also like the piecing of the pattern together. It is fun. I am very happy to see Oliver + S with digital options. I will be purchasing the new fall release in digital form.

    Jennifer1568 @Jennifer1568

    Are the fall patterns going to be digital?

    Todd Gibson

    Jennifer, yes they are. Paper and digital release at the same time.

    purlknitpurl @purlknitpurl

    Hi Mrs. Kanuckles! Just to clarify, was the Jump Rope in size 6 40 pages of just pattern pieces, not including the directions? THat does seem like an awful lot. My daughter is a size 6 so that is good to know. In other people’s experiences, are the size 6’s always that many pages? I hate to purchase and then find out the printing job is that large. Thanks! Purl

    mrskanuckles @mrskanuckles

    Yes, give or take 1 or two pages not including instructions, I use my ipad to read those and do not print them.

    For reference, the 5-12 firefly jacket is about 21 pages to print and tape together.

    Sandbox pants for smaller sizes was about 15 pages. (Some do not need to be taped as they are pockets etc) — much easier then tracing

    Jump rope dress size 5-8 was 40 pages just pattern pieces– You could cut out a few pages if you noted which pages were not needed for the particular view you were needing, but I printed all of them so I could do either view) — I probably could have traced faster

    Alison Cummins @Alison Cummins

    In favour of .pdfs: I like the immediate satisfaction of deciding I want to make a certain pattern tonight and buying and printing it out right now. Otherwise I prefer paper patterns.

    In favour of paper patterns: I have the storage space and I don’t mind tracing. My cutting-out technique (I describe it here http://sewing.patternreview.com/review/pattern/76413) involves tracing around a posterboard pattern piece directly on the fabric, often with a ballpoint pen. I find this more accurate than pinning paper to fabric and less damaging to my fabric scissors than cutting through printer paper.

    What would make me like .pdfs more would be the option to print out in tabloid format, 11×17.

    Reeni @Reeni

    I have never purchased a physical o+s pattern, just looked at them in the store and wished. When they came out with digital patterns, I knew they were finally in my grasp! I like the immediacy of having a fabric project idea, purchasing the pattern and being able to cut out that night. I do like the weight of the paper that o+s uses, I bought the Little Things to Sew book because of that.

    I love working with digital patterns because I can cut, anotate and trace with abandon and just print out another when I need a “clean” one. I am a teacher and so I have a lot of copy paper printed on one side left over every semester’s end, so I use that to stay economical. (if you ask any office, they’ll probably have a ton for free, as long as it does not contain confidential information.) You can also take it to a copy shop and have it printed out on newsprint-sized paper just like the one they sell in the envelope, it’s usually the last 2 pages of the pdf.

    If you already have the complete collection of o+s paper patterns, I would not bother purchasing pdf’s of the ones you have, unless it is to get a different size. But for the new additions to the line digital versions would seem more practical. Otoh, I would think that it’s more practical and cheaper to buy paper versions of Lisette patterns, since they are much bigger. (as for other lines besides Kwik-sew, I hate the flimsy tissue so I always go digital if there’s that option so I can print it out on heavier paper.)

    I don’t have a laptop or iPad so I usually print out the instructions in booklet format (half-page size) so it’s easy to flip through and not too cumbersome.

    Bonus if you have a few little kids: a pdf means each kid can have their own masses of paper dolls, not just one from each pattern.

    Tassiemum @Tassiemum

    I have most of the paper patterns which I love, however I only have a reasonably small table to trace patterns on so I find the PDF’s patterns much easier as they are not so big even when taped together. I live in Australia and the postage here is about the same price as a pattern, so PDF patterns save me money in postage which means I can buy more patterns. I also love the convenience of being able to buy a pattern and download it without having to wait. I still trace my PDF patterns on to swedish tracing paper so I don’t blunt my scissors when cutting and the patterns are easier to cut out.

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