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Making a t shirt dress from the metro-t

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    Cammi @cammipatterson

    Hi all, my name is Cammi and I’m new to the forums. I’ve followed Oliver and S for awhile and am finally working toward sewing some of these beautiful patterns! I’ve just made the metro-t for my college-age daughters and they loved it! Has anyone made it into an above the knee t-shirt dress? Can you give me pointers please?

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    Tamara @justsewit

    Hi @cammipatterson what a great starting project!

    I haven’t made an above the knee t shirt dress but I have used the metro pattern to make a t shirt maxi dress for my teenage daughter.

    What I did was measure where she wanted her dress to finish and then I made the adjustment to the pattern by adding the amount of length and cutting through the pattern pieces between the hip and hem. I did this on both the front and back pieces and then I lined them both up to make sure they would be equal.

    Some points to remember, the hem is not included in the final measurement so when you measure the pattern you have to remember to make the length to accommodate the hem. The bottom of the t shirt may need to be slightly a lined – just slightly. And this will allow for movement and less restriction around the leg area.

    Other than that it is very straight forward and very quick to make. Ideal for the hot weather and if they need to, add leggings or make it an extra long t shirt over pants if it gets a bit chilly.

    My daughter’s maxi is now too small as she has gone through some very significant development being early teens. But come summertime (in Australia) no doubt it will once again become a wardrobe staple.

    Hope this is helpful

    Cammi @cammipatterson

    Thank you so much Tamara @justsewit! I will keep your pointers in mind as I experiment!

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    Nicole @motherof5

    Watch your sleeve cap, it may need a little pinched from it, it is easy to do after sewing.
    I ave found (with a longer tee/tee dress) you can get some odd things happen at the shoulder due to the extra weight of the extra fabric.

    Cammi @cammipatterson

    Thank you Nicole @motherof5! The sleeve cap seemed fine on the shirt but right! I bet the weight of the longer fabric can have an effect. We’ll see what happens!

    Liesl Gibson

    Welcome, Cammi! I’m a little late to comment here, but here’s a tutorial that might help:

    customizing the raglan: the A-line T-shirt

    And don’t forget our other T-shirt tutorials as well, which may include other details or ideas you want to try:

    twenty t-shirt tutorials

    14 things to do with our basic t-shirt patterns

    Cammi @cammipatterson

    Hi Liesl! So sorry I have not responded! I have been traveling and a little distracted. I’m hoping to pick this up again soon. I had drafted one pattern before seeing this but have not sewn it yet. I think I will go ahead just to see what happens. I’m hoping I will understand more as I actually practice. Thank you so much for your direction and for the great pattern!!

    Cammi @cammipatterson

    Hi Liesl, I was wondering after looking at your tutorial for customizing the raglan t-shirt if I could draw my line from the lengthen/shorten line down the length of the t-shirt instead of from the shoulder(or I guess here it is the top raglan sleeve seamline) as I love the fit from the shoulder to the waist and really don’t want to change that. I just need a little more ease through the hip and for walking room. Thank you in advance for your help!

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