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To those that prefer digital patterns

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    Nicole @motherof5

    I am a trace and keep girl!

    Hugo printed off the Fire Fly for me last night and I was extremely pleased with the quality.

    I roll my PDF’s up and store them in a poster tube.

    (Sorry if I have already said that)


    cybele727 @cybele727

    For the scissors comments, am I the only one who uses PDFs, and cuts the pattern with paper scissors and then the fabric with my sewing shears? I keep both pairs (and the embroidery and the snippers) close at hand for all projects. I never ever use my fabric shears on paper.

    Ohhowsweet @Ohhowsweet

    Cybele, I do the same thing; although I have been known to use a rotary cutter on paper – but the blades are so easily (and relatively cheaply) replaced!

    jaimielaura @jaimielaura

    I like the PDF option, actually prefer it. But, I would agree with the request for 11 x 17 PDF, as it would require less taping. It could be an alternative to the 8 1/2 x 11. This would be SOOOO wonderful!!

    Ohhowsweet @Ohhowsweet

    I agree that 11×17″ printing would be great in that it requires less taping! But you’d have to get a different printer, right? Or take it somewhere to be printed off? I do like the ability to just print at home in my jammies after the baby is off to sleep, and think if I had to go somewhere to get it printed, I may stall… 🙂 But if all it takes is a special/different at home printer, well then off to Amazon I go!

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I just checked the number of pages for the digital patterns I have; Sandbox 4-8, 40 pages; Teaparty 0-24m, 34 pages, Teaparty 2T-5, 36 pages.

    Sand box 14 pages of instructions/info.

    Teaparty has 13 pages of instructions/info.

    So that leaves about 22-25 pages to print and join, I especially if you can read the instructions off an ipad (finally a real reason for getting one!).

    LisaMM @LisaMM

    I prefer the PDF’s.

    1: I don’t like the thin tissue paper.

    2: I don’t like tracing.

    I have two girls at two different sizes. PDF’s allow me to print 2 copies one of each size and the thicker copy paper is easier to manage and if it does get damaged it’s easier to print again. You can take the PDF off to a big box store and they will print it off on one large sheet so no taping required. I have purchased several PDF’s and that’s now my preference.

    rebecca @rebecca

    I’m split…when I’m tracing, I want to be cutting. When I’m taping, I wish I was tracing. Lol!!

    If I had an affordable option to print on the large sheet, I’d definitely do PDF only!! My local kinks charges $18 per large sheet. Any suggestions for cheap options?

    theknittinganxiety @theknittinganxiety

    First I want to say that I live in a small country that seems to be the end of the world, that is Portugal.

    In Portugal I would never be able to buy an Oliver S pattern in a local store, because they don’t have it, for fact they dont even know what Oliver S is…

    There are just e few shops in all country that sell some books and that is it.

    Soon I realise that if I want something fashionable and contemporary I need to buy it on-line, so I definitly love PDF files.

    That having been said I also think that PDF files are better for the following reasons,

    1 – I print as many copies as I need,

    2 – I just cut the size that I need and I dont worry about the other sizes,

    3 – I print in my home printer, so I am able to print it when I want,

    4 – After I buy it on-line I can start working on my project almost immediately (I dont know a way faster than this).

    If I would not had this option I would never bought the 9 patterns that I have from Oliver S, because they would be more expensive and I would need to wait and pay for delivery (I dont know how much time).

    To be sincere there are some paper patterns that I love but I never order any, because as a costumer I want to use what I bought as soon as I bought it, I dont want to wait.

    So please just continue releasing the PDF patterns as they are… Don’t forget the people that love Oliver + S and dont have the resources that US, Canada or other well developed country have.

    Finaly it is important to inform that in Portugal our home printers usualy print in A4 sheets.

    rebecca @rebecca

    I would like to add this…I do wish their were a price break for buying the digital. Of course, instant gratification is nice, but given the loss of printing costs, I would have hoped for a price-break to be passed on to us pattern-obsessing-purcahsers. 😉

    sarahb @sarahb

    Rebecca, I asked just today at a local print & ship shop and they told me the price for a 36″ wide print (just black) would be $2-something as well. Very happy surprise because any price I’d looked up was much higher, but that must have been because the price was for full color.

    rebecca @rebecca

    @sarahb Thank you for sharing!! I’ll have to check at some other shops. 🙂

    Tamara @justsewit

    I went and ordered a digital book report pattern to try it out – while I’m waiting for the paper pattern to arrive.

    Anonymous @

    rebecca, Kinkos/Fed Ex are the highest price anywhere. Check out a blueprint place that prints out drawings for engineering and architectural businesses. I only pay $1.56 for 24″ x 36″ at a local shop like that. Search under blueprints. (They aren’t really blueprints anymore, of course – but you’ll find them listed there). You can also search under large format printing.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Bumped for a new member.

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